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Week up north

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Just settled in with the boy.. His first trip up here to Vermont with me. Long day setting tomorrow and four days of checks before I drop him off and come back for a few more days. He's excited to see these mountains and the critters we catch. I'll bore u fellas with a few pics when I get a chance.

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He did ok today hangin in there.. Not a lot of gear out but enough to get a bit of fur to start us off. Set on some heavy coyote sign this morning and the warden had asked to tag along with a high school student ride along who is considering CO as a profession. Cool to help out with a demo.


We hit some big water and got some beaver gear in.. Set a few feed slides and a natural mound. Good times and we'll lengthen the line a bunch tomorrow.





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Long one today for sure.. Nothing in our coyote sets but that was expected for first night land sets for me.. Water was ok... Think a couple houses were hit already but we got a couple beavs and a rat in a pocket set.. Ironically the smaller beaver was caught in a 1 1/2 cool set on a drowner at another pocket..



We got another 4 houses set today with a few more pockets for mink and rats.. Beaver flooded out another coyote spot unfortunately. We were headed back to the barn but he decided he hadn't had enough just yet so we rushed to a spot I've trapped each of the last two years and soaked two more 330s in the headwater. We were taking in the view when our quarry decided to do a swim by, lol. Nice show and a memory I doubt he'll forget any time soon.




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