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  1. Where does he get his stats from? 9 out 10 voted for Hillary? It just proves he can't stop lying. He can't even understand his own writing and doesn't proofread what he posts. To state that illegal immigrants love this country more than the men on here, including the men on here who went to war for this nation and then say the POTUS should face a firing squad? You can't make this stuff up, it's just full blown derangement on display.
  2. So true. And to add, the way they divert and try to link disparate things together shows how inconsistent their thinking is.
  3. Yes, it's always easy to find someone or some publication somewhere that supports your view. But real logical thinking works in exactly the opposite way but that isn't your style. And we know why Biden may end up in the White House and it isn't because he's smart. Sooo, now you (and I'm sure the other liberal jurists on here)are the arbiter(s) of who is innocent and who is guilty. All done by the way without ever being charged and convicted of any crime, but we know he 's guilty and Mueller said he couldn't exonerate the POTUS of a crime that he found no evidence of. Got that???? An
  4. And the hits just keep on coming. It must really irk the left wing nuts on here that this came out.
  5. You are just nailing him to the wall. See how quickly arguments from non-thinkers fall apart when you hit them with real logic.
  6. See how he diverts to something having nothing to do with the topic???? Typical tactic.
  7. Good call Bojaffa. The leftist members on here have been spewing for the last 4 years regarding so many unproven accusations they said were proven about the POTUS. Remember the conspiracy delusion with Russia as their biggest fail? But, the 1A protects them and their right to spew.
  8. No surprise there. There will be more "discoveries" about which people donated to certain people's campaigns.
  9. He's so smart and knowledgeable but they forgot to ask him to serve in a cabinet position. I guess the really smart ones sometime slip through the cracks, too bad. Imagine all the knowledge we could have gained from his incredible experience. Oh well.
  10. He will be if/when he get inaugurated the least intelligent person to ever occupy the position. Four decades as a politician with "zero" accomplishments of any significance. No accomplishments in the private sector, not a single noteworthy article ever written by him that would show us his unfathomable mind. So much for the democrats claim that we need intelligence in the Oval office. The media isn't even hiding his lack of intelligence as they divert to other items. Biden even claims his son is smarter than he is and his son is a complete fool.
  11. Isn't it funny how the idiots say 'prove your shit or go away' but Mueller couldn't prove squat on conspiracy or collusion yet deadonshot would not go away but kept the mental and verbal sewage flowing. And when that investigation was "lost" with no impeachment they dreamed up something else.
  12. Destroying an invasive animal that is doing so much damage should be done in any way that eliminates them permanently.
  13. Just a shame my permits are not done yet. I would buy both, 30 days apart of course.
  14. I think he used his extraordinary intelligence and got the hell out of NJ. Hope you're well Haskell and Merry Christmas. We miss you.
  15. Hunting yes. What are we drankin? Got to be smooth like a good sipping whiskey.
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