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  1. dlist777

    Looking to buy a bicycle

    Good choice. I bought mine at walmart too. Some people spend thousands on bikes and clothes. I pay $100-$150 and wear whatever I have on. My bike is probably heavy, but I'm just doing it for exercise. Not trying to win a race.
  2. $300. Total cost new is $400 for blind and $60 for console. Both unopened and in box. Just ordered one too many. Can meet at the Dollar Tree in Washington Township (see pic below).
  3. dlist777

    Interesting Gun Ownership Stats

    Pew survey shows the most households ever that reported owning a gun: http://freebeacon.com/issues/poll-americans-gun-home-ever/
  4. From Stephen Gutowski: I don't think people really understand how many guns American civilians own. The Small Arms Survey was just updated this week and found there are about 400 million civilian-owned guns in the US. This, of course, makes is by far the #1 in civilian gun ownership in the world with the next closest being India at about 70 million. There are more civilian-owned guns in the US than their are people Most people, I think, understand that but don't really grasp what it means. Every law enforcement agency in America combined have about 1 million firearms in their inventory. That means American civilians have about 400 TIMES as many firearms as American police. In May alone, American civilians bought somewhere around 2 million firearms. That's twice as many firearms as every police department in America combined IN A SINGLE MONTH. Similarly, the American military is estimated to hold about 4.5 million firearms. That means American civilians have 100 TIMES as many firearms as every branch of the American military COMBINED. If you combine May and April's gun-related background check numbers you get 4.7 million. That means the American public bought more guns IN JUST THE LAST TWO MONTHS than the entire American military has on hand. Furthermore, the Small Arms Survey estimates all the world's law enforcement agencies combined hold about 22.7 million guns. In 2017 alone, the FBI processed 25.2 million gun checks. The American public bought more guns in 2017 than every police agency in the world combined. Between 2012 and 2017, the FBI did more than 135 million civilian gun checks. That's more than the estimated 133 million guns held by ALL THE WORLD'S MILITARIES COMBINED. Over the last 5 years, the American public purchased more guns than every military force on the planet combined. See the small arms survey: http://freebeacon.com/culture/report-nearly-400-million-civilian-owned-guns-america/
  5. dlist777

    Activist Approaches Fisherman

    I think these internet posts give us a distorted view. Yes, this guy was a total dbag. But, don't get overly worked up about it. This is a tiny population. First of all, as more and more diet info gets out there, people are finding out the vegan and vegetarian diets are not very good for you. Second, I think this kind of extremism just makes them look worse. Some other facts: 1. 3.2% of Americans are vegetarians. Interestingly, over 1/3 of vegetarians admit to eating meat when they are drunk! https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/vegetarians-eat-meat-drunk-survey_us_56167f34e4b0e66ad4c69f50 2. 0.5% of Americans are vegans. 3. American meat consumption is hitting an all time high. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-02/have-a-meaty-new-year-americans-will-eat-record-amount-in-2018
  6. dlist777

    Nice One on Cam

    $130. Then, I think it's $25 each for a muzzy stamp, an archery stamp, and a bonus buck stamp. You get 2 bucks with the base license (limited to only one in each season: rifle/shotgun vs. archery vs. muzzy). You can get a 3rd buck with the bonus stamp which you can use in any season. So, $205 if you want everything.
  7. Late night shows aren't even comedy anymore. They just try to get applause for telling lefties what they already believe. Laughs aren't even the goal...
  8. dlist777

    Nice One on Cam

    1st yr on this prop
  9. dlist777

    Nice One on Cam

    He's growing.
  10. dlist777

    NoKo DeNuke

    The liberal coverage is so expected......"bland agreement"...."not enough specifics".... of course if Obama had signed it the coverage would be totally different. There really is no unbiased news now (probably never was...it was just a sham). Any agreement could always be better...but this is undoubtedly a good thing....a step in the right direction. Trump derangement syndrome sufferers can't even admit it.
  11. dlist777


    I'm a caps fan (grew up in DC suburbs). My dad had season tickets. In the 80s, 4 out 5 Patrick Division teams would make the playoffs...yet the caps routinely came in last. When the caps played the Rangers or Flyers, there were more visiting fans in the Cap Centre. Most games, the most interesting thing was to see if Rod Langway would get his head bashed in or not. I'm glad to see them finally win a cup. It's great to see Ovi finally get that monkey off his back. Take a look at his shirt. A native Russian showing respect for our flag.
  12. dlist777

    Big Racks (Deer)

    That PA buck gives me hope. The guy got into his stand at 3:45 and had no idea a big buck was in the area. Wasn't like he was following this buck for 3 years on cams etc. At 5:00pm he had his trophy.
  13. just sayin...... If Trump is a Nazi...its some new type I've never heard of.