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  1. bt bowhunter

    Gas Prices

    Eastern shore...
  2. bt bowhunter

    Gas Prices

    Where I had 1.49 a few days ago went to 1.39 today after work here on the eastern shore.
  3. bt bowhunter

    Gas Prices

    Hit 1.49 a gallon for regular unleaded here a few days on the shore. 1.89 is pretty easy to find last few days.
  4. For our first year on the eastern shore since moving, my boy did great getting his first Maryland buck in late archery after the rifle season
  5. Move beyond the garden. I didn’t do one here after our move but still enjoyed some great foraging here on the eastern shore. started with some chicken of the woods over the summer, foraged a bunch of beautiful pecans from a couple trees, enough for a pecan pie, pecan cookies and danish and enough for more. Today I picked off a great winter oyster flush. So tomorrow night is venison steak with onion mushroom sauté ... great eats on the shore!
  6. They generally frown upon the harvesting of endangered species.....though the merits of “endangered” are questionable at best.
  7. You are 100% correct. Western shore politics control the state. But the eastern shore is a different animal and I live it there. Working for the sheriffs office down there I deal with both shores and it’s totally different. Baltimore and Annapolis will always control the politics but eastern shore life is a totally different animal.
  8. 2 antlered statewide for all seasons combined. Region B which is the eastern shore, you can get a tag for another antlered bonus deer for one of the seasons. That’s it. and honestly of the guys I have gotten to know down here, not one has tried for the bonus deer. One guy I know shot and lost the antlered deer he was targeting. He refused to go for any other antlered on his farm, and it’s a big piece. Just a different mindset here.
  9. Eastern shore of Maryland. Paradise compared to Jersey. Love it here. Moved in July.
  10. Was kinda crazy afternoon. After chasing a couple studs over youth weekend , he connected today during a late archery segment. He had a half day today in the new school and I got him in his ground blind early afternoon and I headed to the other side of the farm setting traps. I walked up this edge of green briar and saw him inside the green briar. We made eye contact and he froze. I kept walking. He didn’t blow out so I called the boy and had him walk out to where I could pick him up. We hoofed it back to that edge and He stalked down the first row inside the cornfield and he saw the buck only 10 yards into the briar maybe twenty yards from where I saw him. He squeezed the bolt through about a 4 “ hole and the buck got all tangled up in the briar. He was so tangled he only made it maybe 15 yards. We saw him go down. Just a giant bodied deer. Dwarfs a big doe I shot 2 nights ago. Can only imagine what he would have weighed in October.
  11. Out this afternoon on the eastern shore for youth weekend. Set up inside the woods last night with the wind and saw a few young ones only to leave the blind and find 8 does with a no doubter in the picked corn field. Back at it this evening.
  12. Taking my son for his first Maryland eastern shore youth weekend. Windy as hell here.
  13. Second night in a row. Two bigs hounding a group of baldies further south off 113 in Newark just now. I think you’ll be good this week tarhunt.
  14. Yesterday was the first day I saw pushing down here. Left work at 430 and saw a big deer pushing does just south of Berlin on 113 tarhunt. I hadn’t seen much off the summer pattern til this week. Quite a few showing up hit this week on 113.
  15. The chiggers are pretty bad. I was out on EA Vaughn down here last week and got a few even with repellent.
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