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  1. jakesbeard

    Can I Eat It?

    All good house is coming along an we are slowly rebuilding a spence of community and making new friends. we joined a very active mushroom club and go on monthly forays with them learning a lot oh that mushroom is edible it's called an Indigo something Easy to look up if you have a good reference manual. I typically only come back to the NJ sites just to see how the folks are getting screwed according to Cato Va. is in top 10 freeist states NJ top 5 least free and you can feel the differance. New garden, new puppy and house build are keeping me busy life is good I am now on face book now that I nowlonger work for NJIT.
  2. jakesbeard

    Can I Eat It?

    Hey where did you get that picture?! Proof again hush money dosent do what it used to.
  3. jakesbeard

    Thomas F Breden preserve

    I drew it 3 years in a row once must have had an "in " I wasn't aware of also know a guy who drew for the first time after no draw 6 years in a row. Lottery are like that but everyone has their own tinfoil hat theory.
  4. jakesbeard

    Weed Killer

    Matt, I have been dealing with weeds (basicly any plant you think is in the wrong place ) with an assortment of goodies "Weed killers " are great and when used correctly are invaluable view them as dangerous TOOLS (no not like some folks who post on line) educate your self on what they are and how to safely use the actual compound look past the brand name mostbut not all boil down one % of glyphosate or 2-4-D, none chemical methods work well sometime to many organic gardeners will just lay a tarp on the ground for a month or two an all grass dies in days and most all weed seeds will sprout but than die from lack of light. I also use a thing called a Weed Dragon it's basicly a long blow torch that attaches to an L.P. tank like the one on your gas grill this works great on gravel drives and lanes and also newly filled garden and lawn spots a few days after tilling and either just after or before desirable seeds seeds have been planted. If you have specific questions or problems PM me and I will try to help. I am currently trying to reclaim 40 Acers in Ghiles county Va. and both learning more each step of the way and putting into practice what I learned on my 7 Acers when I lived in NJ good luck.
  5. It all makes sense when you realise most all leftist inspired anti gun rights laws are not for a second about protecting the public. Most all leftist anti gun rights laws are about leaving you open to the criminal element thus making you more dependant on the authorities and down the road disarming their political opposition it has been the tactic of leftists since before Stallen or Hitler or Mao and Pol Pot just listen to the violent rhetoric RIGHT NOW from Maxine Waters and Michel Moore. Oh and don't play along with their stinking word games they are STANDARD CAPACITY MAGAZINES.
  6. Sorry Jack haven't watched it in decades and won't watch it now the left is over flowing with truthless hate filled sickos not worth my time and attention......or yours.
  7. jakesbeard

    Shooting at Arts Festival in Trenton

    Ya know it could have only been celebratory gunfire marking either the start of the "War on drugs" 47 years ago ( something that has given us so much) or the 3 year anniversary of Trump announcing his run for POTUS . Just keeping it positive.
  8. jakesbeard

    Shooting at Arts Festival in Trenton

    I've gone to that and its prity cool but IMO it's in a SHITHOLEOFANAREA and it was only a matter of time before it tuned into a shitblizard . I know an artist who participates in it each year and have not heard from her so I'm kinda worried.
  9. jakesbeard

    Polaris Sportsmen 500 HO 4 sale with xtras

    Will you deliver?
  10. jakesbeard

    Readington, NJ - Deer Management Plan

    If the land in question was purchased with any State Green Acers money you will have to allow any State resident an opportunity to get on it.
  11. jakesbeard

    Enjoying the Spring Harvest

    Not to be a nag from down south but What no Morells and Fiddle heads to go with it? I thought you said Spring harvest not Turkey harvest oh and you can feel free to add a trout and some fresh picked Arugula to the list if you care. Just kidding congrats on your kill and the joy of sharing with family nothing better.
  12. 24/7 observation yet the next multi casulty attack on civilians will come as a total surprise to the authorities.
  13. jakesbeard

    Invasive Plant Species

    I was on a friends farm south of Poittstown on Sunday and while he has been grafting apples for some time I noticed he had grafted a Bradford Pear. When I asked about the grafted Bradford he said sure why not make the damn thing productive look it's practicly growing in rocks let's see what happens this guy is often crazy...like a fox.
  14. jakesbeard

    Invasive Plant Species

    Well yeah I guess you are right something has to replace Chestnut, Elm and Ash; Sweet Cherry can't do it all on its own. Oh what's the latest on SODD?
  15. At first you couldn't question the little turns lack of logic, honesty or constitutional knowledge because he was just a kid and a victim NOW you can't because he's gay. Got it.