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  1. Boycott Yeti

    It's a PR nightmare for YETI. YETI statement https://www.yeti.com/press/official-statement-from-yeti.html
  2. Show your boats.

    It floats and it was free... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Amazon Prime ????????????????????

    Even with the 2 day shipping, sometimes it takes them 2 days to ship it... The movies/tv shows do suck...
  4. Old aerial photos

    http://njgin.state.nj.us/oit/gis/NJ_TaxListSearch/ NJ's tax map site has maps from the 1930's. Select it from the "base map" button.
  5. Old aerial photos

    caltopo.com has some cool older maps. Side note, this mapping tool is awesome for scouting. Let's you overlay maps - Combine satellite with topo and public land boundaries.
  6. Didn't take long

    awesome congrats!
  7. Some skills sculpting with chainsaws

    Very cool. All but one running a Stihl.
  8. Tuning

    Check out John Dudley's youtube channel. It's given me the confidence to take on any task. Replaced cam bearings & changed out strings more recently. You'll need a press, draw board, and scale though. I'm constantly messing with my bows, fine tuning draw length, twisting cables to change draw cycle feel and let off.
  9. What are your goals for this coming deer season?

    Process my own harvest!
  10. Fly Fishing Advice -Help

    Text you tomorrow! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hinge release - Carter Only

    sold on AT.
  12. Fly Fishing Advice -Help

    Very useful info. Every year I tell myself to fly fish more... This will be the year!
  13. No one Fishing

    I drive over the point mountain bridge every opening day to snap a pic of everyone elbow to elbow standing in that hole, I would say there were only about 10 cars at 8:15AM, couldn't believe it.
  14. Farmers 3D Shoots

    They really stretched them out today, not many under 40yards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk