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  1. BCsaw

    need prayers

    Prayers sent!
  2. I'm probably in for the vaccine being high risk. When the virus came it was new and the Dr's. didn't know what to look for. Now you can get Kawasaki disease and blue extremities due to clotting.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/320816338884728/
  4. I've had good luck with a toro 3200ss Time cutter. I'm only cutting 2 acres of uneven, low lying, sometimes wet grass. The commercial machines are too heavy and sink here. I used the family Gravely 4200 here for a while. That was a fast, solid machine built like a tank. Recently, I bought an Exmark suspension seat. It smooths out the ride! You're probably looking at a $2-$5,000 zero turn.
  5. BCsaw

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  6. Jay is your source! Tractor supply has lots of chicks available.
  7. Other places ship in minimum quantities of 3 or 6 so the 3 day old unfeathered chick's stay warm. This is how you get the select breeds of poultry. https://www.mcmurrayhatchery.com/started_pullets.html https://www.meyerhatchery.com/productlist.a5w?subcat=5112&cat=1028
  8. Covid 19 is not Sars. The Flu is not Covid 19. Sars was not seasonal and Covid 19 will not seasonal. Flu symptoms were witnessed early, but tests showed no positive flu. The Doctors were not looking for Corona virus. So a reliable source says... China denies the virus originated in a lab.
  9. First you need to see if your town allows chickens. See if they charge a yearly health dept fee like a cat or a dog. Make sure your chickens are the same age so they can be fed the same feed. The chickens need food and water daily. A basic coop works, but they say each chicken needs 6 feet of space. I built one run pen out of chicken wire and another out of a dog run. The coops are attached to the run pens to keep the predators away. Automatic sensor or timer function battery operated doors are used to lock the poultry in safely at night. The chicken wire kept the red fox out multiple times. When free ranging the chickens you might take losses to red tail hawks. Chickens live 8 years but the best year for eggs is the first year once laying. I use the pine chip bales from tractor supply in the coops since the chickens are pooping constantly. When you change that 2x a year it goes in your compost or the garden. Bird feeder heaters-$20 Chickens don't need heat in the winter. * When the egg shells get thin the chickens need more calcium. Just buy the pellet feed with the calcium in it. Keep the water from freezing in the winter using house electric. There is optimal ways of saving electricity. Good luck!
  10. BCsaw

    need prayers

    Prayers sent
  11. Understand Covid-19 as the Scientists and Doctors learn more. Pray that you're never on a ventilator. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/04/how-does-coronavirus-kill-clinicians-trace-ferocious-rampage-through-body-brain-toes
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