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  1. stratocaster

    Something different, huge crane

    Cheaper labor is definitely one and the main reasons we have a trade deficit with China. But, our trade deficits started in 1975. The main exports from China are consumer electronics, clothing and machinery. Here are the top five trading "partners" we have deficits with: China - $636 billion traded with a $375 billion deficit. China accounts for 65% of our total trade deficit. Canada - $582 billion traded with an $18 billion deficit. Mexico - $557 billion traded with a $71 billion deficit. Japan - $204 billion traded with a $69 billion deficit. Germany - $171 billion traded with a $65 billion deficit. As you see some of these countries don't have lower labor costs than we do, so labor cost is not the only reason for a trade deficit. The outsourcing of jobs in the case of China is the result of consumers needing and wanting cheaper goods because their income levels can't support buying more expensive equal goods. It was more expensive in the case of China again, to make certain products here but a portion of that cost comes from gov't regulation( a huge reason many companies shut down or moved offshore), taxes and variable input costs. Hopefully, with lowering corporate taxes and rolling back regulations and placing of tariffs, some of the costs will be normalized and make our products more competitive and some jobs will be insourced and companies may move here to take advantage of lower taxes. It would be a dream come true if the mid-west and south were revitalized with manufacturing. The one thing we can't control is if competitor nations subsidize industry and artificially lower the value of their currency. This is a very interesting discussion but I don't want to take away from your post. I'll start a new thread from here on.
  2. stratocaster

    Something different, huge crane

    I don't want to totally off topic but the trade deficit is the result of the United States spending more money than it makes collectively not the amount of goods we send out. We simply spend more than we make. Both the gov't and individual citizens. So that is what results in the current account deficit we have and that forces us to spend on foreign goods and services and that spending must be financed because borrowing capital($$) comes with a cost. The current account deficit stands at $500 billion.
  3. stratocaster

    Rt 78 West is a parking lot.

    Sad but really no surprise with the nutjob NJ drivers trying to get home faster than everyone else. If we could just keep all New Yorkers out of NJ it would be so much nicer. Except the ones who hunt and fish.
  4. stratocaster

    Maybe Russia does have the goods on Trump afterall

    She is not a "hooker". She is a sex worker in the sex industry according to NPR, so you need to start respecting all manner of employment Haskell..... Porn star lives matter.
  5. stratocaster

    Saddle River deer cull

    But in the world of common sense and conservation it should be all about hunting. NJ has let the lunatics take over and the leftist majority in Trenton and Bergen county have lost their minds. Let the deer continue to overpopulate. If I lived there I would never allow White buffalo to come in on my tax $$ but that is just me. When some kid dies from lyme or some liberal dies in a car wreck with a deer is when their minds will change. Hunting is killing just like the unseen assassin kills the cow or pig or chicken or lamb. The difference is you don't see the animal alive before it's slaughtered unlike deer etc... The only solution is the final solution but that makes too much sense.
  6. stratocaster

    Maybe Russia does have the goods on Trump afterall

    We'll see about that. When the leftists/socialists have someone like Cortez from Queens on the news as "the new face of the democrats" and she opens her mouth and lets everyone know how stupid and ignorant she actually is and that is broadcast deep into middle America's red states where the "blue wave" is supposed to be, I don't get too worried. She is the perfect club to beat democrats running for congress over the head. As for the senate, it looks like red state dems will be bleeding red IMO. Socialist NJ does not represent America especially with an "indicted" scumbag like Menendez.
  7. stratocaster

    I'll just leave this right here

    You have no idea how loudly this picture speaks. The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds. It's mind blowing how comfortable the democrats are with communism.
  8. Sadly, it won't happen in NJ and a bet I would not make. If it were Wisc, or PA etc then a totally different story. Too many on the take here and a governor who can't stop giving out the goodies.
  9. stratocaster

    Doe still carrying

    It's possible. Subtract about 200 days for the gestation period and you'll determine when she got bred. My guess is around the 1st week of Dec.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Out west, deer and pronghorn drink from cattle troughs that are fed from artesian wells but those wells are run by windmills so they are always putting fresh water in the trough. I'm sure over the thousands of years deer have been on earth, they have figured out how to get some H2O.
  11. I know all about the disease outbreaks in PA and they go back further than 2016, I said they "raise them without disease", and without roofs, I never claimed the disease didn't exist. If it shows up they deal with it. I fish there more than I fish in NJ since NJ has cancelled stocking of brown and brook trout. NJDFW allows stocking of "treated" trout by private disease free hatcheries in streams that have wild trout reproduction. Any known ramifications? I fish streams in PA that hold wild fish that are not stocked and streams that have wild fish and are stocked. Frankly, the fishing is far superior than any experience I have had in NJ. They have continued to stock both browns and brook trout despite the outbreak as you mentioned because they address and attack the problem instead of cancelling the program and losing millions of $$ through the loss of stamp and license sales. The state biologists I have spoken to regularly sample streams for many reasons but a few are to ascertain the health of the fishery as to #'s of fish/mile, growth rates and if they have visible disease symptoms especially tributaries to streams and rivers that have healthy populations of wild fish. One particular stream I fish often has such strong natural reproduction that they cancelled stocking in 2004. As to potential "ramifications for the environment" there is always a segment of people who claim the "sky is falling" or will "fall" if we do this or that , and that is in fact "spreading rumors and baseless opinions". The anti-hunting, anti-outdoorsmen leftist crowd has perfected fear mongering about "environmental catastrophe" etc... due to activities like hunting and fishing but I refuse to feed that beast. If you have no real proof or evidence that the outbreak at Pequest is related to or a consequence of PA's fall stocking and raptor migration, why would you make that statement?
  12. stratocaster


    That is the ultimate goal. Socialists like Murphy don't believe an individual should have the right to own and use firearms for ANY reason, including hunting. The mere sound of a firearm being shot is enough for his supporters to call the police on you. Once your guns get seized for any reason and your not a felon you will have to expend $$ to get them back and that is what he and the other democrats in Trenton want. A lot of people don't have the money to spend and will give them up even if they did nothing wrong. The radicals are here.
  13. stratocaster

    PA Teacher Shortage

    How much more do we have to pay than we're paying now? Come up with an amount based on sound reasoning and we will go to our private companies and demand they give us more and then hand over the increase to the teachers, police, municipal gov't. It's only money after all, my wife and two children will understand what happened to my raise and not question it. I thought it was about the children not the money.
  14. stratocaster


    Yes, they were trying to take them without a search warrant due to the new "turn in your guns" without due process laws Murphy signed. NJ is turning more socialist every day for the law abiding gun owner.
  15. I've heard that line about roofs so often its nauseating. The states surrounding us have no roofs over the raceways and have no issue raising brown and brook trout without disease, so that has been debunked. But that misconception will continue to be used by biologists to convince us it can't be done. Fishermen should call the Pennsylvania fish and boat commission and hear the truth for themselves. It's interesting that you mention the sources of funding. If it's not taxpayer money, then it's sportsmen money. Sources of gov't money always have a way of getting used for political purposes. Just like the $2.1 million of NJ taxpayer money Murphy decided to spend on illegal immigrants. It never ceases to amaze me how absolutely corrupt this state is at all levels when it comes to wise use of tax $$ and the legislators and appointees always cry for more money. It truly is astounding.