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  1. Seriously, my dog is in for a rude awakening when this is all over. At one point he had 8 straight days of 4+ mile off trail shed hunting/scouting trips.
  2. kanigie

    Rip off

    Place is terrible.
  3. 62.5 miles one way. Do I win? Maybe win isn't the right word...
  4. How do you like that inexpensive bushnell spotting scope? No problem seeing the .270 holes at 100 yards? Ever try it out on any further distances?
  5. Great chair for the anyone that shoots 3D. tape some PVC tube on the side for arrow quivers and you're set.
  6. kanigie

    Badass Buck

    I bet he can't wait to drop his antlers.
  7. Central NJ? No such place exists.
  8. Ah, the NJ Predator Club meeting in Flemington is the same day. Next year.
  9. Gretchen is heading up the bobcat study. [email protected]
  10. Congrats to you both! Which gun/bow rest are you guys using?
  11. I sent my bobcat pics to the state. They were very interested in location.
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