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  1. ithaca10

    Tested Today

    George if you need anything you have my # Get well.
  2. The bashing will begin. Let's read how many people are not going to go to Tractor Supply.
  3. ithaca10

    What Killed NJH?

    I'm still looking at it. I think the same thing is happening here the same guys posting up just alot of BS. It's like 30% is about hunting and fishing and the rest is where can i get a good price on tires. Or a need a painter etc.
  4. so dumb catch and release. Probably 50% of the gut hooked fish will die. Just let them keep their limit.
  5. Well tell that to the second person that was pulled over on rt287. It's being done in random.
  6. My wife gave her short staff letters authorizing them to come to work. One was pulled over in Warren showed the letter to State Police. No problem. If you have to go to work your employer should give you the same.
  7. True thats why i called his office.
  8. Bring in the National Guard and quarantine Lakewood and stop all the assholes coming from NYC to NJ.
  9. None of the rivers or streams in our areas were stocked as of yet.
  10. All streams and rivers should have been closed until 4/11 even though they were stocked earlier.
  11. If that clown from Ocean County and Murphy get their way all contests will be banned.
  12. ithaca10

    Property tax cuts?

    How about someone tell me where all the profits from the casinos, lottery and off track betting is going. And why do school teachers get reimbursed for the monies that is taken out of their SS to pay for their Medicare. I don't get reimbursed.
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