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  1. kanigie

    Thumb release

    With discipline and in a perfect world one would never punch a trigger but I get it in a hunting situation it happens.
  2. kanigie

    Thumb release

    My accuracy improved greatly when I moved to a thumb release and learned the execute the shot with back tension. You could though do that same with a wrist strap. I love that you can clip the release to the D loop. Doesn't get in the way and if a shot presents itself just grab it and come to full draw. I am currently hunting with a Carter 1st choice but have tried various carters of the years. I'm bias, can't speak to the other manufacturers but love Carter.
  3. kanigie

    Wood heat and this time of year

    Hoodie and sweatpants are getting use now. Overnight lows in the upper 40's this weekend. Might light the first one of the year then.
  4. kanigie

    Wood heat and this time of year

    I take pride in not using our propane furnace. I use our fancy nest thermostat to monitor the heat put off by our woodstove when not home. As it gets a little cooler I'll start building small fires with small splits of wood that burn hot and quick to take the chill out in the morning. House is small, 1,700 sq ft and 2 of the 3 bedroom doors all winter stay closed as we don't use them. I've been looking at those quartz space heaters but haven't purchased one yet. For stubborn like-minded individuals how to you heat your house this time of year?
  5. kanigie

    Tom the butcher

    I have 2 to pick up from him. Just called me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. ah, reading comprehension...
  7. No. Would not suggest that. I use a foam Rhinehart target for broadheads. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. This past winter I made my own. Framed with 2x8's any size LxW you desire, faces are the bags farmers sell corn in. Stuffing I used it pallet wrap. You can really stuff it tight to stop any arrow you can throw at it. I've had to replace the face twice now but I shoot probably 20 arrows almost daily.
  9. kanigie

    Etiquette Question

    Agreed, same here. Call me soft..
  10. kanigie

    New Mexico Archery 6x6 success

    Congrats! good luck in MT.
  11. kanigie

    Smoked An Early Season Doe! On video

    Can't say enough about the upgrade to Forth Arrow. I have a knock fluid head but have a Manfrotto 128 on the way. My set up this year
  12. kanigie

    Bushnell Trail cameras.

    I've also learned to format the card with the EXACT camera you're putting it into before walking away after each card swap. I use different SD cards brands on all different cameras brands and have not had a problem since starting this.
  13. kanigie

    Bushnell Trail cameras.

    I've had a couple duds from the get go, bushnell, browning, and moutrie. All were replaced by the manufacture. Bushnell had to send me 2 separate cameras before I got a good one. That bushnell is now 3 years old, the battery life is very impressive. I have 3 Moutries that are 6 years old. Seems I have more camera stolen than ones that die nowadays...
  14. kanigie

    Big Game Eyecon trail cameras forsale

    Ill take. sending PM.
  15. Good idea. Never considered that.