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    I enjoy hunting, fishing and shooting, preferably long range rifle shooting- yes punching paper.

    I work in clinical research and teach at a local university.

    I also coach youth football and enjoy doing independent research on physics and engineering topics, in my spare time I design electronic devices such as high end amplifiers and audio devices.

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  1. It all looks so good...unfortunately all my wife can make is reservations!
  2. I have a 40# mut that must have the world's fastest metabolism, she goes to the bathroom 3 times as much as my 120# CBR used to!
  3. Never tried smoking goose, I have done pheasant a few times, last batch I wrapped in bacon and it came out great. The recipe you have linked looks good, it's all in the brining!
  4. Stopped going there a while ago!
  5. Scratch another one off my list!
  6. Congrats and welcome to the addiction!
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