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  1. Doe with three fawns yesterday in Mountainside.
  2. Gulp, killies, squid and spearing
  3. Nice fish! Not big on fishing at night.
  4. The only charity i donate to is St. Judes Hospital for Children.
  5. If you go to Clinton go during the week if you can otherwise be prepared to wait.
  6. Walk 100 yds either upstream or down from the trout stocking signs like he said and you have the place to yourself.
  7. He is also not dealing with a full deck and the elevator doen't go all the way to the top.
  8. Done! Made calls to my Senator Tom Kean and Assembly Jon Bramick and Nancy Nunoz. But i shop at Dicks is that ok.
  9. Time to invest anyone have a good fund or stock to invest in. Spoke with my broker they are not into it plus the fees would be out of sight. I was thinking of looking into Schwab or Amertrade
  10. Waterfowl hunters are a secret bunch. We normally don't give up spots for fear of showing a person and than the following week he and his two buddies are there. I've never hunted Wallkill but i heard of guys doing well there. Whittingham wma has a swamp that probably holds wood ducks early season. How about the Flatbrook or Delaware Rivers.
  11. That's why i hunt from a ground blind.
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