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  1. I usually beat up the Streamlight rep when he's in my office. I carry a Stylus Pro in my pocket for walking in/out and a 750 lumen ProTac in my pack.
  2. Come on Loonie! Could never happen. Californians are not the hunter gatherer types LOL
  3. Do you have a link to it?
  4. Not bad for 500 bucks. Brush it in and your good to go.
  5. When your life is not worth anything. Taking another's is easy. SMFH
  6. I like it. What do you think your total cost is for one unit?
  7. My buddy lives and hunts in Cream Ridge. He hasn't seen any issues yet.
  8. My buddy hunts Cream Ridge and Colts Neck. He doesn't have any issues in his spots that he knows of.
  9. My daughter attended Penn State, graduating in 2018. I told her to keep her head up, ears open, and her mouth shut as conservatism is not welcome at most universities.
  10. Friend of mine bought me a set. She swears by it. Doesn't matter what I wear or do....after 45 years I still suck at this
  11. Like a woman with 500 acres LOL
  12. That smile will only get bigger. Good luck to you both.
  13. I hope he grows into a giant!
  14. Nice footage. That's a big animal..... especially at 15 yards. Congrats
  15. Pretty cool Archer. Sounds like you have everything planned out. If it could go wrong.....it does.... especially 6000 miles away. Congrats!!
  16. I hunted Turkey Swamp every night after school during bow season. Lots of joggers, bicyclists, and an occasional ATV. But the big boys were in there.
  17. I figured out your secret. Rub molasses all over camera
  18. Love it. Seen the one in York PA a couple weeks ago. People stopping to take pics, videos, and blow their horns.
  19. Warm weather and winter coats = less movement. Acorns are dropping as well.
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