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  1. runum n gunum

    NJW&W Christmas get together at Pub 199

    Brian did Tony reach out to you about what room you wanted I was there the other night she said she was going to call you, Remember Im out I have a friday night weeding to attend Enjoy all have fun Merry Christmas
  2. runum n gunum

    NJW&W Christmas get together at Pub 199

    Ok Brian all set up for the Dec 15th 6-30 pm Tony has all your information. And I forgot untill my wife reminded me I have a friday night wedding to attend that night
  3. runum n gunum

    NJW&W Christmas get together at Pub 199

    Cory, please do and put it under my name. Confirm 35 for Friday, December 15th at 6:30 pm. We usually take over the Fish Room, but last year they had us with the owner's family party in the big room. Both have monstrous fireplaces, so no worries there. Will do Brian I'll post back later Please add me to the list
  4. runum n gunum

    NJW&W Christmas get together at Pub 199

    You can count me in. Brian I will be up there this afternoon I will run it by Tony the manager the date and rough head count if you didn't already
  5. runum n gunum

    RUFF week ahead

    Sorry to hear Dan
  6. runum n gunum

    Big buck down

    Congrats Nice animal
  7. runum n gunum

    Old wide 6 Point down

  8. runum n gunum

    11-4!buck tag filled

    Great Buck Congrats
  9. runum n gunum

    Tagged out

  10. runum n gunum

    Back from Montana...Elk/Deer

    Thanks for sharing Congrats on the animals awesome trip
  11. runum n gunum

    My Friend's Friend's Archery Buck

    Hell of a Buck
  12. runum n gunum

    Mischief Night Buck Down

  13. runum n gunum

    Zone 14 Public Land Halloween Buck Down

    Congrats on your first bow buck
  14. runum n gunum

    Halloween buck down

  15. runum n gunum

    Permit Bow Tag Filled

    Congrats Great Buck