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  1. I would reach out to some of the outfitters in NJ they normally have things up for sale.
  2. Why people shoot at the same spot is beyond me. I can shoot 13 yds in my basement but never at the same spot. Just to practice on my release.
  3. Never a problem with the three guys at the Union Store all are hunters. Maybe the machine but they have no control over that.
  4. Totally agree being a newbie. Read the digest you should beware of what ur buying.
  5. ithaca10


    I view both on a regular basis.
  6. Springfield past an ordnance no bambo [planting allowed.
  7. What do you mean by the sled has to be taken off?
  8. Bought both from them for my crossbow and compound.
  9. Thanks for the pics was wondering how it came off. Need to purchase a crank for my sniper 370
  10. Awesome price paid $299 for my sniper 370 cpl years ago.
  11. And make sure you have your license with you.
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