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    I enjoy hunting, fishing and shooting, preferably long range rifle shooting- yes punching paper.

    I work in clinical research and teach at a local university.

    I also coach youth football and enjoy doing independent research on physics and engineering topics, in my spare time I design electronic devices such as high end amplifiers and audio devices.

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  1. Yes, they do have striped bass. Hopefully I can get into some!
  2. Yea- I figured it would be slow, but hopefully we can at least get some catfish at night or something. Figured tubing will be fin, at least for the kids.
  3. Anyone have any experience fishing or boating on Lake Norman NC? We have a house on the lake for a vacation in a couple of weeks and I was planning on renting a boat for a couple days to do some tubing and lots of fishing. If anyone has any info at all, what to use, where to fish, what to watch out for while boating, please let me know. As always, thanks!
  4. A Marlin bolt action 22, must have shot 10K rounds from that gun, mostly at Cherry Ridge as a kid growing up.
  5. 1964 Remington Wingmaster, still have it.
  6. I have invisible fence and will just leave the dog outside. She is harmless but a barking rescue pit mix sure looks menacing. It works for salesmen and Jehova's, not so much the FedEx guy who gives her cookies!
  7. Great gun, I have one ant it shoots great. Congrats!
  8. Looking to put a bar in my basement, looked at a few pre made and they are a bit pricey and more importantly not what I really want. I am looking for a 5 seat unit in a corner with a Kegorator, no sink. Anyone build their own? If so any suggestions? have built many decks in my day and a 2 car garage, so shouldn't be an issue I have some ideas, would like to put pictures of the family on the top of the bar, in a somewhat random fashion and then seal it in with Spar Varnish or some other high strength acrylic. Thanks!
  9. Spot on. Went to the Cabela's in AC a few months ago, checked the website said store opened at 10AM, got there said a 2 hour delayed opening. Since I traveled 2 hours to get there I waited it out. Asked one of the associates why the delay, he said t due to lack of employees. Couldn't hire anyone and those who were there were already working 12 hour shifts.
  10. Did they say how many shots were fired in total?
  11. Looks delicious, definitely a great job especially on the first one!
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