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  1. Need a 2020 licence first to get fox/coyote. The automated system knows...
  2. Yesterday I did the burn in. Tuesday night was the first two cooks. A hamburger was the first and salmon was the second. I could not get the smoker to start after the burn in. The manual said you can manually start the smoker. The propane torch came to the rescue for the manual start in 30° temps. Gotta get in there and find what caused the failure to ignite. The food tastes great! With Bit boss competition blend pellets
  3. Lowe's had the Pit Boss smoker in stock. *One person could handle the job if you have a hand truck. This smoker had some hopper damage on an exterior corner. It was seen after the box was opened at home. A call was made to Pit Boss and pictures were by sent by email for replacement parts. The assembly is easy with included screws of the same size for joining parts. After installing 3 legs, I stood the unit up to access the screws for the 4th leg installation. Final assembly to be completed in the near future... Who is the source of the Mesquite pellets? What pellets do most smokers here use?
  4. Last year I smoked the Thanksgiving Turkey in a big weber grill with mesquite wood in a smoker box. It's time to do it right now!
  5. Cabela's model was a failure according to reviews.
  6. Cabela's has some competitive pricing going on...
  7. I'm safe! JHbowhunter has new high standards to meet. I'm only an 8pt. I'm locked down on this doe! Good luck on your target buck!
  8. I like the Summit. It is like a recliner, but waking up in the dark, in a tree is never good!
  9. Hey Matt! I went with my friend to shoot the CMP rimfire match at the Easton Range. I only took second place to one of the regulars but it was great fun. The Easton Range is a great place! Good luck in the sale of your Summit. Brendan
  10. I've shot my muzzleloader in Davis Sport. They are friendly there. Call first the range opens late and might be privately reserved. There is also the PA SGL 183 range near the 206 Gap. Don't blink or you'll miss the sign at the bottom of the hill on Rt. 6w. You need a pa hunting license or range permit. GPS 41°26'27.0"N 75°09'19.6"W Hawley, PA 18428 50 minutes from Sussex and the locals are friendly. 59 minutes from Sparta on 206 to Rt.6. https://goo.gl/maps/JfiL536tpF77LQZK8 https://www.pgc.pa.gov/HuntTrap/StateGameLands/StateGameLandsRanges/Pages/default.aspx
  11. Who's your door rope sealer supplier? I have a wood stove and 55gal drum fireplace needing tlc. Impressive handywork!
  12. BCsaw

    Hit list

    Two of two 6 pt. Bucks grunting and chasing.
  13. There is an exemption allowing transportation through NY back to NJ.
  14. Baffin boots: polar proven I walk in two miles in regular boots before changing into the Baffin boots. When you buy a size larger to allow for breathability and circulation boots get heavy and awkward. In Baffin boots the many layers of insulation keep your feet warm. A Canadian company with manufacture in China like all the rest. Hope to get the best out of the China glue. Who really has an all around boot?
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