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  1. My son Mallard 1100 planning on doing those on his ranch home.
  2. I'm retired call me 908.337.5635 Any day but Wed.
  3. Cabela's angler felt sole with tungsten studs wading boots size 10D closer to very good condition. Too small for me now. Pick up in Springfield Union County NJ
  4. He will swap for 6' blades if you have a set.
  5. Winter stocking is not just for fishing the hardwater many county ponds /lakes even thou they are stocked winter stocking there isn't anyone permitted on the ice be fishing/ ice skating etc.
  6. We fish raritan bay never out front what's the size limit for NY? I believe it's 19" you go across the imaginery line in Raritan Bay to the NY side u can't keep anything under 19". Correct me if im wrong.
  7. I did never returned call.
  8. I called and left a message yesterday never returned call.
  9. I hate to be negative nancy but who would enforce a hook size of 5/0 just like using circle hooks for striped bass. Ive only seen a CO at the Keyport Town Marina one time when we were duck hunting over five years ago. It's going to be as far as i'm concerned strictly on the honor system. And i believe that pertains to all of us from the recreational, charter and head boats.
  10. Have four nice bucks 3 8pt and 1 10pt i have their core area located never been shed hunting before haven't seen them in the last four days. Should i be looking now for sheds or wait until the snow melts? Newbie here. These are backyard bucks no hunting allowed.
  11. Whats the size limit for IBSP? After seeing the the slot limit u posted i agree with that. But whats the mortality rate for fish under 17" We caught many of those last year and before.
  12. It all depends on the slot limit size. Fluke too me are table fair are not a gamefish like blues or bass. I would prefer to catch bluefish on topwater on light tackle. I can't see the difference as far as breeders are concerned between a 17" fluke or 18". The mortality rate i guess you can say that about any fish including freshwater.
  13. Took the survey open at the earliest date and close it on the later date. Don't agree with slot limit.
  14. Haven't fished it for some years but yes there is a ramp and i believe electric motors only. I would double check me and look at the digest. Little Swartswood holds some nice fish also.
  15. LMB, walleyes, pickeral, trout all sorts of panfish.
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