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  1. I have not shot the non-lighted nock arrows yet. All of my son's lighted bolts shoot like rockets. If I wasn't already heavily invested in Luminoks I'd switch over to the nockturnals he's using.
  2. Picked up a half dozen of these bolts for my son and liked them. Purchased the lighted nock version for him. Couple of weeks later they went on sale for $20 a half dozen, bought a dozen.
  3. Redman

    VA Success

    Beautiful buck Robin, congratulations.
  4. My son's crossbow goes almost all the way thru that Yellow Jacket bolt stopper. Guess it's time to buy a new one.
  5. Have to agree Costam07, have three cameras in zone 6 and one camera in zone 8. Sitting either evening or morning depending on what the photos and wind say and I'm not seeing a bunch of activity yet. The number of scrapes jumped dramatically the past week but that's about it.
  6. Sorry for your loss. Way too young to go to the Rainbow Bridge.
  7. Hunted tonight and shot a deer, checked it in via the online system which wasn't shutdown until 9:00 PM tonight. Deer already at the butcher. Not hunting again until the system is up and running again. Going fishing for trout the next couple of days.
  8. Sat in zone 8 with my son tonight deer hunting. He signaled me at 6:10 PM that there was a deer behind me coming in. 5 minutes later what I thought was a big doe came in from my left. Waited for her to clear a couple of bushes and let a bolt fly when she was quartering slightly to me. Didn't realize that I had shot a broken antlered buck until we tracked it.
  9. I have 5 stealth cams and all of them work great. Long battery life and daytime pictures are crisp and clear. Night time pictures aren't as sharp but still decent. I only have two complaints about my cameras. The first is you can't give them a name in setup and the second is the range at which they trip is a little short. Been using them for the last three years.
  10. Saw nothing tonight. 84 degrees when I left the truck to walk in. There's always tomorrow.
  11. Just checked my blocks in the gun room and all are solid with no soft spots. As soon as the bear go to sleep I'll be cutting over to the blocks. Until then I'll use corn.
  12. Have to agree with you Tarhunt, like I said these blocks worked well for me last year, kept the deer coming in daily. I have trail cam pictures of deer on the block over a very long span. I did notice that they get soft if exposed to a good rain. Other than that they worked well. I also don't like the Big and J blocks.
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