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  1. At the entry price of $149, there's a new tripod in town since 2018. The stability is based on the quality of aluminum and steel component USA manufacturing. From prone to standing shot engagement, the Deathgrip does it all. The Deathgrip added legs to the Pig Saddle or Hog Saddle at a comparable price. The Deathgrip clamp is not interchangeable with 1/4×20 camera tripods. This is a purpose built product with the refinements included. The grip width and angle are positive lock adjustable and the leg height and angle are adjustable. The legs have three preset angle settings at 20°,45°and 85°. A custom setting can be set at 0-85°. Retractable spiked feet are installed for hard or soft surfaces. If you can weigh the cost/value versus the physical weight of this tripod, one hundred dollars will be saved before investing in the carbon fiber model. Look into this new quality tool for your stability. The pog pod is the first two images and the Deathgrip is the second two images in the link below. Link to buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2O5J7EN
  2. I bought the Dog house in 2017. It was easy to set up and it kept me dry on the 2018 PA opener! There is no floor in this one and be sure to bring a sturdy high back chair for long sits.
  3. Keep your heat in! The IWOM jacket/suit Thinsulate insulation worked great for me last season. Rifle season in the Poconos to winter bow, the IWOM garment was suitable for all. Too hot, no problem, just unzip. Feet are cold, put them inside too. Handwarmer: covered, pockets covered, play with your phone in the kangaroo pocket. Put your fall restraint lanyard through a hole in the back of the jacket. I can't say that IWOM missed a feature with this product.
  4. 100) nib 50cal .490" Hornady blackpowder #6090 37) .50 cal 385gr. Hphb. 20) .50 cal. 350gr. Hphb 60) 50 cal. maxi ball 370gr. Ox yoke patches #5105 nib 50-59 cal. "all up for discussion"
  5. Let me check! Location: Taylor Ham territory!
  6. I got balls for you Haskell. Lmk!
  7. The GT Trad arrows 500 spine, full length,125gr. at 40lbs worked well for me.
  8. 2019 PSE Evoke31 Easton Axis Pro 400 5mm Or other Easton 400 arrows Black Gold 5 pin sight-not in picture IWOM insulated and rain suit in the weather 9/4/19 Free shipping days at Sportsmans guide on 12) axis Match grade 3 fletched with a nock uncut at 34" with an insert.
  9. Mandatory 2) day trapper education courses
  10. I Hope to see you there! The string looks to be fun and challenging.
  11. https://www.augustachronicle.com/news/20180702/georgia-congressman-honors-woman-who-killed-rabid-bobcat
  12. Colliers Mills Outdoor Expo Sept. 7/8 Waiting for confirmation if there is a range conflict that day.
  13. When there is (No time for a talking to!) https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2018/06/18/it-was-either-me-or-the-cat-georgia-woman-kills-rabid-bobcat-with-her-bare-hands/
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