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  1. kanigie

    Site Ads Overview and Opinions from Members

    That's awesome. I'll do what I can!
  2. kanigie

    Site Ads Overview and Opinions from Members

    They don't bother me. If you could sync my amazon browsing history with the amazon ads on the side bar I'd click those to purchase specifically to help the site out.
  3. kanigie

    Best release?

    Check out archery talk classifieds. I bought and sold releases until I found the one I liked. I'm a Carter fanboy. 1st choice for hunting, total control for 3D/target. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  4. I could not imagine being out there today. Brrrrr. My rule of thumb has been whatever the wind speed is on your preferred weather app add 10mph as soon as you get out of the boat launch cove.
  5. kanigie

    Winter in the Rocky Mountains

    Amazing photos, thanks for sharing.
  6. kanigie

    Crazy wind today, anyone out?

    What dam?
  7. kanigie

    Garden State Outdoors Show

    Mike L won last year I believe, might as well, he's damn good shot. I missed qualifying by one spot last year. Don't expect to win but it's fun regardless.
  8. kanigie

    Garden State Outdoors Show

    I walk through the classic to shoot my 3D qualifying round then I head straight for the door! I'm going tomorrow evening.
  9. kanigie

    My boy got a deer tonight

  10. kanigie

    what does everyone do for reading trail cam cards?

    I had a cell card reader but it stopped working when I upgraded to the latest OS. I swap cards, they're so inexpensive now a days. Part of the fun is rushing home to check them on a laptop. Every photo goes into the cloud via Google photos organized by location.
  11. kanigie

    Ticks Continued...

    They suck - in general, blood, and money. Just pulled one off my lab last week.
  12. Around 10 years ago I worked for a valet parking company. Cabales had contract with our company for us to direct parking lot traffic on the weekends. Now when I go I never park for than a couple spaces from the front.
  13. kanigie

    This mornings buck...

  14. I look for funnels between what I think is good bedding locations based of satelite and topo maps. I'll climb the tree to cut lanes in the winter/early spring, leave a reflective tack and mark a waypoint on GPS. I save these trees for early Nov to catch the big boys cruising checking for hot does.