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Just took a ride and some pics...


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55 minutes ago, ithaca10 said:

My uncle steve who is late 80's shot one of the two white ringnecks that the state stocked up in the pines across from the trap field. The state awarded him $100.

That is so cool to have had a family member with that type of history pheasant hunting there. Great info! Thanks for sharing ithaca :up:

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19 minutes ago, KBfishing said:

Which is the correct spelling? Walpack or Wallpack? 

Funny you noticed that....When it was established in the 1700's it was spelled "Wallpack"....

I have known it only as Walpack, maybe someone on here would know when it officially was changed...I can also ask the postmaster in Augusta (who also was the postmaster in Walpack before it closed) who said she is part of the Walpack Historical Society...


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Nice trip down memory lane Lou, it's great when a person is able to do that in this state were so much has changed, been developled, "improved".  My first excursions into that area were pre-Tocks Island in the early 60s, we used to camp on Old Mine Road close to the copper mine.  I still have some Indian artifacts that we used to search for in the nearby fields.Then in the 70s my brother and I were lucky to be involved in some of the first turkey surveys with Bob Erikson, (might have been 1980 now that I think about it). Very few places of my youth haven't changed drastically.

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