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    I work in clinical research and teach at a local university.

    I also coach youth football and enjoy doing independent research on physics and engineering topics, in my spare time I design electronic devices such as high end amplifiers and audio devices.

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  1. cantw82start

    Stranded In Jersey City

    The state and local government leaders completely dropped the ball here, absolutely no excuse. I am responsible for a 200 acre research campus and we knew the possibility of this being more than a "dusting" several days out. So we planned accordingly, we pre-treated the roads, had plows staged several hours before the storm started, had a crew of shovelers on site ahead of time. We were able to keep our roads and our major walkways clear through out the storm. Our employees had no problem traveling on our site, the problems arose when they left the site and encountered unplowed roads and 7-9 hour commutes home.
  2. cantw82start

    Son's Target Buck Down

  3. cantw82start

    Big Buck Down - Whitetail

  4. cantw82start

    New Member Introduction

    Welcome aboard!
  5. cantw82start

    OLD BUCK 12 Yard shot Rutting Buck

  6. cantw82start

    8 pointer down! Dad scores!

    Awesome- congrats to your dad.
  7. cantw82start

    Veterans Day Buck Down!!!

    Nice buck- congrats!
  8. cantw82start

    Deer VS. Car

    Wow- a couple of inches over and she wouldn't have made out too well!
  9. cantw82start

    Buck Down-Recovery Continuing post from last night

    Way to stay with it- congrats!
  10. cantw82start

    Got one before the rain!

  11. cantw82start

    My Son Ben's Muzzy Buck

  12. cantw82start

    Bob & AJ's Archery World - My daughter got it done!

  13. cantw82start

    Get out and vote today