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  1. that's amazing on a multitude of levels, congratulations! I can't believe the audacity of some people, I refuse to call them hunters, gun shooting deer in other peoples backyards, disgusting. poor ol bastard looked like he should have been put out of his misery, tough animals, what a survivor...you two deserved each other for that ending, the older I get the more I realize the spirituality of moments like this, there are no chance encounters
  2. Why do you all care anyway? If we don't vote in a Democrat for president the world is going to end in 10 years! I pray there is a higher being and this is all part of the plan, his will be done. Keeps me calmer. Not that I'm going to stop fighting a lot of the invasives, just not much you can do sometimes
  3. Bowhunting is a Fall tradition for me, hunting in the Summer feels foreign to me. With all the predators and farmers my places aren't super over populated with deer anyhow, but I will take a few does out for meat usually with the MZ.
  4. we've gone there a couple times, I've never had empanadas before..... they're good and the sauces are great
  5. I was being sarcastic, not trying to discredit anyone that does it the right way
  6. and just like that.....nj's hunting season starts with a doooosh. what a taint. words can't describe the contempt I have for people like this
  7. Mother nature can be a crewel beotch. And antis think a broadhead through the lungs is cruel. I found a raccoon tangled up a couple years ago, almost dead, cut him loose he wasn't there the next day
  8. Thanks Phil. You're gonna love it, I thought of you everytime I went by this place
  9. Sindir says the non-biting midges get so thick they have to wear head netting-and the fishing great! even dry flys
  10. I've gotten to the point where I love fishing for big dumb fish with big flys and heavy tippet, but even I had to laugh when my guide said he going to tie on a small fly and put on a 14 beadhead! and we went down to 4x! haha I feel pretty confident in saying if I had been able to use some size 20 or 22 midges on 6x I would have had a lot more takes,....but, there's that whole clay thing I mentioned earlier..... it was definitely a one of the most stellar angling days of my somewhat limited fishing career
  11. I did see a couple rises, midges probably, did see a couple caddis in the air
  12. There are some very large wild browns in the Delaware that use our smaller streams....I wish our state would have stopped the harvesting of brown trout the moment they stopped stocking them...
  13. There are bottoms that are very fertile, big farms. Arctic fox is the largest native mammal. There is a herd of wild reindeer, introduced, in the NE.
  14. They're in a bit of a drought right now, we did check one spot but they need some rain to bring water levels up to get the salmon running up the streams . Yesterday I checked them out on Facebook and there's a picture on there of a great looking fish that they caught Monday
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