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  1. Giving away firewood is an easy trade-off for hunting access and a cheap way as well. Just give the owner the wood.
  2. That picture looks really off. The trunk of the tree in the background looks ENORMOUS. Has to be 10-12 feet wide from the perspective of the deer. Also, the rocks on the left and right are blurred.....
  3. I don't think anyone who owns firearms in today's society is under any illusions that the use of the NG especially by governors on their own citizens is possible,scary but possible, especially if a politician voices that option.
  4. Who exactly are the "people" among us who voted to elect Murphy and make us felons overnight? Interesting isn't it, that one day you are a lawful citizen and simply with the stroke of pen, one minute after midnight you are a felon. Were these the "educated voters" that the media speak of? The people that voted for Murphy (some of them are on this site) chose to nullify everyone else's constitutional rights because of Murphy's promises to take care of their "benefits" and "pensions". So, yes, we got stabbed in the back, while they got a pat on the back.
  5. With all due respect, I have gone in there and despite it bieng 2000 acres, it's not hunting. It's managing an out of control deer herd.
  6. So then this should be a crossbow only management hunt.
  7. The above is something deadonshot2 can't understand. But he is great at attacking people instead of attacking a real enemy like you did.
  8. Really? Nothing has been resolved? So aside from the tariffs remaining on some products, from your reading of the 96 pages there is not one point, or one issue that has been resolved. My objective reading of the deal, especially regarding products and services in Annex 6.1 seem to suggest otherwise especially the purchase of US manufactured products and agricultural products.
  9. Did anyone see that two major overhauls initiated by the POTUS were agreed and signed yesterday? The MSM is not covering it all which means it is a great outcome for America. It is not easy reading but the deals are very substantive and transformative.
  10. He is a socialist as are the people on his staff and Warrens staff as well. Socialists can't exist without destruction that they initiate.
  11. It was a forced marriage because of a weak board of directors. Cabelas had enough sales and profit to stand alone, but Elliot Management had a big stake and forced them to merge.
  12. This is the furthest idea from hunting I can imagine. It is not hunting in any way.
  13. Wishful thinking. Remember, they need a constituency that can't support themselves to keep liberals in power. A perpetual underclass of illegal aliens is music to their ears, except they don't call them illegal, they are migrants.
  14. Kansas is an outdoorsmans paradise.
  15. Yes. so would I since I live 2 miles from him. As far as I know only the caretakers and his employees hunt there. He really likes his privacy which is why he lives there, away from everyone.
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