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  1. For the followers of all things hunting and outdoors with a connection to politicians who claim to support our right to do so, here is some food for thought. None of our blue state senators hunt but to see a red state senator who claims to be a hunter not even bother to buy a license in his own state of Montana just blows my mind. He must think Montana voters don't care. Hope they send him a message this November. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/that-senator-just-dont-hunt-jon-tester-hasnt-had-a-hunting-license-for-six-years
  2. Really incredible pics. Even though it can get really cold in the winter, the beauty of that scenery is worth the price IMO. It just lifts your soul up to have those views, I can't understand how people living in the city and suburban areas don't appreciate why people live there year round. Just breathtaking. I hope you find what you are looking for, tranquility and happiness.
  3. stratocaster

    Cory Booker article

    He is all about self promotion. It's fine to be empathetic about stuff going on around you and to feel you may have done something to offend someone but to constantly be admonishing other people in public and then writing about it seems very self promoting. Tons of other people have the same thoughts and feelings he has/had and done their own introspection quietly and don't whip other people for their sins.
  4. You can find that by looking at crime rates by state and those who commit them. You will be shocked at what you find.
  5. stratocaster

    Belated Constitution Day and a thought

    Can you tell us the name of the scumbag who wrote that?
  6. stratocaster

    Belated Constitution Day and a thought

    You almost tricked us. I know your posts and knew that you didn't come up with that. It just magnifies what differences exist in our country and how the media conveniently pushes a narrative on certain rights and shuts down discussion on others. When you agree with certain amendments and clauses and articles then those must be protected and expanded. In addition, those lawyers creative enough to find rights in the constitution that don't exist but convince the SCOTUS that they do are the ultimate fiction writers, and the very ones who excoriate others for wanting to protect the rights that actually do exist from being undermined that they don't believe should be rights. 99% of people don't even know what Constitution day is or what it means. Scary.
  7. stratocaster

    Ridgewood Country Club

    Can this even be considered hunting? I understand the lure of getting a nice buck like that but is it really hunting? Shooting yes but not hunting, but that is JMO.
  8. It doesn't fit into the story line they want the American people to believe and thus influence them to take action on. Nothing to see here, now back to Trump........................
  9. stratocaster

    240 Acres to Bow Hunt Near Clinton, NJ

    4 166 6/8 2008 Hunterdon 7 Richard Cotton Asbury. <<<<<So is this the buck you are referring to?
  10. stratocaster

    Monticello hunting

    Even if I obtained land up there. I would not give one dime to a state that had Andrew Cuomo as governor. He is the one of the 2 most anti-2A, anti-sportsman governor in the country and Murphy is the 3rd. But do as you wish.
  11. stratocaster

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    Just wow indeed. I guess she felt he was qualified to sit on the circuit court knowing "he was trying to kill me" considering she discussed it with her therapist 6 years ago and could have brought it up then but didn't seems highly suspect. You seem to have left out the fact that a democrat senator had this info in July and had Kavanaugh in her office and in front of her "under oath" in the senate hearings but passed on questioning him about it. Lie detector tests are in-admissable in court.
  12. stratocaster

    9/15 hunting success!

    Cute kid. Nice to see the tradition being passed on.
  13. stratocaster

    was I an a-hole?

    First off, you need to have a "discussion" with your brother. 2nd, would "hunter Bob" have even been interested if the "big buck" was non-existent? Me thinks no. For someone to go to that length to ask your mom and dad if he could hunt a piece he "knew" beyond a shadow of a doubt you were hunting on speaks volumes to me. He knew damn well you would have said "nope" and knew (unless you know differently) that a big buck lives in the area and went the roundabout route to good ole mom and dad. I would be envious of not having a nice spot to set up my stand on a big buck but I can't even imagine doing what this guy did and then not responding to your message. It's like stealing from a person who has more than you and you justify it by saying "they have more than me, they won't miss it". Not worth your time Jack. Good luck.
  14. Sorry to inform you that the world will never go back to what it was before. Today's INSANITY, fed by the never ending liberal news cycle thrives on creating chaos like this. It's not about logic or reason anymore. It's about putting people in boxes labeled "racist" "bigot" "misogynist" "nazi" etc.... so they can destroy you and your career even if you did nothing wrong. All of this "drama" is straight out of the playbook of Saul Alinsky and if you don't know who he is you better get educated real quick so you understand what you are up against. Don't put your head in the sand, don't wish for a different outcome, fight back before it's too late.
  15. stratocaster

    Florence Crying Wolf

    Just some good natured ball breaking. You are good 57Buck.