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  1. Saw a ton of turkeys. Only one yearling doe. Woods were dead. Still had great time hangin with my boy all day. Man did he want to kill a turkey for Thanksgiving. lol
  2. Good luck everyone. I'll be heading up to Spencer on Saturday night or Sunday morning.
  3. Good luck to all the youth hunters tomorrow. I'll be out with my youngest. Work has kept me out of the woods all season but the wind is perfect and the weather looks nice. Hoping for the best He says he's waiting for a buck in the morning but I wouldn't wan to be the first doe that walks by.
  4. Trump concession speech https://parler.com/post/0a3f06dc9a3f40669860a5b7e9661714
  5. Nikki Haley and Tim Scott 2024. Probably the only 2 politicians the Dems and the press would have trouble destroying.
  6. Virginia is still blue and Trump is up by 6% with 94% votes in. Strange
  7. Incredible Buck! Congrats to you and your dad
  8. 10pt

    ATV on WMA

    Property is posted. Someone crashes and breaks a leg. Please explain how they can sue
  9. 10pt

    ATV on WMA

    I'm not saying I think its right I'm just saying i would never call the cops on them. You probably have a closet full of all the neighborhood kids baseballs, wiffle balls and footballs that landed in your yard.
  10. 10pt

    ATV on WMA

    They use my land now. Doesn't bother me. You can't sue someone if you get hurt trespassing on there land. The property owner probably left out some details.
  11. 10pt

    ATV on WMA

    Jersey is the state were fun goes to die. My yard backs up to public land and the neighborhood kids drive down my street with dirt bikes and quads all the time. Deer barely pay attention to it. I would never call a warden or the cops on kids having fun.
  12. They're both retards. It's unwatchable
  13. My season starts Saturday when earn a buck ends.
  14. 10pt

    Elmwood Park Buck

    Amazing! I'm sure the Elmwood Park google map searches are through the roof right now.
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