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  1. 10pt

    11/17 check in

    Told him to take a nap at lunch but he wanted to play fortnite.lol Woods are dead.
  2. 10pt

    Youth Day Buck Down

    Beauty. Congratulations
  3. 10pt

    Youth Day....game on in the am!

    Good luck to all of the youths. I’ll be taking my youngest out for his first youth day hunt.
  4. Incredible! I have to try that next fall.
  5. 10pt

    Monster Brown Trout

    All of the fish were released.The only freshwater fish I would keep are walleye and perch. Sorry about the spot burn.Didnt know it was a secret.seemed the equivalent of saying fluke are hitting on Flynn’s knoll.
  6. 10pt

    Monster Brown Trout

    Fished sandy and Johnson.I caught a steelhead that looked like a slammer bluefish.Tried to land it with my hand instead of waiting for my buddy to net it and he broke off.
  7. 10pt

    Euro Mount

    I used BP skulls (856) 264-0406 I think he’s a little south of you
  8. 10pt

    Monster Brown Trout

    The fishing in upstate NY was incredible this week.Wave after wave of giant fish pushing upstream.Non stop action.Most of the fish were between 5-13lbs.
  9. 10pt

    A day I will never forget

  10. 10pt


    Works great if you’re in heavier cover. Ive had multiple bucks run straight to my tree.Its amazing how they pinpoint your location. Ive also spooked a bunch doing it in open hardwoods.They tend to scan the area from a distance looking for a deer and if they don’t see one they walk away. And don’t use it when they’re close.Its not like a grunt call. I would say minimum 75yds . And I never blind call.Only use it when I see a good buck.
  11. 10pt

    Oak Orchard 2018, when you hit it right

    Congrats to you and your son. Truly amazing fishery.
  12. 10pt

    Sneak peak from The Oak

    Awesome! hope they keep bitin. I’ll be up there next week.
  13. That's a dead deer. Hope you find him in the morning.
  14. 10pt

    Looks like I'm putting turkey season on hold

    I fished for roosters and snapper with baja anglers. Not the cheapest but great equipment and a comfortable ride. Nothing like seeing a school of roosters chasing a top water plug. Good Luck