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  1. Got them yesterday from Amazon they are great best twenty something dollars i've ever spent. Looking forward to wearing them on those cold winter days.
  2. Two weeks ago i called the state i was told up to and including .30cal This came from a gentleman at the Clinton Regional Office.
  3. Nice offer from a Vietnam Veteran.
  4. I already posted that a week ago after i spoke with the NJDFG
  5. Yes i know was wondering how it was today
  6. Wondering if anyone went down? And how was the turnout?
  7. Hey i don't care a have a beer now and than ban the booze. I just can't see you ban something that's a health risk and you make something that is just a harmful legal.
  8. Vaping is not safe causes various lung diseaes. And it's being banned. But yet they want to legalize marijuana that causes the same including cancer. Medical yes recreational no.
  9. ithaca10

    Dream gun

    I'm 73 and have my dad's Remington 1100 12gauge best gun IMO ever made.
  10. I'm retired also. But because of disability from the military unable to drive down need someone to take me.
  11. Find an open bench is absolutely true. Will be packed on weekends go during the week if you can. It's going to be first come first served is what i've been told.
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