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  1. jakesbeard

    Shooting at Arts Festival in Trenton

    Ya know it could have only been celebratory gunfire marking either the start of the "War on drugs" 47 years ago ( something that has given us so much) or the 3 year anniversary of Trump announcing his run for POTUS . Just keeping it positive.
  2. jakesbeard

    Shooting at Arts Festival in Trenton

    I've gone to that and its prity cool but IMO it's in a SHITHOLEOFANAREA and it was only a matter of time before it tuned into a shitblizard . I know an artist who participates in it each year and have not heard from her so I'm kinda worried.
  3. jakesbeard

    Polaris Sportsmen 500 HO 4 sale with xtras

    Will you deliver?
  4. jakesbeard

    Readington, NJ - Deer Management Plan

    If the land in question was purchased with any State Green Acers money you will have to allow any State resident an opportunity to get on it.
  5. jakesbeard

    Enjoying the Spring Harvest

    Not to be a nag from down south but What no Morells and Fiddle heads to go with it? I thought you said Spring harvest not Turkey harvest oh and you can feel free to add a trout and some fresh picked Arugula to the list if you care. Just kidding congrats on your kill and the joy of sharing with family nothing better.
  6. 24/7 observation yet the next multi casulty attack on civilians will come as a total surprise to the authorities.
  7. jakesbeard

    Invasive Plant Species

    I was on a friends farm south of Poittstown on Sunday and while he has been grafting apples for some time I noticed he had grafted a Bradford Pear. When I asked about the grafted Bradford he said sure why not make the damn thing productive look it's practicly growing in rocks let's see what happens this guy is often crazy...like a fox.
  8. jakesbeard

    Invasive Plant Species

    Well yeah I guess you are right something has to replace Chestnut, Elm and Ash; Sweet Cherry can't do it all on its own. Oh what's the latest on SODD?
  9. At first you couldn't question the little turns lack of logic, honesty or constitutional knowledge because he was just a kid and a victim NOW you can't because he's gay. Got it.
  10. jakesbeard

    Invasive Plant Species

    I am back here in NJ for a couple days and yesterday was down in Kingswood by my parents old place on Lockatong creek the whole flood plain was a carpet of yellow with blooming Lesser Celandine. I don't see any of that where I am now living in Va. but Bradford Pear is another story plus Olive and Multieflora are creeping in as well.
  11. jakesbeard

    Good Opening day gobbler

    Congrats Will as others have said nice bird and very nice pictures.
  12. jakesbeard

    Super Hero James Comey

    I think Comey has many cats read the excerpts who talks and thinks like that........cat ladies that's who.
  13. jakesbeard

    Rompola Buck

    For those who say NJ doesn't have the genetics I would like to remind them that when NJ reintroduced W T Deer half of the stock released came from Michigan as stated by others here many of our 125 - 140 class bucks are 3.5 y.o. What would it look like if there was a sizeable crop of 5.5 y.o.? NJ has similar genetics plus milder winters and in many areas better food......so?
  14. jakesbeard

    99 out of 100....

    I'm not new to being a social out cast so I don't Facebook and never did I only had Twitter on my phone for about 3 or 4 months during the election to see what D.J.T. really said and when the Jitter bug gets a 12 MP camera I'm going back to a flip phone. I used to go out to dinner with a group of guys we would have a few drinks a meal and have great conversation when Facebook invaded that all ended in the beginning I thought it to be just rudeness but it was more than that. Funny since I still practice the lost art of conversation I find more people who have abandoned FB etc. and enjoy face to face .
  15. jakesbeard

    Rompola Buck

    A little kno1wn FACT Mitch and I both knew that deer needed another year but he went and shot it after I passed on him then he had the nerve to ask if I had any Tayler Ham! WTF?