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  1. TDietz

    Happy Birthday Marines!

    That's my Dad in middle, August of 1942, became a Marine Raider, spent 18 months in the South Pacific, saw quite a bit of action, carried that BAR in his platoon, was in the first wave beachlanding on Guam, couple days later he took some shrapnel and lost sight in his right eye. Hats off to all Marines!!!
  2. I always figured I'd end my bowhunting career by carrying that bow, (I hope this isn't my final season!! lol), but last fall I realized I was looking at a half century of bowhunting and decided then to carry her this season during the regular, October, season then switch over to my "serious" bow, 55# Predator, when things start to heat up,but because of my physical limitations I couldn't handle the heavier bow.....I definitely feel like a "Great Spirit" was looking over me and put me together with that bow and that buck at this time in my life. I never had a buck come that easy. Hell, I spent more time making the arrows than I did on stand!! lol Anyhow, Big Thanks to all from the bottom of my heart
  3. Thanks Guys, I really appreciate all the kind words and well wishes. I forgot to mention that I pulled a rookie mistake, lol...forgot my pull-up rope for my bow. Had to hook it on the steps above me as I climbed, then hang off the back of the tree to a screw in a bow hanger...no lifeline, all while running at about 60%, dumbass, I gotta work on that
  4. For my 50th season I decided to take my original bow that I bought the first time in 1968. Yeah, long story, will keep it short here, but through a series of miraculous coincidences I was able to buy back the old girl in 2006 after I sold her in 1971. Never killed anything with it when I was a kid. Took her out in '06 on October 13th, Friday, and killed this public land buck and retired the bow. Fast forward to 2018. Started getting some bad results on my blood tests in March. Knowing that I was going to be laid-up for awhile I realized that to be more productive something in my life had to give. So I gave up social media, hence my absence from NJWW. Went to Memorial Sloane Kettering in NYC on the 5th of October for a radical laparoscopic prostatectomy, over 6 hours on the operating table, and was given orders by the surgeon to stay on light duty, not to lift anything over 5 pounds and do virtually nothing but walk for 8 weeks. I picked out a tree during the summer, cut in some trails for the deer around it and installed the stand in September. Picked up some tapered cedar shafts for my old Bear Grizzly, capped em, crested em, and fletched em with some wild turkey feathers and glued on some Bear Razorheads that I had from the early '70s. Yesterday was looking like the perfect day for my first day out, (don't tell my Dr), so I went for it. About 8am I saw a nice buck crossing in front of me about 40 yards out, I mouth grunted to him and turned him right up one of the trails I had cut in, I let him go by and took the quartering away shot at 15 yards. He went about 70. Perfect 10. Me and this old bow have some serious mojo going on. What a gift
  5. TDietz


    not that I have anything against bear baiting, I'd much rather do spot and stalk. there's actually a lot of opportunity to hunt that way for springtime blackies in the US rockies. be there when the elk are calving and hunt the elevation the elk are at, I have a couple friends that have been successful. LTH, that second one is a beast, way to go!!
  6. TDietz

    Can't wait till Saturday morning

    we had a couple great youth days, have fun, good luck, looks like you're going to get some nice weather
  7. TDietz

    Traditional 3 day 3-D shoot/camp

    we were going to setup camp today but, rainy and windy, and we're supposed to go carp hunting Friday night, so I'm not sure if I'll make it any of the days, have fun, always a great shoot
  8. I can't believe I'm complaining but, it was so freaking hot that we basically just sat around eating driking and telling stories. With a bit of shooting thrown in. Never touched the saws and any wood that was split was for cooking or the tent stove. Which I'm burning now because the temperature is plummeting.!!! Took a page from Jays playbook and did the chili with cornbread topping in the Dutch oven Another 1 out of the park
  9. Thanks Man. I'll try to do it earlier next year
  10. Yeah we're probably going to pull camp early if it's raining
  11. Last night's apple cobbler was ahome run
  12. Warm night heard 1 turkey gobble hundreds of times. Beautiful sunrise
  13. Jr and I are here gate is open
  14. TDietz

    Fly Fishing Advice -Help

    I like angling with 11 foot 4 wt, or 11 foot 5wt, for dries I like 10 foot 4wt. All with what is probably considered fast action, (the length softens them up a bit). For nymphs I like sucker spawn with a beadhead pheasant tail dropper, with quite a bit of weight, using a "chuck and duck" cast, I like fishing deep and swift runs.... nothing like dredging them up!! I usually use a football style indicator, they come in a couple different sizes, they're easily moved up and down the leader as needed for depth control and they don't kink the leader. Sometimes when I fishing bigger water I'll use a thingamabobber
  15. TDietz

    He’s got the look...

    you should have used that Manual Control and kicked him right out the effin door!!! that would be the last time his vote cancels out a good conservatives