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  1. dlist777

    11/17 live bow hunt

    Trying the decoy again. Have had yearling bucks check it out each time....hoping for a bigger one
  2. I've always tried to get to my hunting spot 30-60 mins before first light. But, I'm starting to question that strategy. I got to my stand early the other day and watched a fellow hunter come in a few minutes later with his light on. It was just alot of noise and that light really penetrates. I'm real careful about my approach. I don't walk through fields in the morning; I always have some type of access point to avoid blowing them off of feeding areas. But, I've never really seen a first light buck. I'm thinking I'm just blowing them out on my way in (esp when I'm using a portable) just through noise and headlamp. I'm wondering if isn't a better strategy to just wait until right at first light and then start moving in with no light. I might miss a few minutes of shooting light but I probably reduce my chances of being detected 5x. Thoughts?
  3. dlist777

    Man vs moose

    That moose is a total puss.
  4. dlist777

    Buck Down-Recovery Continuing post from last night

    Great recovery. Shoot what makes you happy.
  5. The election results were not all that bad. GOP expands Senate majority meaning judge confirmations get easier (not just supreme court, all federal courts matter). For a guy who thinks most government action is bad, gridlock with a split congress is OK. And, 2 years of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi probably helps GOP in 2020. I can't believe NJ re-elected Menendez. I mean, I believe it but.....come on man!
  6. dlist777

    Safety Harnesses?

    For anyone still following this thread. I found this climbing harness with loops. The loops are rated 5k lbs.
  7. 1 for 2. First one was a 3 day muzzy trip. I saw 3 shooter bucks and shot one on the last day with 5 minutes of light left. Second trip was shotgun and I didn't see much (2.5 days). But, both times it seemed like most guys at camp had at least a shot opportunity on a buck. They have good set ups and seem to put in the effort. I am kind of done with outfitter hunts but If I did another I would go back to Talbot County.
  8. I've been there 2x. Quality operation. Corey is a good guy.
  9. dlist777

    Medicare ?

    Oh, one other thing. Again, this info may be old...but my recollection is Medicare will pay for some home health care (where an aid will come out several hours a day). So, that might be an option for you as well and be less disruptive (and possible less expensive).
  10. dlist777

    Medicare ?

    There are rules. I believe she is allowed to keep some assets. Like a certain amount in investment account and a certain amount of equity in a home. So, I think it depends how much her home is worth. But, again, the admissions people will know all the latest rules....
  11. dlist777

    Medicare ?

    I used to be in the senior housing / nursing industry so things might be different now. But, when I was in, Medicare will only cover a limited amount of nursing care (say 60 days). Then, you mother will have to spend her own money down to a certain point where she qualifies for Medicaid. Then, Medicaid will take over. The admissions office of any nursing home can fully go through your mother situation and let you know.
  12. dlist777

    VA Muzzle Loader Opener

    What a great time of the year to have a muzzy season. I'll have to look into hunting VA. Good luck!
  13. dlist777

    Safety Harnesses?

    I started using a rock climbing harness last year. I prefer it over a TMA harness. It seems like a lot of people who use the standard TMA harness get quite animated against rock climbing harnesses. But, I've never really heard of anyone who uses a rock climbing harness that has said the TMA harness was better..... Just climb 5 feet with a TMA harness and step off your climber. See how much it hurts and how awkward it is to recover. Do the same with rock climbing harness. You'll see the difference. Only downside of rock climbing harness is no lineman loops. I added my own. Some people don't like to modify so don't do that. Make your own judgment. https://www.njwoodsandwater.com/topic/24328-climbing-harness-set-up/?tab=comments#comment-304860
  14. dlist777

    First use of buck decoy

    Beans. I guess I figured a mature buck would be like the decoy. A bit higher than that yearling buck. Its 25 yards with a xbow. I figured it wouldn't have much impact on the arrow at the end. But you're probably right....should use from a stand next time.