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  1. I did Whitetail / Hog combo at Red Bluff. Top Notch operation. I live in norther suburbs of Philly and it took me 8.5 hrs to drive as I recall. You can do alligator there but you have to get a tag and I think it's some-kind of lottery system, so check in with Jim Boone first. I stayed at the lodge. Very nice / good food. I left the buck I got there and they had it butchered and taxidermied and sent back to me....so that was real convenient / nice. The only thing I'd point out is SC has a gun season which starts on 8/15 in that part of the state. Not surprisingly, big bucks are fe
  2. In my hunting pack I just keep a few Band-Aids and anti biotic ointment. I've had some small cuts while pruning and it helps to just stop the bleeding and continue hunting. A full kit in your truck is probably better. You can search my handle and see my post about cutting my thumb during field dressing last season.....a full kit in my truck would have helped.
  3. I'm looking for a good security camera to set up at a remote property. I have a small hunting cabin on the property and would like to put some cameras on by the cabin and near some main access points away from the cabin. Something that can run on solar and send pics / video. I'd also like something I could view through on-demand via web browser (if this is even possible). This is for security mostly, not wildlife scouting. Any recommendations appreciated. I'm willing to spend for something reliable. TIA Doug
  4. Crazy deer season for me. I shot and recovered 4 bucks; injured myself; had my first tracking dog experience..... Buck #1: PA - 9/25/20 Shot this 8 pointer with a crossbow. Nice double lung shot at 17 yards. He didn't go far. It was hot out and I was rushing the field dressing. I reached in and grabbed the esophagus with my left hand and started cutting with my right with my gerber knife. Instead of esophagus, I went right through my thumb tendon. Didn't hurt, but I felt my thumb go numb. Pulled my left hand out and I was just pouring blood. Drove to the hospital, got a ton
  5. Yeah, this went off the rails. I was up late last night and saw this video on twitter. I thought it was hilarious. It (the video) is obviously intended as a self deprecating joke. Nothing political intended....I too hate the political posts.
  6. This lady explains it well... https://youtu.be/J53wQZ0BlBA
  7. I think he was mainly agreeing with you and I do too. I own an r29. I have a backup bow and feel it's a necessity because of all the issues you noted. Even with great customer service, you don't want to miss 2 weeks of season if something goes wrong. If you're going to go to this tech and you can't afford or don't want to deal with a back up bow...don't do it.
  8. How about this one? RAVIN INTRODUCES FIRST EVER TAKEDOWN-STYLE CROSSBOW Seriously Small and Extra Wicked: Introducing the Ravin R18 Ravin turns traditional crossbow design on its head with the R18, using the new VertiCoil Cam System to compact a full-power crossbow into a weapon a fraction of the size of all others. Unlike any other crossbow in history, the takedown-style R18 is a narrow 4.75 inches wide only 18 inches long without its detachable stock configuration. The proprietary VertiCoil Cam System that powers the R18 takes already legendary HeliCoil Technology and—l
  9. Says 500 fps with 400 grain arrow. The other Ravins I've owned have always met or exceeded advertised speeds. Electric push button cocking and de cocking for guys who get tired turning a crank.... 10lb weight
  10. I am the king of buying new toys, but this one is a hard pass for me. Too heavy (nearly 14 lbs with everything), too wide, and not cheap. In all the crossbow shots I've taken at game, the only 2nd shot opportunity I've ever had is when I spined a doe and then I had plenty of time to reload. I do respect the innovation and I like that they are trying new things.
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