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    I enjoy hunting, fishing and shooting, preferably long range rifle shooting- yes punching paper.

    I work in clinical research and teach at a local university.

    I also coach youth football and enjoy doing independent research on physics and engineering topics, in my spare time I design electronic devices such as high end amplifiers and audio devices.

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  1. Power back for us around 11PM last night.
  2. Our power came back on briefly yesterday afternoon then was promptly out again. It looks like once they energized a downed wire started a fire so they quickly shut everything down again. Finally got power back around 11PM. Just heard a thunder boomer and the lights flickered....
  3. Power out since around 2PM here in Western Monmouth County. Generator cranking!
  4. Lights flickered here in Millstone, still on for now. Hearing lots of outages around town.
  5. Looks great! Simple, healthy and delicious!
  6. Congrats and best of luck!
  7. OK I am getting one!
  8. Looks like a great day!
  9. That number may actually be a little low!
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