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  1. I agree with Rug. Ballsack. Or maybe taint area....
  2. No trespassing signs are just a giant bluff. If you have the balls and are a scumbag, you can just ignore them and treat someone else's private property as your own. It is very very unlikely you will ever pay a price.
  3. To throw off competing hunters....
  4. I live in PA and have a place in the Poconos. I hunt 3D. I second a lot of what Stan says. Tons and tons of public land to hunt. I don't hunt much in PA anymore but when I did, I hunted Tobyhanna state park which blends right into Goldsboro and several state games lands. It has to be 20,000 acres contiguous at least. I rarely see another guy when I'm hunting out there. I mean rare (pretty much never) But, it is hard hunting. You gotta look at it as a test of your skills....I feel like harvesting a doe with a bow is a real accomplishment. If you really want horns, you may be disappointed. PA has a much shorter season and no Sunday hunting (which is the main reason I don't hunt PA much).
  5. This is a really good piece of local reporting done by Seattle local news. Their city is dying due a series of really bad decisions made by local politicians. It's an hour long. If you want to see the part that kind of sums it up, watch from 14:36 - 17:10. Watch the part where the police "try" to arrest the guy. They have been so hogtied by politicians, they are completely emasculated. It is sad....and horrible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpAi70WWBlw&t=1817s
  6. Lol. That just so I know where to place my ATV ramps.... Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. Wanted to bring my tools in my truck under the tonneau cover. Redneck solution. Two bins with PVC skids attached via 2x4s. Jet sleds are "drawers". The hook pulls it out and can push back in. In the video, I'm going it one handed. https://youtu.be/JwT0PoP-p-A
  8. Not sure if this is it, but I saw on Twitter this morning he's going to propose that gun license costs go from whatever they are now to $550.
  9. So, this means in 48 hours we're all gonna see split screen vids of porn on one side and lunatic whacking it hard on the other? Please...Lunatic....for the love of all that is good....pay the man!
  10. They'll just keep walking all over you. Assholes are assholes. They never change. You're just going to have to tell them you don't want them over and you're spending private time with your family. If it pisses them off, what can you.
  11. I'll take a risk and wade into a complicated topic. Everyone seems to be of the opinion that all cops are angels or all cops are bully criminals. I think its more complex and muddled. I've been pulled over a few times and my interactions with police have been nothing but professional. Of course, I give respect (that was what I was taught). I follow commands and don't make every interaction a conflict or an argument over the constitution. When taking this approach, I find I am treated with respect in return. I try to put myself in the cop's shoes. He doesn't know I'm a family man who follows the rules. His guard is up; as it should be. To be fair though, I feel like when I was growing up in the 80s there was a blind allegiance to law enforcement. They could do no wrong. When there was a shooting it was always the criminal reaching for a gun or something like that. Cops stuck together no matter how bad a situation looked. Prosecutors turned a blind eye because they were conflicted as well. Cell phone video kind of changed that. It opened a lot of our eyes that some small percentage of cops aren't good people or don't have the temperament for the job. I have tons of respect for cops. It's a hard job. I couldn't do it. But, it is a volunteer profession and I think you need to live up to the high standards or find other work. There is no shame in saying I can't be an LEO. There is other meaningful work out there. For a while after all the videos came out, cops still stuck together and defended even the worst behavior. Although totally understandable, it was not a good approach. Other professions have bad people. Accountants and lawyers commit fraud sometimes. When they do, they suffer the consequences. You don't see the professions defending the criminal behavior. That's the same way it should be for cops. Also, the blind allegiance degraded the public's trust of law enforcement which is a really bad thing for everyone. Now, it seems to be moving in the right direction. You see more and more stories where there is LEO bad behavior but there are also consequences. That's the way it should be. And not every bad situation involving a cop is a crime. Sometimes they make a mistake but its not criminal. However, you don't need to commit a crime to get fired from most jobs. So, sometimes the conclusion should be: yeah, that's not a crime; but you don't have what it takes to be a cop. Anyway, to sum it up: I think we're actually moving into a more healthy place for both LEOs and regular citizens. We shouldn't over state these instances of bad behavior...especially when it is being punished.
  12. I use it this way all the time. Haul deer out this way too.
  13. I've owned a lot of trailers..... Two other things to consider: single axle vs. tandem. Tandem is a bit safer since a flat won't be as big an issue. I don't usually worry about it too much...I've owned both and drove for tens of thousands of miles and never had an issue but some worry about this. Of course, your main maintenance is brakes (if applicable) and re-packing the bearings so tandem is going to be a bit more work than single. Your 6x10's are probably all single. 6x12's probably come in both versions. Type: If you have ATVs, some trailers have a flexible ramp system where you can load from the rear or the sides (to fit 2 ATVs instead of 1). Not sure if that's an issue. I had one like that that had removable sides so I could put the sides on when I was just hauling crap or remove when I wanted to load 4 wheelers. If you don't go 4 wheeling a rear load with permanent sides is fine.
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