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  1. I would rather be water boarded than touch that.
  2. What type of dog was attacked by the bear?
  3. I would not give this over-taxed, over-regulated state one penny.
  4. Totally on board with you. Pro-sports exist because of disposable income which is the by-product of capitalism as it exists in the USA. You get it Yury, but the IQ challenged athletes think they are actually doing something productive. People really don't get it. It is incredibly interesting though, spectator sports allow an escape from everyday existence in the US and a few other countries that have soccer as their sport. But I will get over it if it does not come back.
  5. So, your logic is that hunters are making the conscious effort to buy a license and come to NJ because they have limited public land in their state and no other reason. I just don't find the logic credible.
  6. She truly is a blithering idiot. She's not even hiding her advocacy anymore, a truly biased reporter.
  7. Well, there are a couple of ways to look at it. The total land mass may be = RI but it is spread out over the entire state with some parcels being very small. Generally, as a state we are not known as a destination state for hunting or fishing, unlike our neighbor PA. A lot of guys on here may disagree because they haven't hunted other states or may have had a bad experience. I'm talking in general terms as to what the average hunter or fisherman has available. I have lived here my whole life and hunted and fished for just about every animal and fish and luckily experienced other state
  8. Not to be critical, but DC is not a state.
  9. You should reach out to Shawn Golden, the Monmouth County Sheriff. I'm sure he'd be glad to show up and say a few words of encouragement.
  10. Awesome. Maybe Murphy will show up like he did for BLM. Nah, he doesn't have the stones.
  11. You are spot on. Numbers are not what make it good, but the chance to hook a real good fish on a fly is there. I went up to the Main stem for the 1st time more than 3 decades ago and met the guide I referenced who has since passed. I was ready to catch lots of fish, I had 5 boxes full of every imitation of every insect on the big D, he smiled and said "son, this isn't the Madison river, you sure are ready but you won't catch a lot of fish here", he then proceeded to explain over a six pack what I could expect and where to go. I was so glad he was so honest. He went through all my
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