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Great day out with the smokepole


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Had a great day today on my very first muzzleloader hunt. Got set up and within 40 minutes had this good buck come in. I call him the bully since he runs off other deer including bigger bucks. So after watching him for a little, I decided he would be a great first muzzy kill for me. Dropped the hammer on him and he went right down but got back up and made it another 30 yards. I am always amazed of the fight whitetails have in them but he could not take the TC, it blew out his heart and bottom of his lungs. Just an awesome hunt and one I will always remember as it was my first on a deer with the smokepole! Best of luck to all of you heading out tomorrow and later in the season. Love seeing that smoke roll out after the shot.

Here is my buck "AKA" the Bully.







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Bully! On your bully buck! Great start to your muzzleloader career! You are absolutely correct on the personality of certain deer. Some are so aggressive they continue to run off all bucks on your property.

"All men die, not all men really live". WW

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