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  1. Where are u located central nj is quite large. How about a town?
  2. I'm out in 8 looking for that big 8 point
  3. Out in Bedminister this am big eight but wouldn't come in for a shot.
  4. Time to leave landscapers just came in to clear trails for the horseback riders.
  5. How much for a stamp? $40 bucks shit i spend alot more than that to fish for fluke and get shit.
  6. Now time to boycott Walmart.
  7. do the ranges at these two locations have muzzleloader only ranges. Friend told me that they would be closing down on the 9th of Sept for repairs. Or are these the same ranges that are used for shotguns shooting slugs and 22 rifles.
  8. Im in. I recently won the spot targets if im lucky to be the winner of this. I would like it to go to a youth hunter
  9. I live in apt. mine is 75"high new GE don't have the model #
  10. This is a great offer. I will walk over to Dick's and send you a pic of the price. Have no interest in going to Africa. But that's a great deal.
  11. I rectified the typo does that make you happy.
  12. McKenzie Delta Cross bow target normally $49.99 now $19.98 after mail in rebate. Plus a few other items buy one get one free. Just left the store in Union.
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