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  1. replenish the freezer and help my son get his first buck
  2. Redman

    What was your 1st car?

    Yes Tarhunt when I bought it, it had a 351 Windor 2 bbl with a 3 speed transmission and 3.25 posi rear end. Car now has a 4.11 posi rear, 4 speed top loader and a 351 Windsor 2 bbl. Ran a 351 Cleveland 4 bbl in it for 3 years before I sucked a valve racing it. Trying to rebuild it to be a street car again.
  3. Redman

    What was your 1st car?

    My first car was a 1969 Mach 1 that I still own. Have had it garaged since 1977 and just started working on it again with my oldest son. Both my daughter and my oldest boy worked and saved money to buy their first cars. My daughter baby sat and my son cut lawns.
  4. Congratulations again on the new home and great pictures as always.
  5. Been busy getting caught up with my to do list. Will text you next week and make arraignments to pickup a couple of loads. Might just be me making two trips.
  6. We'll be up to see you either next week or the week after. Two trucks and a trailer. Will text you before we come to make sure it's OK.
  7. My son and I decided to shed hunt yesterday on public land. Walked around for the better part of three hours looking for sheds and deer sign. Didn't find any sheds but did find a better spot to place our stands and also found a bunch of fresh rubs. We dropped a mineral block and setup a trail camera.
  8. Your service provider will notify you at some point that you're streaming illegal content and give you the cease and desist order. If you continue to stream after I believe three warnings they stop your service. Use a VPN service.
  9. Bill from Optimum is $117, Playstation Vue is $60, total for phone, internet, and TV is @$177. Wife works from home have to have the land line, Five TV's connected to internet.
  10. Bought a Fire Stick for each TV and stream via Playstation Vue with includes NFL package. Right now have the middle tier and pay $60 for TV. Have Cablevision for internet, phone, and basic cable to get the 3 service discount. Cut my bill by $100.
  11. Just bought the same picture myself.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Have to check my son's availability.
  13. What's your location?
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