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  1. ithaca10

    Hunting club NJ

  2. Not on your life Sawmill Creek in a kayak tides and current horrific.
  3. ithaca10

    Missing Pension Time

    My mother in law town employee had had BC/BS insurance now starting jan1 they have aetna. What a joke. Be prepared if you get discharged and have to go for rehab
  4. ithaca10


    They don't start moving until 11 am too cold.
  5. Don't waste your time throw that lawn dart in the trash.
  6. About $60 just recently bought 3 bags of corn from Dicks for $10. Apples i pick off the trees in town.
  7. ithaca10

    Baiting VS Non Baiting

    all for baiting.
  8. And that % is based on what? License sales.
  9. I'm a 73 year old Vietnam veteran that has been hunting and fishing for 63 years. And purchase product from Dicks which is only one mile from my home. And it's not BS about voting yes only 35% of registered voters in NJ voted that's a joke.
  10. Dicks didn't try to stop the bear hunt, Dicks didn't pass these stupid gun laws, Dick's didn't say when i get into office i'm going to raise your taxes etc. etc. Like i said 35% of registered voters came out to vote where was everyone else. And you can't tell me every sportsman came out to vote. Just saying. Have a nice holiday.
  11. If just 75% of hunters and fisherman voted this guy would not be in office. I'll bet 50% of the people on this site and other NJ sites didn't vote. The numbers prove it.
  12. Should have thought about all this shit when you all sat on your asses and didn't go out and vote. Only 35% of registered voters voted for governor and what % were sportsman. You all shot yourselves in the foot Dicks didn't do it for you.
  13. Why go on line buy from your mom and pop store.
  14. I shop at Dicks all the time only game in town or area.
  15. ithaca10

    Merry Christmas To You All

    Kill anything yesterday