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  1. Different guns different slugs try a few.
  2. the stars were in alignment three bucks this year. WTG! Son
  3. nice! Have hunted those fields for sixty years. Its like a private club.
  4. Woodies still around, you can expect mallards blacks gadwalls your hunting the wrong spots.
  5. Nice fields at Walpack and Flatbrook have you ever hunted them. Down the road from the Layton General Store.
  6. Wow! Wow! Awesome. Some very nice bucks in NJ.
  7. ithaca10

    VA Success

    Pic looks like big bodied buck
  8. I guess you don't need the apples now.
  9. Can't your uncle or the other person hook you up with other people looking to cull their herd. If not your other choice is to go door to door.
  10. I use a Haydel Pintail call. But sparingly
  11. Fish and Game kept it a good secret for veterans and active duty didn't see anything about it until last wed.
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