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  1. Colorado and New Mexico are out. Looks really similar to the Beartooth Mountains in southern MT.
  2. You just figured out now that this state is screwed up? This whole line of questioning from you seems really, strangely, weirdly odd, no offense.
  3. That DEFINITELY is not Jersey. Wow, what a view, God almighty.
  4. They can't win on the issues and they know it which is the reason why they can't stop with the "constitutional crisis" BS. Deadonshot just regurgitates the whole sheet of democrat talking points because they have nothing else, zero. zip, nada to use against Trump. The only hope they have is that the US suffers a severe economic set back. They are actually hoping for a catastrophe, recession, anything to hurt the US so they can win.
  5. Agreed, along with Booker. Gillebrand has to be one of the dumbest members of the senate we have ever had. The only reason she is there is because NYS has been overtaken by liberals and the city cancels out every republican vote from upstate.
  6. Like Mueller, the guy who is leading the investigation is a straight shooter, above politics, will go where ever the evidence leads him, leave no stone unturned and is a patriot who only seeks the truth. What are the democrats afraid of?
  7. Agreed, stupid. But don't be fooled about their power. They backed Murphy 100% and got him to ban bear hunting on NJ public owned land so they do have influence. What a lot of guys forget is that they along with other "animal rights" and envirnonmental organizations like the Sierra Club have an anti-hunting agenda.
  8. That's great, but the fight isn't just against unconstitutional laws. We have a multi -front war. We have to fight a media culture that is blatantly against private citizens owning firearms and misinforms the public about them and us and the political machine in the democratic party that believes there can never be enough restrictions on the ownership and use of firearms and uses the same media to spread that message. They raise millions of dollars on misinformation.
  9. Hopeful yes, and I am 100% for striking down the restriction. But NJ will find another way to limit the right to carry because there are too many liberals in the state house who don't believe in the right to carry much less the 2A. That's the thing with liberals, especially in a state like NJ, they will pass a law just to see if it will stand in the state supreme court. They know we will have to take it beyond the state to the federal courts and that takes time and money.
  10. Are you conflicted because you don't know if he (the soldier) committed murder or just killed an enemy combatant?
  11. stratocaster

    Torn Bicep

    Make sure you check out how many surgeries he's done. The first orthopedic surgeon I went to said, "Hmm, I really don't feel comfortable doing this and I'm not going to, I recommend you go to HSS and do it ASAP," No lie, that is exactly what he said, the guy who did my surgery did over 3oo of them so he knows what he's doing.
  12. Nice. The yellow rain gear guy could be the Gorton's spokesman!
  13. stratocaster

    Torn Bicep

    I tore my left bicep off 4 years ago. Had to have surgery within 1-2 weeks. Since it was a clean tear and I was in pretty good shape at the time they were able to reattach it easily. Recovery was 7-8 weeks before I could start using it normally without straining. I was able to go back to my normal work and lifting within 5 months. I had surgery at HSS in New York and had the team doctor for the NY Giants do the operation. PM me if you like. Glad to help.
  14. They truly have gone off the rails as a party. They need to be politically eradicated.
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