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  1. stratocaster

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    Agreed x 1000 JHB. What irks me is why some have arrived at the conclusion that this behavior is normal, accepted, what have you. We call it private property for a reason and have a right to exclude anyone we want from entering. Period, end of story. You don't have to like it but that is the law. You don't have a right to trespass on land you don't own or have a right to be on. If we condone this behavior then we get what we deserve.
  2. stratocaster

    Big Buck Down - Whitetail

    I thought maybe, just maybe it might be Jersey. But the vast expanse of the fields and the giant rolls of hay in the 2nd pic told me it's definitely not Jersey. Those fields are big enough to land a 747 and take off without stopping. An awesome buck. Congrats.
  3. I love the "i'm a 2A Republican" part. As if that gives him some kind of automatic respect "in kind", with the assumption that he won't eat the meat and he's some how "deranged" for harvesting this particular deer. Anti-hunter in disguise.
  4. stratocaster

    Pheasants in Iowa

    You'll never see that kind of wild pheasant hunting in the Northeast. I love Iowa, a true paradise for sportsmen.
  5. stratocaster

    OPPOSE SCR-134/ACR85

    Ironically, there are people on this site who support this bill because of their affiliation with groups connected to organizations like the Sierra Club that wholly support this legislation. This part should scare the hell out of very taxpayer>>>>>>>"This constitutional amendment seeks to broaden the types of lawsuits that citizens may 10 bring against the State (and any of its political subdivisions when 11 they are acting) in order to enforce environmental values." It would be a huge windfall for attorneys. OPPOSE THIS BILL!!!!
  6. stratocaster

    Bill proposed by Sen. Booker

    I just can't understand why any middle class working person with morals and dreams for their family in this state alone could ever pull the lever for this moron. He has no evidence to support the statement that "this is no longer the best country in the world to be born into if your poor and want to aspire for some type of wealth". He just throws it out there and doesn't name any other country and the clueless reporter just lets him talk without challenging him. It's because of Booker and people like him and the policies they push that NJ and other states are no longer places you can raise a family and break out of the poverty cycle, he should be pointing his finger at himself.
  7. stratocaster

    Illinois private land bowhunt UPDATE

    Congrats on great buck. That would be a buck of a life time for most hunters.
  8. stratocaster

    owner and mods

    Now that is a talent I would kill for.
  9. stratocaster

    Wish me luck...I’m gonna need it...

    Like any other habit or vice, have a plan to combat the withdrawal symptoms, which will creep in. Your lungs will start to heal the moment you stop smoking. Good luck.
  10. stratocaster

    My turkeys fall diet

    I didn't know anything would eat a stink bug. They need to eat millions of those stinky creatures>
  11. stratocaster

    Fake bear?

    Fake news.
  12. stratocaster

    His days are numbered...

    I was hoping you were referring to the political career of senator Menendez....................but harvesting a quality buck is just as good.
  13. stratocaster

    Democrats/Anti-Hunters At It Again

    I'm glad someone posted this. I saw this on a Wisconsin hunting site and thought it was a joke, but it wasn't. Can you imagine how pixxed off the ND hunters must be? This is a desperation move by Heitkamp and she has no idea of the back lash she is going to get. I hope this attempted scare tactic spreads like wildfire all over the mid-west and they clean house of every demo-commie in site. VOTE HUGIN! WE NEED A MARINE IN THE SENATE!
  14. stratocaster

    Lodi Buck

    Exactly. Poaching is not hunting.
  15. stratocaster

    Lodi Buck

    Real nice buck. But let me guess, no way to hunt him. Correct?