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    Best Xbow target.

    I've had the broadhead pro for prob 8 years and I'll have it for another 8 most likely, maybe longer. Very durable and easy to move. I never leave my targets out in the sun or weather. Use for bow and x-bow. http://www.bowhuntinginfo.com/Equipment/BowhuntingandArcheryTargets/FieldTargets/BigGreenFieldTargets/tabid/314/Default.aspx
  2. Freakin awesome!!!! Congrats to you both. Can't wait to see the mount when it's done!
  3. Went up for about 8 years straight, we rented a cabin. Always a great time even when there was no fish to be caught. Took a few hats off and got yelled at a few times, but that's how you learn..... "FISH ON!!!"
  4. Labor Day bump... make an offer, You do know flounder season opens again next year!
  5. we're a long ways off, but if you're still interested, I'll see if I can find them. 08318
  6. Where ya at? Might have a few if I do it's not many
  7. With all the political bullshit posted on this site, I'm amazed to see how long it took for someone to post about todays events. There's blood on the hands of many people and some I don't think even care. Today was a horrible, horrible day. Rest in Peace my brothers, Semper Fi
  8. Beware! I've ordered bulk from Amazon and many were bad. Never again.
  9. I've used the gorilla two part epoxy and it lasts longer than the rest of the boot. Unfortunately all rubber knee boots have gone down hill over the past several years.
  10. The only difference is his father could hit the deer
  11. No doubt a game changer when conditions aren't in your favor. No drift or bad drift it's a big game changer. I actually use to have the Riptide with the remote and all the bells and whistles, but hated it. The reaction time was no good when you had to change direction quick. And don't listen to Beer Belly62, he's been hittin the bottle again
  12. Minn Kota Riptide Maxxum 24V / 80lb Thrust / 52" Shaft Bow Mount https://www.boatid.com/minn-kota/riptide-maxxum-24v-80-lb-thrust-52-shaft-bow-mount-saltwater-trolling-motor-mpn-1363447.html Located in Salem County (08318) $700 obo PM if interested
  13. Redneck is always around, you just don't know it
  14. B B

    Game Hanger

    I couldn't figure out why you were hanging the feeder, guess I shoulda read first. Best feeder made. Nice deer hanger too.
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