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  1. 4 Brand new. Never mounted 14” galvanized trailer tires. $75 each
  2. Joes flies 1/4 oz black with gold blade. trout slayer!
  3. 10pt


    I’ve caught a bunch of fluke with those in the back bay. They have more wobble than a Kroc on the drop.
  4. Decided to skip Saturday sports and do a little fishing this morning. My oldest is to cool to hang with dad now so I took the little ones. They crushed the rainbows on Chart and mealworm trout magnets. These were some of the healthiest stockies I’ve seen in a while. Every fish had multiple jumps and fought hard. They were both in waders so my rod stayed in the truck. So cool watching them fish on there own.
  5. Shield or Daiwa BG would be my choices. Never liked penn. Shimanos customer service has gone down the tubes.
  6. Had a service contract. It was always maintained. Spoke to a couple of welders and they said it was the same as trying to weld a cracked engine block. Not recommended. Have a couple of guys coming tomorrow to give estimates.
  7. I’m sure it can,but finding someone to weld it is another story. Im not a welder and the plumbers I’ve spoken to won’t weld it.
  8. Unfortunately it overheated and cracked while I was gone and it’s out of warranty. never had an issue until today.
  9. Yes. currently have a weil mclain gold cgt gas boiler with tankless heater. shot after 9 years. I would like to try another brand. Any recommendations?
  10. Came home to a broken furnace after a long weekend. Anyone have tankless recommendations or plumber recommendations? located in Middlesex County. Thanks
  11. Nice bass. I’ve been whacking them on Z-man trd’s in PBJ color with a shroom head. AkA the Ned rig. Try them in your pond. They’re like bass candy
  12. Shooters supply usually has them in stock.
  13. 20 gauge single shots kick like a mule. A friend of mine gave me an adapter that slides into the barrel of my 20ga single so I can shoot .410. You don’t want him to be a flincher.. my father had me shooting Remington sluggers out of my single shot at 10 and it messed me up so bad I started flinching when I shot my bow. Lol Gas operated auto is the best for recoil but they’re heavy and expensive. Mossberg Bantam with a limbsaver recoil pad is a great option.
  14. I had and umbilical/belly button hernia. pushed it back in when it popped out for about 6 months. Doc told me if it gets pinched I’ll need emergency surgery. Got open with the mesh.recovery was horrible. Drained for a long time
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