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Yesterday just before lunchtime, on a drive.  Was gonna be a driver and brought my buckshot gun, but the fellas thought I was too "old" for the thick shit, so they made me stand.  I was able to trade my gun for an 1187 slugger.  After I could first hear the drivers, I saw the junco's and white-throats flea the area, so I got ready, and this 227 (field-dressed) boar followed.  Well, my eyes glazed over and you see the result.  He got a ride to the check station and to the butcher/taxi ................

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I cannot take full credit.  It did run to the next guy in the line (I was the very first stander,) and he hit it as well.  So, being he was the last to shoot, and as it was his first, and as he wanted a rug, but not the meat (which he offered to pay for and give all to me), he's getting the rug.  Plus, I'm gonna be broke from the first one.  It all took place deep in a ravine and was a steep uphill drag through thick barberry.  Thank God he's a lot younger and a mutual friend stayed back to help us, as all the others split for another drive.

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