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  1. colostomy is a scary word, good luck, feel better
  2. Nice trip down memory lane Lou, it's great when a person is able to do that in this state were so much has changed, been developled, "improved". My first excursions into that area were pre-Tocks Island in the early 60s, we used to camp on Old Mine Road close to the copper mine. I still have some Indian artifacts that we used to search for in the nearby fields.Then in the 70s my brother and I were lucky to be involved in some of the first turkey surveys with Bob Erikson, (might have been 1980 now that I think about it). Very few places of my youth haven't changed drastically.
  3. the stupidest rule in the book is not being legal to hunt them from an elevated stand at a bait site
  4. the above information is only half correct, the first pic is zone 8, the second is zone 7. he chased a bunch of does up a crick bed under a state highway
  5. I can't find it. It wasn't filmed in digital, so though the single frames aren't the best quality...but you get the idea. Zone 8 warren county
  6. Yup. I have seen about 5 B&C class NJ bucks in summer velvet, (1 was hard-horned 12, 180" that my son and I videoed as he ran around like an idiot the Saturday after Thanksgiving a few years back), and they all seem to disappear never to be seen or heard about again... the afore mentioned 12 pointer was killed the next summer by a young farmer that proceeded to cut the antlers off the head, thus making a record class buck nothing more than a set of rattling antlers. I grew up with farmers. I like farmers. I can empathize with their plight of crop damage caused by wild animals. But I can't wrap my head around their, "If I can't have it you can't have it, I raised it so I'm going to kill it before a license-buying sportsman can, attitude."
  7. Gotcha, didn't even notice brace height, my eye was drawn to the tip difference. Good luck with them!
  8. Yeah he sure did make a pretty bow. What year were they made? Big difference in limb design
  9. TDietz

    Lever Action

    and then you'll get an auto loader!! I've had a few levers, Winchester, Marlin, Browning and have sold them all.
  10. I never hunted so few days. My little run-in with cancer did play a role... lol (my latest PSA did come back as a virtual zero, so, all is well.) I never do hunt the summer season, unless you count elk, and with surgery on Oct 5, my fall season was basically non-existence. But I did manage to get out against Drs orders 33 days later and arrow a 10 pointer with my original bow I bought 50 years ago. Definitely a highpoint of my hunting career. Did some freezer-filling with the MZ. And then a week in Florida in late January where I didn't see a legal buck but the weather was phenomenal! All things considered I had one of the best seasons of my life
  11. Yeah, cute kids! I have to get that Tshirt for my wife, she's oldest of 4 sisters and I kid her that she's the "best sister"
  12. and just like Obama she didn't vote herself in....
  13. Right? I even tried to bait him up with the "all wood" reference, figured we'd at least get a few boner jokes out of him
  14. You know that's a recurve, Nomad is an all wood longbow kinda guy?
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