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Took a PA buck for a ride...


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With little to talk about Monday thru Wednesday, we headed back up on Saturday with high hopes and doe tags in hand.  A gallon of coffee later we were pulling up to the cabin.  I suited up in minutes and was off into the dark woods thinking, as I always do, what giant bucks and bears I may be pushing up the mountain.  I settled into my stand just before light and waited.  By 0830 I was digging into my pack looking for moms home made punkin bread, damn that's some good stuff!  At 0900 I heard movement somewhere behind and to the right.  As I grab my rifle four does come busting out of the thicket like someone just smacked them in the ass.  Followed by the four does was a buck!  I raise my gun, give 'em a loud bleat and he slows down.  I give him another and he's thinking about it.  Give him a third and he stops in his tracks along with one of the does.  I'm trying my damnedest to put a third point on one side, but it just ain't happenin.  I crank the power up to seven and say to myself, "Nope he hasn't grown anything since I last checked one second ago".  Damn!  I decide to take the doe and in the two seconds it took me to move the scope on her, she was gone.  Oh well, at least the blood is flowing again AND I get to finish my pumpkin bread.  Shortly after I see big red fox running threw the timber.  The sun hit him just right and he stuck out like another hunter in the woods.  


Things went quiet for a while until 1100.  As I sat in my stand that voice in my head said look left.  Just as I did, about 80 yards away, I see a deer running threw the thick saplings.  My eyes focused in on him and that, "S!@# THAT DEER GOT HORNS" started running thru my head.  With a loud bleat I managed to stop him in his tracks just as he was clearing the thick saplings, but it was still thick enough to be concerned with hitting something other than the deer.  I twisted and turned my body thinking (HOPING) I had a clear shot.  With confidence I squeezed one off.  Now, what managed to catch my eye more than anything was a small branch falling to the ground when I shot.  Rut Row!  I stayed on the scope and saw no deer.  The best way I can describe what was going threw my head at this point went something like this... !@#$... !@#$%...!@#$%&... !@#$%^&!  In those few seconds of panic I managed to gather my thoughts and realized the fact that I didn't see a deer running away so he's gotta be there somewhere.  I grab my bino's start to scan and catch the flicker of white tail.  


Relieved and excited, I unhooked my SAFETY harness and descend my stand in the quickest most UNSAFE manner known to man.  I walked over to the deer and was happy to see that he was mine.  He was tagged and at the base of my stand in no time and I was back up and settled in hoping for a big bruin to come cruising by.  Wishful thinking.


The old saying, "I'd rather be lucky than good" definitely came into play on this day.  Another three inches higher and that deer may have been bragging to his buddies about how he escaped certain death.  I'll never know for sure if it was me or that branch, but I came damn close to maybe eating another tag sandwich. 


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