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  1. definitely a pleasant odor Jack, but it's not the honeysuckle vine we grew up with... although that might be invasive too, pretty sure what we're smelling now is all the autumn olive that's blooming
  2. some good eatin right there, WTG!
  3. Cool stuff!! uhhh......I know I've been absent a bit here, but what happened to your leg Lou? and more importantly will it be healed enough to take a trip down the Lehigh in the near future?
  4. I've been using these gloves for about 10 years now for hunting. I don't use a 3-finger shooting glove or tab when shooting my stick bows, much preferring the feel and smooth release I get with a 5 finger glove. And instead of bare-fingering my guns like I did for the first 50 years of my life, I use them for guns also. I have been running the .5mm styles but decided to try the new Fastfit style with smartphone swiping technology, we'll see. Anyhow they're entire website is on sale at 20% off with free shipping.
  5. Another great day for the Hemad troutslayer crew!! or is Nomlock? ha wtg, again fellers, great fish up there
  6. Cool stuff, those arrowheads are beautiful
  7. Yeah baby, thems some healthy lookin browns, wtg!
  8. I pussed out Sunday, too much fun Saturday, he would have gone, I was feeling it on a multitude of levels!! I had a really good time, Kevin, if you're out there Thanks Man. I did have the pleasure to shoot with a few young studs, And I gotta tell ya, it was really cool to see the excitement in these young men. Next year I'm camping!
  9. But, if you do have to send them back, new booties, etc, Simms is the best.
  10. First time I met Brian was when he was working, and he's way too happy when he's "working", on the Musconetcong River restoration at Point Mountain. He and his crew did the finest job I've ever seen to create an actual workable handicap fishing access where a guy could actually angle and catch trout from a wheel chair. I've stood on the rock and hit a dozen trout without moving, so I know it works. (Only did it once, after I thought about it... ) and I've seen guys in wheelchairs using it, which is great. Well, they put a new bridge in and now it's not wheelchair accessible anymore, wtf
  11. The only thing I would add to above statement is to shoot a heavy, grain wise not spine wise, wood arrow, of at least 10 grains per pound of draw weight. I thought a lot about this bow yesterday and I'm feeling ripped-off, nobody left a bow like this in my house when I bought it! Stuff like that doesn't just happen, the archery gods were smiling down on you Brother. Fred Bear was a lot more "hands on" during the time this bow was crafted... I'd gladly help you guys get her set up if we feel she's still sound enough to shoot.
  12. Yeah, definitely keep that. Display it. or shoot it. just don't stand it on one limb, (you probably already know that). beautiful bow with a long history, enjoy it
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