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  1. Setting up permanent stands and baiting on public land seems like an invitation to a lot of aggravation.
  2. Everyone is different. I keep my standards and expectations low. Clean, ethical kills and no drama recoveries get me excited. I dont use cams and I let my pulse tell me if I should shoot or not. But if whatever way you're hunting isnt making you happy, do something different.
  3. Sale complete. Thx Tim. Gl this season.
  4. dlist777

    Rope Mods

    1/8 is more than 7/64. I think he does 7/64 for $65 for 4. I asked him if he has a non fb storefromt. See below
  5. dlist777

    Rope Mods

    Your missing out then. Lots of great hunting and fishing forums. $20 per.
  6. Season opens friday. Gonna head down Thr night and spend the 3 day weekend chasing eastern shore bucks. Good luck to everyone spending this weekend in the NJ woods....or wherever
  7. dlist777

    Rope Mods

    I bought 1/8th inch amsteel daisy chain from a guy on FB. He makes them. He typically does 7/64th but I like a little more meat. Mike Isbell. PM him. He does good work. He did 4 for me and they held up all season. I see I said 1/4th in my initial post....I use 1/8th.
  8. dlist777

    Rope Mods

    Here's a good video that goes through a bunch of different attachment options for sticks if you want to ditch buckles. I use 1/4 inch amsteel daisy chain. Lightweight, Quiet, Secure.
  9. Sold pending meet up / funds
  10. I think you would fit at 6 feet tall if you were my weight or less. See pics. Plenty of room in arms and some room with boots. I'm 511 185. Hood isnt up.
  11. $175. Medium IWOM XT. Good condition. All zippers work. No holes. I am 5-11 185lbs and it fits but if you're any larger than me, it wont. Smaller is fine. If you dont know what an IWOM is go to their web site. It's kind of like a sleeping bag with arms and a hood for cold weather hunting. Will meet within 1 hr drive of Ft. Washington PA (zip 19034).
  12. Went with a bolt action in 350 legend. Winchester XPR. My group at 100.
  13. I use these. They group real good in my 220
  14. My wife and I have been looking for a good home defense gun. My 12 guage is too much for her and neither of us are real good with handguns, so we settled on carbines. Kel Tech Sub 2000. It's really accurate at reasonable distances. It folds up which is nice. We added green lasers and a can on each (I'm in PA). We had fun shooting steel with them. Much easier to shoot accurately as compared to my glock. It takes glock mags.
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