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Catching up to my Wife!!

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So my preceding post congratulates my wife on a very very successful first week of Permit Bow!


Now it's my turn with another late post!


Falling in her shadow, I knew I had to play catch up! On the first evening after Earn-A-Buck ended, the winds on my weather app showed my primary spot (where I have been tracking two decent 8s) had bad winds! This would of pushed me to my secondary spot which primarily has a TON of doe.. Something in my gut told me I needed to be in my primary stand that evening. Off to a late start, I got in my stand about 3:45-4pm. I was texting my wife and told her I was going to put my phone on my bow, as I wanted to record my hunt if anything came by that evening. The winds changed and became the most favorable winds possible. At 4:45pm, my buddy upstate started texting me as he was out for the NY Opener. Naturally I took my phone off the bow and started texting. Not even 15 minutes later, I caught movement of a deer about 100-150 yards out. I quickly stuck my phone in my pocket and got ready for what would come. To my surprise, the smaller of the two 8's that I have been watching was headed right towards me! Heart starts pounding! 30 yards out, he turns broadside. As I am ready to draw back, he turns and starts walking head on at me. Not stopping, I was thinking he was going to walk right at me and past me. If he were to walk past me, I would not be able to turn around fast enough without getting busted..Nor was I comfortable taking a front shot.. 15 yards out, walking straight at me, he stops..he turns..as he turns quartering away, I was fortunate enough to let one fly. Nailed him right in the lungs.. He ran maybe 20 yards and stood still. After about 30 seconds (which felt like a life time), I am asking myself..WTF just happened..I know I hit him! He then takes a step..starts wobbling..and then falls over! Lights out!


Feels great to have harvested this nice buck and feel blessed to have a piece of property with no pressure to be able to experience this! After a troubling season last year shooting two nice bucks, and managing to drill two shoulder blades, and then witness the bucks still living days and weeks after...this really ended up as a real confidence booster! Now to get back out there tomorrow to chase the bigger 8!



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