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  1. Probably going to want to remove the 45 degree wall for code and appearance. Nothing better than a freestanding stove. Find the code and get a permit. God forbid anything were to ever happen. Just put 30 gallon drum stove in my garage with a permit. Single wall pipe with 20" wall clearance and a heatshield on 1" spacers, sheetrock behind. Triple wall up through the attic and roof.
  2. Cape May was a tough location. For some of us the the Canadian border is a similar distance.
  3. I'm a member but last I heard they still were gauging interest in NJ with a couple of pint nights. Don't see anything on their site about NJ yet.
  4. What a beut. I'd love to run a 461. Telling myself I don't need a 362 but I keep burying my 18" bar on my 271... Still might try and get something on the calendar. Honestly will need more help splitting then cutting. Chipping away at it nightly after work.
  5. I'd join. I'm close to the pequest range.
  6. Weather looks like garbage this Sunday and with mothers day next Sunday will have to postpone. Not around the rest of May and at that point I'll have it all done. Appreciate everyone's willingness to help and "supervise."
  7. Fast eddie xl double pin here. Best of both worlds fixed and slider.
  8. That's a tough sell. You're absolutely right. Will keep checking the weather for this Sunday and keep everyone posted.
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