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  1. Here’s a pic of him alive. Used to buy my archery equipment from Renners in Jamesburg. He killed some monsters in Long Island.
  2. I’ll be heading down. Here’s a healthy one killed close to the club.
  3. Nonexistent season for me. Got quite a few curve balls thrown at me in 2020 and was lucky enough to knock most of them out of the park. Maybe next year.
  4. 6” in East Brunswick and still coming down hard
  5. Missed out on some pre storm bowhunting but the view is much nicer down here. And the fishing ain’t bad either.
  6. Down in the Marathon scoping out where the wifey and I want to retire. life is good
  7. Iguana Bait at Island fish company.
  8. GLWS. Had this boat in a 21' with 90 Merc. One of my favorite boats. Sips gas.
  9. This is an old article. Not sure if they're still doing this. Nice little shop. I bought a couple of guns from them last year.
  10. You can get a used 2020 for around 1,250,000. A steal!
  11. I come from a hunting family. My 2 younger brothers don't hunt but they love eating game meat. My son hunts when he's not on a ball field or wrestling mat. Daughters don't hunt but they fish with me.
  12. 10pt

    Chevy Dealership?

    Do all of this on the last weekend of the month.
  13. 10pt

    Stimulus Checks

    You can’t tax your way into prosperity or a balanced budget. The economic pie grows smaller. Government grows bigger. Redistribution and government dependency grow more powerful and pervasive.
  14. Key Marathon for me. Waiting for the next real estate crash. Probably rent it out until the kids are out of college then I'm gone.
  15. 10pt

    Yet Another POS

    Sick! Thank god the pup was found.
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