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  1. Stratus

    Deerage.com results back

    Great bucks, congrats. Im waiting on one now, how long for the results ?
  2. In Nj the first officer of the scene is automatically the incident commander and doesn't go right in. Automatic coward to some but that's it in Nj . I don't know about Florida.
  3. Stratus

    Early spring cleaning

    I see now, too far...
  4. Stratus

    Early spring cleaning

    I like the 10/22 stock, where are you located?
  5. Stratus

    Private Deer Preserve Hunt, Part II....pics

    Did you fly the jet and do some barrel rolls? Lol Congrats on a great time with your wife
  6. I want to send a tooth out to age my last deer. Where have you sent one?
  7. Stratus

    10 Point Down

    Congrats, great looking buck!
  8. Stratus

    Mutant 6 On Camera

    He looks pissed , be careful in those woods lol
  9. Stratus

    Proud dad right now, a new cop last night

    Awesome !! He looks great in that uniform, congrats and may God watch over him !
  10. He was the only deer I saw.
  11. The scrapes becoming active is what really got me motivated, not afraid to admit it was bitter with the wind !
  12. You do that I’ll take care of business..lol I noticed a lot of scrapes starting to get hit the past couple days so I set up in a stand on a scrapeline that gets used yearly. This bruiser came in and touched up a rub 60 yards out and then headed right for the scrapes. He was in range about 15 seconds and gave me a nice slightly quartering away shot. The grim reaper did its job in less then 100 yards. Nice wide 7 pt with one broken off.
  13. Stratus

    Stevo Update

    Painful to read this..Thoughts and prayers for Stevo and his family
  14. Stratus

    Free gym machine

    . Yeh lol
  15. Stratus

    Handgun Safes

    I had one bolted onto the shelf in my bedroom closet, I left it for my ex to use after we got divorced . Reliable and simple to open with 4 fingers depressed in a sequence that you choose. When I stop by Tues for the kids I’ll check who made it.