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  1. Got a request for more pictures from different angles. Guy who owns them took them home. Wasn't able to get additional pictures, sorry guys.
  2. I didn't find them but a good friend bought them to the gun club to show off. He found them both in a parking lot. If you count all points including those less than an inch 22 points total.
  3. I use a foodsaver , present unit is 5 years old and I've had zero issues. I bulk shop for meat and vacuum pack it all. All fish and pheasant breasts the past 5 years also get packed. The bags can be expensive but I buy them on Amazon to cut costs. I've even vacuum packed cooked food to eat at a later date with success.
  4. As I posted yesterday did a last minute check of a stand on state land to make sure it was still there. Was planning to setup a trail camera and bait the spot for the middle of next week. When I got to the stand here is what I found. Some people take the fun out of anything. Lucky for me I had spare parts, was able to put the stand back together and my son and I removed it.
  5. Used mine once and was very surprised how close deer came to me. Planning on using it again this year in a county park.
  6. The shots at the crossing have always been terrific. Hoping you find something similar around your new home.
  7. Went to check a stand that was on state land to make sure it was still there. Found the stand disabled, (thankful they didn't steal it). On my way out of the woods stumbled on this beauty, my first. Going back to the same spot tomorrow and wanted to confirm that this is a chicken of the woods and is edible.
  8. R.I.P Gary, sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and his family. Lost my best friend on the 20th to the virus. Fifty-eight years old. Leaves a wife and two kids.
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