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  1. Great mass. Congrats! You shoot him as he was peeing in it?
  2. I once had someone cut the section of the small tree out that I had my lock box bolted to. There are a holes who walk around the woods with tools to steal cameras and stands.
  3. Pulled the card on a camera I had on a scrape 15 yards away. I knew he ran past it after I shot him but JUST missed him broadside to see the hole. He also came by that morning for a perfect pic.
  4. Shooting the same bow this season, love it. I've been told the roller guard bearings start to go and can be the cause of that sound.
  5. Thanks for posting. Had grand visions of learning to waterfowl hunt with my lab. Never happened. He's still 2, need to make moves. Regardless I gained a best friend.
  6. I shoot a Hamskea rest on my target bow and love it, QAD on all my hunting bows. What issue did you have with the QAD? While the Hamskeas can be set up cable driven I never seen them set up that way. The long cable down to the limb concerns me in a hunting application. That's just me though.
  7. Neither could I. It was 250 yards as the crow flies, was longer because he was zig zagging to chase that doe.
  8. Having myself a heck of a year. This buck was best buds with the first one I shot earlier this season. I will reunite them on my wall soon enough. Had 2 encounters under 40 yards with him on Saturday morning, could not get him to stop - grunt, snort wheeze, estrus bleat, nothing would stop him. He heard me but kept on moving. Every doe in the woods saw me trying to stop him. I burnt that stand so bad I can't hunt it until 2022. Figured it was meant to be, I imagined what he'd look like next year... Hang and hunted public until yesterday evening without much movement so I went back to my property. It was to be my first sit in a stand 400 yards away from the encounters I had previously in a perfect funnel between a hay field and my house. At 4:50 a lone doe reappeared after seeing her an hour before. I saw the classic looking back over the shoulder and I got the camera rolling and bow in hand. All happened within 45 seconds but this time I was able to stop him at 12 yards. My Magnus Stinger created a 250 yards blood trail that'll be visible for months to come. Could not have been much left in him when I found him. He only felt a little pinch and kept chasing until he fell over. Not bragging, both bucks - no bait, no scent, lots of scouting and good old fashion first sits on travel corridors.
  9. Congrats. It's amazing time of year!
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