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  1. The major difference between PA and NJ and other hunting states, is that in PA small game hunting is engaged in by literally hundreds of thousands of hunters. There is also a lot of support at the state gov't level for hunting in general and in carrying on traditions like hunting and money is provided for it. NJ is a whole different animal as we have a state gov't that is literally anti-sportsman and anti-gun and definitely does not believe in the traditions of hunting being passed on to children especially when firearms are part of that tradition. So I think you are beating multiple dead horses but that is MO.
  2. Now that we have access to satellite technology you should use it. Pinpoint where you shot via google earth and where you found the arrow and get your bearing of True north and magnetic north. A print out will help you even more if you take it with you on your search. Start to mark the spots where you find blood on the map. We know it may not end the way you intend but you know you have to give it your best effort to recover it if you can. Good luck.
  3. You are a sumbeech for taking time from my life.
  4. I think you are partially correct. Another main reason of the loss of hunters is that hunting has become frowned upon, especially in the schools and that is where kids develop passions/pursuits. Kids can't even admit they go hunting without enduring some vegan nut job attacking them. Just for proof look at the protests that start when a town wants to implement a hunt to control deer numbers, the anti's come out in force and overwhelm weak politicians. Since hunting involves firearms, it becomes even more problematic for a kid to say their parent takes them hunting with firearms and they don't want to admit to doing something that other kids parents look down upon. Add in the loss of hunting land to large clubs and the high expense and the loss of land altogether, it's a recipe for shrinking numbers. At least the south and midwest and some northern states still have good numbers but the coasts have shrinking numbers.
  5. And this post right here >>>>Doesn't matter where it was shot, it was poached out of season.<<<<<< Just burns to ash every other "reason" "exclusive right" ill-logical comment on here. Boom.......
  6. That's the point, they both are mentally ill. But when we post or expose someone who does something like this and they happen to have a certain name, those people are brandished as stereotyping or having racist intent by the MSM. When a white person does something today, they are immediately a domestic terrorist or white nationalist. 9-11 was an act of terrorism committed by Islamic fundamentalists who were not mentally ill but what were we told by the MSM. Don't paint all of Islam with the same brush, Islam is a peaceful religion, this was an isolated act, etc... 9-11 has now become a "day of service" because of a certain POTUS. We can't even allow ourselves to mourn the day as the single largest event of mass murder in US history because it focuses on who did the crime, better to remember it as a day of service. I think not..........
  7. His idea is not gun control. IT IS GUN CONFISCATION. END OF STORY.
  8. The CEO caved in to pressure of boycotts and Everytown and other anti-gun groups.
  9. This state has truly gone off the rails when the governor and AG empower LEO's to take your legally owned firearms but dis-empower them to detain and remove illegal aliens. True insanity.
  10. The people who are in the private sector pay the taxes the state uses to fund their spending and entitlement programs to keep people voting for democrats. It is truly that sinister .
  11. Property can be replaced. Lives cannot. I hope the loss of life is minimal.
  12. Yes we all know where he went to school and what he did instead of doing what normal people in this country do, work and build something of value as opposed to living off the taxpayer. He was also an admitted cocaine user. I'll bet if you had evidence of Trump using cocaine, it would have been the 1st item in your post. Both of his parents were avowed socialists and his father was an admitted communist in addition to being a socialist so the environment around him was one that was built on disdain for the American way and what America actually stood for. So while I can respect him as an elected POTUS and as a man, I can't respect what he supported and how he vilified and attacked our system and anyone who aspired to lift themselves up and build a business and attain wealth, even extreme wealth and independence. I'll leave out any discussion on trade, illegal immigration, etc... You seem to have a real distaste for any one who wants to enrich himself by your statement "He spent his life in Public Service, not trying to enrich himself." Anyone who happens to enrich themselves cannot do it alone and without the assistance of hundreds or thousands of other people in addition to taking on risks, making sure employees get paid among a multitude of many other factors. So while Obama's gains are "well deserved", the gains of thousands of other people in this country are just as deserved and some of them have failed numerous times in their quest for success, a lot of people give up when they get knocked down and never get back up. Some are too scared to even try and blame their situation on other people and/or some conspiracy. Some are given millions and squander it all and have no drive, no vision, no ambition. The far majority of wealthy people in this country made it themselves from scratch, have nothing to be ashamed of, provide services and products and employment to millions of Americans and pay billions in fees and taxes that support our communities. So enrichment is not a zero sum game.
  13. We used to have browns like that in Round Valley and once upon a time Pequest used to stock Browns like that.
  14. Iceland is an amazing place. I went with my son and a few others to Landmannalaugar in 2016 and hiked almost 60 miles. We passed a lot of steams and lakes that had both trout and char in them. In Reykjavik I went to a fly fishing store and the owner told me the real prize fish are the sea run browns that are in the coastal rivers that can go to 30 lbs. Also, there a number of large lakes that have giant brown trout that respond very well to fly fishing.
  15. Not sure what "system" you are referring to that WE need to question. All the people and industries you mentioned all provide a service, even hedge funds, and most have employees of some sort or indirectly support employees in other businesses. My point was that the former POTUS found every reason and opportunity to attack and criticize people who sought the accumulation and the indulgence of wealth and now finds himself at the top of the pyramid he was so often pointing at and saying "those people up there have bad intentions and are greedy and we need to take their money and spread the wealth around". Well, he seems to have taken a big slab of the wealth and spread it on himself, so he's a hypocrite.
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