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  1. I had and umbilical/belly button hernia. pushed it back in when it popped out for about 6 months. Doc told me if it gets pinched I’ll need emergency surgery. Got open with the mesh.recovery was horrible. Drained for a long time
  2. Good luck with the recovery. I had hernia surgery a couple of years ago and the recovery took longer than I expected. Don’t lift anything! Haven’t gone heavy at the gym since that surgery. High reps low weight from now on
  3. What kind of sandwich was it? I would bite my wife’s hand if she was throwing out a roast beef sandwich from the port hole inn. good luck finding a home for that pooch she’s beautiful. my kids are begging me to take her but we already have 2 dogs and a rabbit.
  4. I had my kids shooting a pellet gun with a red dot at 4,.22 at 5 and a .410 at 6. had to chop the stocks
  5. Had a red fronted parrot that used to sing the chorus to ripple. I was a fan and went to a ton of shows but my buddies were true deadheads. Most of them are very successful marijuana farmers now. Have fun at the shows. Havent seen them since Jerry passed.
  6. Cows were Benezette. Bulls were not.
  7. Kennedy park is great for kids. take the bike path to the small bridge and you’ll catch a million sunnies off the bridge. if it’s not frozen. plenty of catfish in the big pond when it warms up.
  8. Talked to a few locals. They take shifts and follow the herds 24/7 when they start to drop. I’d be happy with a spike
  9. Couple more. amazing animals
  10. Working in Western PA this week and saw some big bulls still holding. Going to be out there again in April trying to find a few sheds.
  11. Nice finds. Great placement on those stands. I never find trees like that in good areas.
  12. This is one of the best shrimp jigs on the market in my opinion.Tail flicks Like a real shrimp when jigging and they’re super durable.
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