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  1. I'm guessing: 1. 3k lbs of fuel. 2. On tractor supply trailer rated for 1 5k lbs. 3. Tied down with a single ratchet strap rated for 1k lbs. YEEHAAAAW!
  2. dlist777


    All you need is ozonics ORION and you'll be killing bucks like this! These ads are too much man.....smdh
  3. The vaccines are like 90-95% effective which means you can still get infected. But, I've read they are 100% effective in stopping serious cases (which are defined as cases needing hospitalization). So, you may get it...you may feel bad...but you should be fine.
  4. Asking $650 Generac GP 5500 portable generator with tri fuel kit. Will run on gas, propane, or NG. Propane is much easier to store than gas and won't gum up carburetor. Probably only ran 10 hours total (hrs meter isnt working but you can tell from visual inspection it's nearly new). See pics and link to me starting. Comes with everything except propane tank. I will meet within 1 hour drive of zip code 19025. Its heavy. I have a flat bed trailer I will have it on. Plan accordingly. Video of it starting:
  5. Let's hope they don't slither out by issuing some narrow opinion that doesn't really do anything....
  6. Boy, that fight card was one of the best. 1. Anthony Smith damages his opponents foot and gets a TKO between round 1 and 2. 2. Weidman - Ugh...that was hard to watch. I watched the first 2 replays and then I couldn't anymore. He should retire. He's a great guy but he keeps getting injured. I told my daughter he was Mr. Glass right before the fight and then that happens on the first strike. Crazy. 3. Shevchenko was so dominant against Andrade. I thought Andrade would have a good chance if she could clinch but Shevchenko just dominated. She's amazing. I love her socia
  7. I built this blind platform. It's only 4.5 feet high. Do I need to anchor it? If so, what's the best method
  8. I have a farm in Md about 2.75 hrs from my house. I wanted to put something up to spend time during season. I bought a 10x12 shed. Insulated it. Added a small solar system and a generator hook up for my honda. No water. Camping toilet. Mr. Buddy for heat. Microwave, coffee maker, and vacuum need the genny. Everything else runs on solar
  9. I'm not a huge fan of unions...esp public sector unions. But, I'm not gonna shit a working man trying to get the best deal he can. If you think your union is working for you in the long term, good for you.
  10. Got a new farm to hunt this year. I'm not 100% sure of the right spots to set up. I decided to give this a shot. Figured it would be easier to move than a full shooting house. I'm not sure it was cost effective....lumber prices are crazy.
  11. Apparently, Stork mothers eliminate the weakest when they have more children than they can care for
  12. I understood his original post as saying if he's stays until 2023, he will get $439 more per month for the rest of his life vs. If he retires now. If that's correct, then my logic is definitely not flawed. However, I may have misunderstood what he said.
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