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  1. Ascent pants have been great. (Woolrich shirt)
  2. I was on my bicycle, without my hearing aids, didn't hear them, my wife was running a couple miles behind me and heard them. Mansfield
  3. I have a somewhat different outlook, different techniques but probably the same goals as you, but no, I don't avoid hunting areas for the reasons you stated. I do like to keep my favorite spots virgin and only hunt them when I think they're going to work out. Most of the time they don't. On a side note I run a camera in the backyard and theres one old buck, and he's the only one, that looks directly at the camera every time.
  4. Cool stuff. I was finding these cases in pairs on top of rocks out in NW MT. It was almost as though they were finding mates under water and then hatching out together. I saved 4 of them, one broke before I could fill it with epoxy and spray some urethane on it like the others. I thought it would be cool to commission an artist to make either gold or silver larvae to put in them and then I saw your link...ha
  5. that is a beautiful little stream and that baby brown is a jewel
  6. Thanks X7 for pming me the article. Sounds just like swamp creatures bullshit. Do these guys have any idea how much people like myself despise this crap. I could literally kill them all with very little remorse
  7. can someone copy and paste the article, not the link, ny times wants me to create an account
  8. Careful what you wish for. I have the spotted lantern fly eradication team coming to my place tomorrow
  9. And oh yeah, my little girl has a 1 year work/recreate Visa and is currently flying solo in the land down under....must have got a crazy gene from her mother, seems like she was just a baby
  10. Geez Bud do we have to start a go fund me to get the kid a pair of shoes? Seriously, it's obvious to see what a great job you guys are doing with that bunch, beautiful on a multitude of levels!
  11. TDietz


    There's only 2 other things I need for my life to be complete.....(haha), 145 grain Snuffers and my old Browning Nomad II 56# from '71 or '72.... if you have either of those....
  12. TDietz


    Yup, that's it, just the LW for me, I'll send you a pm
  13. TDietz


    Great. We'll have to figure out a time to meet, this Sunday morning might be good for me
  14. TDietz


    I'll buy it. Takes me about 45 minutes to get to the Lowe's in flemington. It is the sit n climb
  15. TDietz


    I'm interested where are you located
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