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    I enjoy hunting, fishing and shooting, preferably long range rifle shooting- yes punching paper.

    I work in clinical research and teach at a local university.

    I also coach youth football and enjoy doing independent research on physics and engineering topics, in my spare time I design electronic devices such as high end amplifiers and audio devices.

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  1. cantw82start

    Afternoon Hunt with my sons friend!

    Congrats, nicely done!
  2. cantw82start

    Need a Prayer

    Prayers sent.
  3. cantw82start

    Picked up new jet boat today

    Very nice- good luck!
  4. cantw82start

    Welcome to NJ Woods & Water, Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome aboard JRhunt!
  5. cantw82start

    flood fish pic

    Nice! I work with a guy from Serbia and he eats carp, says it's his favorite fish.
  6. cantw82start

    Good day fishing

    Nice fishing!
  7. cantw82start


    Great pics!
  8. cantw82start

    Illinois school shooting

    Doesn't fit their agenda...
  9. cantw82start

    Pot of Gold

    Great pic!
  10. cantw82start

    Pawn shop in Myrtle Beach sells AR15s!

    Love it!
  11. cantw82start

    Fun home project...

    Nice work!
  12. cantw82start

    Very nice jersey brown trout

    Very nice!
  13. cantw82start

    Prayers for Paramus

    This is what I just read as well, but nothing has been confirmed.
  14. cantw82start

    Got # 3

    Nicely done.
  15. cantw82start

    She's here