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  1. Mine didn't fit had to put a pair of suspenders on them they were a 32" waist now im a 40"
  2. How about his woodchuck contest. Used to shoot in his hunters league. No it wasn't Reed Tackle it was another name rt46 going west. Bought goose floaters there $3 each still have and use them.
  3. Maybe chris will have no idea how to do it.
  4. Well the story goes the Grand Slam is complete. At age 74 took my first deer with a York Stick Bow that i found in a gas station in Fairfield was living in Kearny at the time. Unfortunately can't remember when. Second was taken with a Bear Recurve Takedown purchased from Butts n Bows in Belleville. Third was taken with a funky compound shaped like the letter K also purchased from Butts n Bows. And now on 10/19 the story plays out the day before my son Mallard1100 spots a monster buck standing along the hedgerow in a bean field. So i head to my usual spot he heads towards his. At 5:15 he
  5. Nice! Looks like the twin of six i shot last week.
  6. Out in a ground blind in zone 10. Not raining should have some movement before all this rain starts.
  7. Remington $10 to 12 box of 50 rounds. Just bought a bucket of 500 rounds at Dick's.
  8. Plan on hunting zone 10 and 8. Will be targeting bucks only. Do i have to purchase a doe permit and buck permit for both zones or just a buck permit for both zones. Tagged out for fall bow will have to share my story at a later date.
  9. We hunted that river and dikes in a 16ft tin boat with a 25hp motor which was needed at times. The current and the mud is a bitch. The Kearny Meadows which i hunted 55 years ago those ponds behind the gunnel oval were awesome. We built a floating blind on one of them. My dad worked with a gun shop on Davis Ave to try to open a trap range there but the town wouldn't allow it.
  10. Chicago Portable Winch/12V Model 43331 New in box. Purchased at Harbor Freight $69 pus tax selling for $50. Located in Springfield Union County 908.337.5635 cell
  11. Go up to the flatbrook or the fields just past the Layton General Store if its still open. Those fields are like a private club. slow and stop if your hunting by yourself. Guaranteed a bird or two. After that hit the swamp. Ive hunted it over 60 years just be mindful of your surroundings. Same thing with Clinton hit the swamp after the boys go through.
  12. Can't drive because of neuropathy, my wife drove me sat for a bit while she shopped.
  13. Well it was the first sit of the year was only two and half hours. Bumped one deer going in. But it's just great to be out in the woods.
  14. This man Murphy has to be voted out of office. Next will be no deer hunting etc.
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