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  1. I've been fishing that stretch of river for 60 years never knew it was privately owned.
  2. Probably the most under utilized river in the state. Variety of fish.
  3. This just plays into the hands of the anti hunters. The sportsman are only 85 k strong and probably only 35% voted the activists against hunting are how many?
  4. Make sure it's for the right model i ordered one and the part that attaches to the string does not come under the scope mount base into the cocking position. I have a Centerpoint 370.
  5. what do the manufactures have to say about unstringing? I think i would go with they have to say. I have a less expensive Centerpoint 370 and nothing says anything about unstringing.
  6. Saw this sight on TV last night anyone join and purchase from them.
  7. Do you really think that when the father and mother give the kid a 1k cell phone and a debt card to go and buy a $12 latte at Star Bucks. They are not being deprived. I delivered the Newark News at age ten, shined shoes in all the gin mills in Harrison and East Newark. At age 18 got drafted and was payed $70 a month and still sent money home for my parents to buy coal. Now at age 75 i get a fishing license for free spend $30 plus dollars for archery and hunting license. I spend more on gas going to and fro from my hunting and fishing spots.
  8. I shoot 15 yds in my basement with a block as the target 5 arrows a day working on my release. No broadheads. Butts and Bows in Belleville belong to their hunters club.
  9. Vietnam Vets never reveal their location. LOL
  10. You forgot to mention the Zwicki broadheads.
  11. ithaca10


    Hey the door swings both ways. Hey your the first one to bash someone for shopping there was just waiting for your reply.
  12. ithaca10


    Wow! No one bashing the guy that he purchased from Dick's.
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