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  1. A couple weeks into rats. Thoroughly enjoying rats here on the shore. Good luck on yours trapaholic
  2. Lol I never got one in pa. Plenty of cats but no fisher . My fisher trapping was in Vermont...and I ain’t giving those away!
  3. Pm any questions you have. Not sure what you’re looking for info on
  4. I made it out last year. Found the eastern shore of Md five years ago and knew where we were moving to ahead of retirement. You couldn’t pay me enough to move back. I work part time here for the sheriffs office. The hunting, fishing and shellfishing is phenomenal. Realistic cost of living and good people. The views ain’t bad either
  5. Congrats. Hunting down here is a thrill for sure. You see some goofy antler development.
  6. My “best” missed shot was just a couple weeks ago on the deer I harvested here on the shore. I “missed” my shot by probably 2” on the hard quartering away left side and clipped the outside of the hip on its way into the cavity. Still had enough energy to penetrate all the way to barely break the diaphragm but that miss caused a 5 1/2 hour tracking job over almost 1/3 of a mile. Mixed emotions for sure, harvesting a great deer but I knew I was 2” to the right of what I would remember as absolute epic harvest. and there are a couple clean misses I don’t care to recall lol
  7. Congrats! Zone 8 by chance? a relative up in Jersey had one similar on camera recently. He was around her place for a week or two.
  8. Congrats. Eastern or western shore?
  9. Down here on the E shore, the farm tracts are huge. With not a lot of people. Bow hunting here, a deer catches scent a couple hundred yards out...and he’s gone in a crazy hurry. They won’t linger around like they did in Nj. same where I trapped in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Very rarely did you even see those mountains deer. One sound, one whiff they didn’t like and they were not just gone, they were out of the county. deer here or up there just didn’t tolerate human intrusion... because they don’t HAVE to. Lots of country to flee to. Up there (Nj) they trot to the next
  10. I’m on the east side right on chincoteague bay near the Va line. It’s beautiful
  11. Yessir. Eastern Shore of Md. moved here last year
  12. It’s open kype. Just too early for me yet here. I’ll start on fox here in another couple weeks and do more water trapping then I used to there come January. There’s a lot of saltwater rats here and lots of otter.
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