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  1. Opening morning bird down.

    Nice. Hope you got to go fishing afterwards for a "blast and cast". H-Birthday!
  2. Nice surprise trout fishing today

    Nice surprise. The Esopus has them and other streams flowing into the reservoirs.
  3. 2018 Bear Hunt Is A Go As Of Now !!!

    Interesting perspective you have posted. What you are really pondering is what the limits of government are. My question is the same as yours, if he can stop this hunt and it isn't overturned by the courts then what limits does the gov't really have.? That power can't be limited by who is the governor, because that means one governor can allow anything he/she likes while another stops anything he doesn't and then it becomes arbitrary and the breakdown starts. Lawsuits will most definitely be launched if he doesn't stop the hunt, the science part is no longer an issue because population control works, the only possible chance they have aside from the "animal cruelty" argument is immuno-contraception instead of hunting which is unproven in as large a population as we have. Don't think he won't try to stay the hunt through EO, the trick liberals use is to let it go to the courts in hopes they find a liberal judge to side with them who doesn't believe in hunting or the right to hunt. They also never do things on a "whim" they always have ulterior motives. The extreme left will use any argument, however illogical to win. Look to California to see how far the animal rights crowd has gone to limit hunting and trapping. Remember the minority we are as % of the population, we don't register on the scale and they use that against us. But at least you, I and other are thinking and fearful of what we might lose and that is the first step, the next is action. The other important point to consider is that there are people within our ranks who actively partner with leftist groups like the Sierra Club and Jeff Titel who actively campaigned for Murphy that are opposed to the bear hunt and there are hunters who are opposed to it as well. So some of the very people you'd think would be on our side are working against us by supporting organizations that want to cancel the hunt or stop hunting in general. Enemies of us are within our ranks and that is the disturbing/scary truth we need to realize.
  4. Will Russia Replace Putin

    The "country" as in the people of Russia are not corrupt, the system that they are forced to live under is corrupt because there are no individual freedoms protected by the system. When the corrupt system benefits by limiting freedom to enrich itself and enforcing its ideology through sheer force, fear, incarceration and people can't fight back the corruption persists. Putin is just a manifestation of a corrupt system that he participated and benefited from as did the dictators before him.
  5. What a great woman she was. A great wife, mother, grandmother and first lady. She was a woman who everyone especially women could learn something from. God bless and RIP.
  6. Keep an eye out for shad in the Musky

    I wonder if the trout fishermen and guides and associated businesses on the West Branch, East Branch and Main stem Delaware River would agree with you considering the dams at Cannonsville and Pepacton reservoirs. Most likely, they would not, and not politely either because of the trout fishery that exists below the reservoirs and in the reservoirs.
  7. Gotta love Stormy!

    It truly is amazing that liberals who claim to care or be interested in science, technology, research now give "valuable air time" to a woman who has done absolutely nothing productive her entire life. Is this what women are supposed to aspire to now? The View, CNN etc.. could have had a great physicist, engineer, medal of honor, bronze star, silver star recipient on their show, but nope, they pick an absolutely useless pile of cells. Algae is far more productive that her, but this is just MO.
  8. Finicial Aid for illegals?

    The same way they give driver licenses and welfare to illegal aliens, "they are not residents" , they are aliens who are here illegally.
  9. Finicial Aid for illegals?

    The problem is not with the governor, the problem is with the state assembly and senate. If both houses were in republican hands this would never even make it to the floor for a vote. This is what happens when the state is controlled by democrat voting blocks who want more and more from gov't and fool themselves with the thought that a guy like Murphy will have their backs while he sticks a knife in it. He would not be able to pass his agenda if his party didn't control both houses. Murphy laid out his liberal agenda for everyone and again the blue collar crowd fell for it again not thinking of the ulterior motives he had. Voters get what they deserve.
  10. Upper Delaware float trip

    The west branch and main stem are as close to fishing a western river as you will get here in the east. Once you get a taste of that river system everything else pales in comparison, especially during the green drake, brown drake and eastern salmonfly hatch.
  11. PA opener golden rainbow awesome!

    Beautiful fish you caught. PA really has its act together on trout and I was supposed to go but minor surgery got in the way. Next weekend!
  12. Nikki Haley, She Is........

    She is the only woman that is qualified to be president. I can't think of any other woman I would vote for. The dems are scared to death of her should she run in 2024.
  13. anyone here cook on cast iron?

    I love cast iron pots, skillets. I would use them exclusively except the wife thinks they're too heavy so she uses one non-stick skillet for light cooking. All the major meals are done on the cast iron.
  14. Rompola Buck

    Did you shoot that beast? My God what a giant.
  15. Rompola Buck

    That is great buck she killed Rusty, no doubt. The point isn't that NJ doesn't have some above average deer, it is that based on percentages even with deer reaching 4.5 and up the odds are against you as compared to midwest states. The numbers of record book entries and top entries don't lie when you compare NJ with states like Minn, Wis, MI, OH, IA, Ill, KY, MT, SD etc.. NJ doesn't compare is what I'm saying based on entries and odds. Antler size isn't the only thing that matters but that is what this thread is about.