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  1. @Woodsman416 Keep us posted on the next great deal. Need to get in for tires before the snow. 35's for 20" wheels are not cheap...
  2. Thanks. Would need to watch that episode, but from your screen grabs I see your point. I believe one of the guys on that show is from NJ.
  3. Learned something today. Thanks for posting. What is part of your set up?
  4. TV isn't the problem, it just allows us to see shot placement and play monday morning quarterback. All those "I shot him a little farther back then I wanted to" stories... I'm one of them.
  5. I flipped out. I thought I pulled the tag. Literally jumping up and down. What a tease.
  6. Agreed. Getting 3mpg better on my 17' Hemi Ram than I was in my 6cly 11' Tacoma. AND I have bigger tires on my Ram.
  7. That's awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Contact customer service, I've never had an issue returning anything. Heck, on inexpensive items they tell you to keep it and still issue a refund. I buy normal alkaline 100 packs from Amazon, $22. https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Performance-Alkaline-Batteries-100-Pack/dp/B01B8R6PF2/ref=sxts_sxwds-bia?crid=18FP1P4DF31GA&keywords=aa+batteries+100+pack&pd_rd_i=B01B8R6PF2&pd_rd_r=19120be3-7cb4-4057-bb4f-3eaf46256f04&pd_rd_w=wwgDr&pd_rd_wg=ct74c&pf_rd_p=b0a90583-d22c-4c32-806b-f09cd6946e61&pf_rd_r=4Z8BBS1RG99ACF9HPCX0&qid=1560428463&s=gateway&sprefix=aa+b%2Caps%2C904
  9. kanigie

    New Cell Cam

    Hopefully the antenna deters theft. Keyword there is hopefully.
  10. kanigie

    New Cell Cam

    I got a guy that sells that exact camera for $135. Pick up in Jackson. PM me if you need his contact.
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