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  1. Redman

    need prayers

    prayers sent
  2. R.I.P Gary, sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and his family. Lost my best friend on the 20th to the virus. Fifty-eight years old. Leaves a wife and two kids.
  3. Rusty I've read about ozone being bad for you but I'll take my chances if it means killing the virus by running the car unit. Most trips are under 30 minutes and after your post I'll start plugging the unit in after I get back to the truck so I'm only breathing ozone for half the trip.
  4. Took my scent crusher unit out of the bag and set it up in the garage. All mail and packages go to the garage and the unit gets run for an hour. Also have the car unit that I run the moment I get in the truck and leave all items purchased in the truck for 30 minutes including non-perishable groceries.
  5. Have a wonderful time Robin. Enjoy each and every day of it.
  6. NJ first world record
  7. thank you for your service and welcome home
  8. I still have one with all of the Margaret specials. Thing was heavy as hell but one of the most comfortable stands I've ever sat in. If I had private land I'd leave it in the woods and hunt out of it all the time.
  9. Redman

    RIP Buckshot

    sorry for your loss
  10. Going to let the woods calm down a bit and go right back to bow hunting them. Already pulled my public land cameras will put them back in during winter bow.
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