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Alright fellas...what is everyone doing to stay fit?


I'm currently sidelined with some sort of inner ear infection that has been giving me vertigo and dizziness for over a month. When I'm not dealing witb BS like this, I was running a sort of bastardized Texas Method and Heavy/Light/Medium routine. 3 days a week of lifts. I try to do yoga 2x a week during the winter months and then I just hunt. When it's warm out, I'm always out on the mountain bike or in the kayak on my non-lifting days. I also like to box. Nothing special really nowadays, just hitting pads with friends, working the heavy bag and doing some drills.


So...what are you guys and girls in to?

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This year I am determined to get back in shape. I am making great progress so far. Instead of drinking a case of beer a day, I cut back to only 2 six packs. Lol I enjoy weight training 4 times a week and try to do cardio 5 days a week. Elliptical so not to pound my legs anymore. Also hit a heavy bag occasionally.

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I do nothing.  I really need to do something.


In the past I had a couple of gym memberships that essentially paid the salaries of the staff, and I never saw the inside of the gym.


I have an exercise bike in the basement that I was riding for a couple of weeks.  I have a cardio plan, HRM connected to my smart phone, the bike, and zero motivation.


But I do realize that if I don't do something to get into shape, I will be the poster child for heart attacks.

Sapere aude.


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The important thing is to do something that you will stick with, the greatest workout in the world is useless if you don't stick with it.  My wife and I walk an hour each day.  We heat with wood and I split it  by hand, I do this for an hour roughly 3 times a week.  On Mondays and Thursdays I do 3 sets of Spiderman pushups and on Tuesdays and Fridays I do several exercises with a pair of dumbbells.  


I'm 5'11", in my 30s I crept up to 200 lbs. but since I've been doing this I've kept my weight between 180-185.    

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Crossfit Mon, wed, Friday. Cardio Tuesday and Thursday. Don't need much time but you need to be consistent. Oh and here is an easy trick for diet. Eat anything you want as long as it isn't candy and soda. Only other restriction is you can only eat as many grams of carbs as your body weight. So I weigh 205 that means I can only eat 205 grams of carbs a day. With that one rule and the no soda and candy you will loose weight. Good luck

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I've been dealing with a sickness as well but I'll usually do upper body, rest day,legs,rest day,upper body,rest day,legs.Ill do this schedule twice and then do two weeks of single body part isolation exercises everyday.As for cardio it depends on the time of year now I only do it a couple times a week.when it's cold I can't be completely lean or I'll freeze.when spring comes.ill.do at least 1/2an hour everyday.diet wise I stuck to as clean of eating as possible breakfast a dozen egg whites,cup of oatmeal.lunch chicken breast,sweet potatoes,dinner varies,also smaller meals in between.usually protein shakes,Greek yogurt, cottage cheese.

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I'm a big beleiver that conditioning pays off for me when it comes to hunting. Off-season I work out six days a week, usually split between weight training and cardio routines. As I get closer to the couple 5k's I run, I run two days a week instead of my normal cardio. During hunting season, I cut way back, work out maybe only two days a week. Time is really the limiting factor but when I'm in the field I'm still getting some exercise. With the season winding down, I'm actually starting back up with my 6 day/week routine on Monday.


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Here are some specifics on what I am running right now as far as lifting. 


5x5 Squats at 90%, done as a top set with descending backoff sets
5x5 Bench done in the same manner
1x5 Deadlift

5x5 Press done as a top set with descending backoff sets
3x5 weighted chin with 1bw backoff set
Shoulder assistance work

Day 3-
1x5 Squat at 100% (add weight day)
3x5 weighted dips with 1bw backoff set
Some sort of row

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I wake up put a pinck of dip in drink 20oz mt dew, walk my trap line for 2 hr, put a dip sit behind a deskin drink a 2 leater of mt dew and 22 dips over the next 8 hrs, go home skin critters eat meat & patoes drink 2 leater of dew and 15 dips go to bed. thats my work out

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