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  1. Congrats! My dog won't be much help, he's still a work in progress...
  2. Dave Sharp @4hunting passed away this past Saturday at 73. His property neighbored mine and he lived in Cranford NJ. As I understand he helped legalize crossbows for the disabled in NJ early on as he suffered a workplace injury leaving him a double amputee. Services are this Saturday, link to obituary below. Wanted to pass along to anyone that may have known him. Rest in Peace Dave. https://usobit.com/obituaries-2019/12/david-t-sharp-december-28-2019/
  3. I guess PSE doesn't spend on marketing the way Hoyt and Mathews do. Hadn't heard them come up in convo as a bow to shoot in a couple years until the Evolve cam was out for a year or 2. Love my Evolve 35, #58 set up for 3D. Bowtech seems to have turned around their image after a couple exploding limbs. Their new shimless tuning setup looks awesome. Hunted with a RealmX this year but looking forward to trying a RevoltX.
  4. This past November I get settled in the stand early afternoon and realize I don't have my phone. I know I brought it up with me because I checked the time as soon as I strapped in before I set everything up. I'm glassing the ground looking for it for serverals mins, don't see it. After debating climbing down to check I decide I better in case the wife texts. Without a response for hours she'll think something happened. After 5 mins searching on the ground (this is the first week of November by the way!) I give up. Get back in the stand and out pops my phone that was stuck behind my hand muff. I curse myself as I climb down for the second time... All was forgotten when I shot on film a great 8 2 hours later. Sorry - that doesn't help you, just figured I'd share.
  5. Saw that, thanks. I'll be attending. Late in the season though. I have a couple coming though my property that I don't want to educate. Before I get after them wanted to tag along with someone else.
  6. I have sportically hunted coyote with limited success over the past couple years. Only daylight with a e-caller and 22-250. I'm looking to take it up a notch. Tips, tactics, setups -day and night. I am looking for a seasoned predator hunter that hunts in the northern half of the state would allow me to tag along with them. Thanks!
  7. Glad to hear. Convenient to set up through insurance but Safelite is the worse. Had a windshield on my Tacoma replaced only to hear it rattle a day later. Different guy comes back and tells me the first guy never added the activating agent to to the adhesive. He pushed it out with no effort. He replaced again only this time is started leaking weeks later. Traded the truck a couple months after. Never again.
  8. Thats a great buck! Congrats
  9. Not going to be able to make it this year. Conflicts with my anniversary. Enjoy!
  10. The seat locks into the platform to support weight? My assault is 10 years old and unless I'm missing something very obviously mine is lacking this feature.
  11. The assault does? After seeing the D'Acquitos stand wondered how I could mod my assault. Please share.
  12. This year like never before. Looking forward to getting out with my 22-250. Broad daylight almost daily. Pics with 3 in at once.
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