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  1. Don't you need a permit from the town for that ramp.
  2. A couple of nice bucks by the Rahway River Park in Springfield have to do a search
  3. Found this guy on facebook team high hook bought some teasers looking good but really want to try his jigs.
  4. Anything new or the same as previous years.
  5. My uncle steve who is late 80's shot one of the two white ringnecks that the state stocked up in the pines across from the trap field. The state awarded him $100.
  6. Your Governor made me get a FID card so i can buy ammo at Dick's.
  7. their store in Union is making money it will not be one of the 125 closing down their lodge dept.
  8. Did a quick stop in Dicks today. Ammo flying off the shelf can't keep enough in stock RTSP one mile down the road. They sold two guns on monday, one tuesday and two today. I guess i'm not the only one shopping at Dick's. Picked up four jars of Berkley Power Bait for $10. That's $2.50 jar. Go to any other store you'll be paying $5 jar.
  9. You guys can't make up your minds you bad mouth Dicks than you bad mouth your mom and pop stores.
  10. The store is only 3/4 mile away not five. You think Dicks is bad the Governor that you voted for or that you didn't get off your ass to vote is now sticking it up your ass.
  11. Won't happen Greek. Gov. Murphy won't let it happen.
  12. ithaca10

    Prostate Exam

    Hey all he does is stick his finger up your ass just like Gov. Murphy is now doing to us.
  13. 72 years old and now i went an applied for a FID card. Applied for a pistol purchase permit also before things get really out of hand. And i didn't vote for this guy. Damn towns are fighting beach access what are we the only state that charges to get on the beach. Been to Florida, California, North & South Carolina, Massuchetts misspelled never spent a dime to get on their beaches. Went to RTSP to shoot in Union guy says i need a FID card to shoot solo but if a come with another person that doesn't have a FID card i can shoot. What a joke. This is getting out of hand.
  14. Don't forget your write off on state taxes $3000 plus other benefits.
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