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    Boy....that seems a bit cruel to create a monster like that. He probably can barely keep his head up. I also don't get why people would want to shoot one like that...it's not like anyone is going to think you shot it in the wild. But...its a free country.....or it used to be
  2. Peeing is not an issue for me. Pooping...gotta climb down.
  3. I forgot...I had an old thread on here on the JX-3.: https://www.njwoodsandwater.com/forums/topic/39107-jx-3-hybrid/?tab=comments#comment-549240 To answer your question above...I now use only 3 or 4 sticks when I'm going to a tree I have not pre-set (I have 5 in the pics in the thread above). You can use steps or bolts if you want also. Now..80% of the time I'm walking to a tree with a pre-set set of heavy metal sticks already on the tree.
  4. I've used this for 3 years now and love it. It's not as weight / bulk saving as the minimalist saddles, but it's very comfortable and pretty versatile ( makes a good ground seat too). I posted a thread on saddlehunter about it (below). PM me if you have any questions. I hunt with a xbow out of it and a gun. I no longer use my climber nor my hang on (millenium m60). Even at my farm, I mostly just set up trees with pre-set sticks and still use my JX-3. https://saddlehunter.com/community/index.php?threads/jx-3-info-for-new-users.27363/
  5. I use the JX3 which is kind of 1/2 saddle and 1/2 treestand. I love it. I use it mainly with pre set sticks but do run and gun too. I hunt with a xbow and gun and I really like being able to hide behind the tree trunk and just move out when I'm ready to shoot. I haven't used my climber since I started saddle hunting (nor a hang on)
  6. Iron will fixed blades. I really like them. They kind of give me confidence to go real tight to the shoulder vs. mechanical. I don't know...shooting is such a mental thing...I used to worry about hitting the shoulder so much I'd end out moving my POA a little back and had a few liver shots / dramatic recoveries. Fixed also takes one less worry out of my mind (not opening / premature opening). They fly real good out of my Ravin R10 out to about 50. Longer distances they start to spread out vs. mechanical. That's the exit would above...he was slightly quartering to so the entrance was right in divot under/behind the shoulder.
  7. No. It's been so hot down there I'm kind of trying to stay out....I have some nice bucks on cam...but only night pics now...
  8. With the hot weather I haven't been seeing much this season. Went out today and got to the stand around 330p. Around 430 deer started coming by... yearling bucks and does. They were all around me for an hour which was starting to stress me out. A doe must have winded me and started blowing and they all ran off. At 630, this guy came by and gave me a nice shot. He took like 5 steps after the shot.. stopped...and was looking for me. He had no idea what happened. I was like....did I miss? Nah.... Then his legs started shaking and he was down. Sure makes recovery easy... Good to be on the board
  9. Yup..had a few moultries awhile back. Nothing but problems.
  10. I can't say which is best, but I can say I've used 270 when I hunt areas that allow centerfire rifles. Very accurate and I've recovered every deer I shot (most on the spot with it). Recoil is pretty mild so its easy to shoot accurately. Ammo is everywhere.
  11. I am hunting primarily from the ground this season from various pop up ground blinds (some right on the ground and some on a 4 foot platform). The blinds I own have no zippers on the windows. The only zippers are on the "door". Entry and exit are noisy. Any suggestions about quieting down a ground blind zipper? Anyone replace with clips or anything?
  12. No breach plug is kind if cool. If they could come up with a muzzy that cleaned itself I'd definitely buy.
  13. I tried to purchase last year and there was a huge backlog so I didn't order. Not sure if things have cleared up. I would buy this. I'm not a fan of muzzies but I like to hunt so I hunt with a muzzy. This would make things easier.
  14. I also believe he was one of the few who stood for the national anthem during the BLM kneeling protests Start at 2:08 https://youtu.be/gteFcUlxjyY
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