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  1. It's kind of hard to determine with accuracy what they are based on the decomposition due to digestion, but your assumption is on the mark. It is some type of caterpillar.
  2. It is important to note that only (2) diseases of all the ones we know about have been completely eradicated by humans, smallpox and rinderpest. Even polio-virus has not been eradicated from humans although the incidences are very low. It was discovered in 1908 and took until 1958 to develop a vaccine. There is no cure for Polio. The Sabin polio vaccine took 7 years to develop once work began on it and provides immunity to all three poliovirus types in only 50% of people and it does so by causing the body to produce anti-bodies, it takes 3 doses to provide immunity in 95% of recipients but again, does not cure it if you get it. I think that is the best we can hope for here is immunity from Coronavirus not a cure. So Murphy possibly doesn't understand viruses enough by making that statement. Viruses are very, very hard to eradicate but a vaccine will assist your body in fighting off a strain if you are exposed.
  3. You would have to disclose the area other than "Trout fishing Saturday in a small creek that goes through a spot I hunt in Morris County." It's not that small of a county.
  4. You think you're an expert until you screw up or someone out thinks you, at that point you are an A$$ whole. Then you become humbled. At that point you have more experience and might consider yourself an expert to avoid another mistake or a series of mistakes. But I would say it takes ten years minimum.
  5. This turtle was crossing a busy road and about to get crushed so I picked it up. There was no shoulder on either side and it was a very steep embankment it would have to climb to get to safety. I brought it to a park that had a lowland area with a tiny creek and some skunk cabbage and let it go. Is it a female? I think the males have red eyes.
  6. Ok, maybe I'm missing something but that seems expensive for sunglasses?
  7. "hate filled outdoorsmen", "not interested in justice" <<<<<<Really?? What was the point of the special counsel investigation and the Ukraine investigation? Come on , are you five years old? Can you stop with the cliches'? You obviously are informed on some things but way out of touch on a lot of other things. Every time you comment, you go off script and start some BS narrative on how "y'all are a bunch of sheep", "what about so and so, how come your not mad about that", if you have nothing constructive to say or have anything to prove some case you are making then just admit it and move on. It happens to all of us. You've lost the argument. When you do this stuff people tune you out if they haven't already. There is a way to make a convincing argument and you aren't doing it.
  8. And GG comes through with flying colors! That is pretty damn clear. If true, give em' a dirt nap.
  9. Can you post a picture of the permit with the box for yotes?
  10. Jimney crickets, please don't sing the song from Lion King. Jack works too hard to let this happen to his herd, I support Jack.
  11. Interesting you bring up the working class. I remember the whole point of coming here to "America"was for opportunity and freedom to choose how you want to live, practice your religion, determine your destiny and eventually not be part of the working class anymore, hence upward mobility. The democratic party used to support that but they realized that not having a permanent under class, people in poverty if you will would not be good for them to hold onto power. Ironically if you break free from poverty, have a good income and the trappings that brings, you have achieved the goal and principles of what this country was founded on. Democrats today have no idea what that means, they have lost their way and it shows in the representation of the party. I am bewildered how more people can't see that.
  12. Again and again you show you total mis-uunderstanding, but you can't bring yourself to get past it or actually educate yourself, or accept a legal outcome that proved the POTUS was not an agent of Russia. The unmasking of Michael Flynn has serious implications because he was a target and a person of interest in a special counsel investigation directly tied to the POTUS, neither Plame nor Libby were. But I don't think you will ever understand that. As the current DNI is de-classifying documents, certain names will show up and will be exposed for all of us to see how corrupt #44 actually was. Your problem is that you simply have no understanding of the legal process and constantly set traps for yourself. The DNI under Obama James Clapper said "under oath" that he saw no evidence, ZERO, of any conspiracy or "collusion" to undermine the 2016 election by anyone in the Trump Campaign, nor did he or John Brennan see any evidence, ZERO, that would prove candidate Donald Trump was an agent of a foreign gov't as the media constantly reported. Multiple members of the Obama administration testified under oath to exactly the same conclusion, ZERO evidence. If that is the case, which it is, because they both testified to that "under oath", what was the purpose of the unmasking of people directly related to the campaign in 2016 and after when some of those people were working in the administration? Answer that simple question. I know you can't answer it because THERE WAS REASON TO UNMASK THEM AND YOU KNOW THAT IS THE CASE. What was the purpose of the Mueller investigation if both of those men testified that the premise of the investigation was false to begin with and the report ultimately proved their conclusions? Mind you, both Clapper and Brennan had access to every piece of intelligence because they were both working as DNI and head of the CIA. The only answer is that the investigation was intended to hopefully find some evidence to issue an indictment and impeach the POTUS. It failed miserably and you are disappointed. So please stop with your moronic illogical bullshiite line that 28,000 people were unmasked, as if that that has anything to do with destroying a man, Flynn, and trying to overturn an election that was fairly won with no influence from a foreign gov't.
  13. You're right, but in certain areas the fawns need all the help they can get, the foxes don't need help and you can't eat fox.
  14. Stop thinking and start executing. They are plainly doing it in broad daylight.
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