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  1. Keep that fact to yourself if you want him to stay in business in NJ..lol.
  2. Good riddance indeed. Not a franshise player. Let someone else deal with his drama.
  3. Hopefully, more small firearm stores will recoup the losses they suffered.
  4. Everyone needs to work, unless you've put into the system or are severely disabled and can't work. It's time to stop the endless welfare train.
  5. The only way it seems you can correct it is by doing what the UK is doing through Brexit. That's why the EU members are terrified of what will happen to the remaining nations once 65 million Britons leave at the end of the month. Obama tried his best to influence David Cameron and the British people to stay in the EU because he so dislikes the idea of a independent UK deciding to go it alone. The EU is nothing more than a conduit that connects all the participating nations. The immigration policy is one that allows free travel to any nation once a person arrives in one nation. Hence the migrant flow from Greece to Germany and France and other nations. Britain has had enough of dealing with lost sovereignty, adhering to laws and rules they didn't agree to and carrying the weight of other nations that decided not to pull their weight and not being able to control their borders. Sounds familiar.
  6. Ok, you really have no proof that Trump benefitted from the downturn any more or any less than other real estate companies or other investors or did benefit illegally. My brief point was that he took no money from TARP and much smaller companies than his did take money. TARP was passed in Oct of 2008 before Obama was elected. I know you like Obama but to say he was intimately involved when even he admitted he couldn't understand how a big bank (Lehman) could run out of money means he didn't grasp it, but the MSM wants us to believe he understood it all. As to Buffet, he admitted to not grasping how complex derivatives were and he plays with investments all day. It also isn't about agree/disagree, it's about facts. I don't look at events differently, I only look at them on the basis of evidence of what happened and what didn't happen. The evidence is there as painful as it is. Starting with the auto company bailouts. The auto execs of GM and Chrysler warned of bankruptcy and the loss of 1 million jobs if they did not get a bailout so they pushed for bailout. Ford did not need the money but asked to be part of it so they would not have to compete with subsidized companies. Ultimately, both GM and Chrysler filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009. As for the banks, especially the big 8 banks that received the majority of TARP funds, banks need liquidity in order to survive. Banks need people or the fed to lend money to them to lend out to people or businesses and with "toxic assets" on their books, very few people or institutions would lend to them and they entered a liquidity trap. In 07 the first $75 billion fund was set up for Citigroup, JP Morgan and Bank of America to buy distressed assets on their books, and the bank CEO's asked Hank Paulson to set it up, but as we saw it was not enough. Lehman ultimately failed on Sept 15 2008 after pleading to get bailed out by the fed. Seeing the effects of that failure, Paulson did not want a cascading wave of failures and neither did the banks and TARP was authorized on Oct 3, 2008. So bank CEO's seeing Lehman's failure saw themselves as next and forced themselves into it because they would not survive without it and because they were running out of money by continually selling off good assets to satisfy withdrawals thereby having less capital to lend out to consumers and businesses to generate income. The only assets left were the ones they couldn't sell. TARP funds were used to inject capital into banks and other businesses by buying shares or bonds from them and that capital was then used to lend out and gave the banks time to sell the "toxic assets" off their books. It had absolutely nothing to do with autonomy other than restricting bonuses and executive pay for the period of time it took to pay the funds back. Lastly, AIG needed $182 BILLION in TARP to stave off bankruptcy and the $85 billion it received on Sept 16 2008 was one day after Paulson said there would be no further Wall St bailouts. So again, the bailout was not forced on them, their CEO pleaded that without it, there would be catastrophic consequences for them and the institutions they owed money to. But we should still share a scotch and burger, we could learn from each other.
  7. Ok, maybe I'm confused as to which lawsuit you are referring to? But it seems you did not or cannot answer the question. The one I'm referring to was filed in the fall of 2018 after the EO banning bear hunting on public land was signed by the governor and the EO was upheld by the court. The lawsuit filed on behalf of the BEAR Group in ?2013? was filed while Christie was governor and was dismissed by the state supreme court. So even though we won that lawsuit, we lost the privilege to hunt bear on land owned by the state that we have paid to help purchase. So it was a win in the sense that the hunt was a legal hunt, but ultimately if the governor can simply sign an EO nullifying our privilege to hunt bear on state land and it withstood a lawsuit, he can sign an EO banning all hunting on state land and through precedent it too will be upheld. So my question is, what did we really win, and what do we stand to lose? I fear we stand to lose any and all rights to hunt state land in NJ. If all that is left is hunting on private land then we have truly lost. Your post does not explain how we regain the privilege to hunt bear again on public land now that we lost in the courts. The only remedy seems to be electing a Republican governor who will restore that privilege.
  8. The last bear lawsuit was not about hunting bear on state land so you are confusing the issues. The fact that by EO the governor terminated bear hunting on WMA's and all state land and it was upheld by the NJ supreme court means that he could ban all hunting on the same lands and it would be upheld as well. That should scare anyone who voted for Murphy who is a hunter and hunts public land. He is not our friend.
  9. So you were not intelligent enough to make your own decision based on the positions both candidates presented? I find that hard to believe.
  10. Are you being sarcastic? Please tell us you are NOT serious with this proposal.
  11. To be fair, you don't understand the reasons do you? "Too big too fail" is buzzword that does not describe or explain in detail what companies received funds and why the US govt approved TARP. The program signed by President Bush , not Obama, funded almost entirely big financial institutions, banks, one insurance company and two industrial companies,General Motors and Chrysler. By your own admission, the actions of Bush and Paulson were the catalyst for the beginning of the upturn because the legislation was passed at the bottom of the downturn while Bush was still in office were they not? Was it Obama's idea? Nope. Oh, and amazingly for the Trump haters, Trump did not receive ANY MONEY during the "MOST SEVERE RECESSION SINCE THE DEPRESSION" to quote countless news reports. You can click on the link and search in the search bar for Trump and find ZIP. The link lists every company that received TARP funds. Why was the Trump Organization able to avoid the losses that engulfed, destroyed, bankrupted, gigantic banks and other companies run by "brilliant businessmen"? The MSM doesn't have an answer for that either, I'm guessing neither does anyone on this site. The fear generated by politicians and bank CEO's during the "crisis" was off the charts. It was their fear of what would happen to them and their industry that drove them to push for TARP. https://projects.propublica.org/bailout/list
  12. Agreed, not all of them are terrorists as the MSM constantly reminds us. But she also reminds us how much she hates Israel, jews and the US for supporting Israel. So maybe you don't understand how much she hates jews and our support of Israel but it is pretty clear how anti-semitic she is. She and her party are now in a tough spot, do they rebuke her views and come down on her like they do so quickly when it comes to a conservative or do they live by a double standard. In case you might have forgotten it took 2 attempts to take down the towers, the 1st was in 1993 unsuccessfully and the terrorists tried again and tragically they were successful 8 years later.
  13. She is no more or less scary than the liberal socialists in NJ like Murphy and the newly elected members of Congress from NJ. All Democrats are now socialists.
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