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  1. dlist777

    Tagged out 09/19

    That's pretty incredible man. Congrats.
  2. dlist777

    Hunting the Wind

    I try my best to to hunt the wind. Although I have to admit, I often don't have my bucks patterns really nailed down. So, I'm really just making an educated guess as to how I think their travelling through the property.
  3. OK. So, maybe just a note then? Maybe he does have the right to be there...maybe not. But if he calls you you'll get more info and if he does at least you can see if he'll avoid disturbing your spots... if he doesn't then you can decide what to do going forward.... Just a thought...vs calling cops and dealing with all that hassle.
  4. Post these pictures on a few trees in a ziploc bag with a note for him to call you. He's not stealing your stuff and he's not hunting your spot. Maybe there is a way to just work it out with him.
  5. dlist777

    Dark side / hang on tree stand

    I wrap a double loop around the stock so I can hang it arrow down. I dont like to hang it from the stirrup with the arrow up. I've tried steady eddy and bringing a shooting stick in a hang on, never liked it. Too restricting and one more thing to think about when shooting. When in a hangon, I'm shooting off hand. I try to rest an elbow on my knee or belly if possible. I keep my shot distance close when in a hangon.
  6. dlist777

    Venison Ribs

    Stupid Question: When I drop a deer of at the butcher, I never get ribs back. Do they just throw them away?
  7. dlist777

    Gun deaths in US are primarily suicides

    Yes, gun control advocates love to include suicides in the # because it triples the number. Also, they'll make claims that obvious reverse cause and effect. They'll say "Having a gun in the home increases the chance of suicide by XXX%". Of course, that's ridiculous. Did you all of the sudden feel more suicidal the first time you bought a gun? No. People who want to commit suicide use whatever method is available. Or people who are otherwise suicidal, buy guns to kill themselves. But, the gun isn't the cause.
  8. dlist777

    HHA Speed Dial in a ground blind

    I started using a single dot scope with an HHA speed dial this year (MD). I didn't have any problem seeing the markings in a treestand. But, I hunted in a ground blind and the markers were hard to see even at full light. I ordered some glow in the dark tape and put it on the dial just to the right of the markers. I couldn't draw on the glow in the dark tape, so I cut tiny pieces of electrical tape to mark at each 10 yard increment. The glow from the tape. actually pretty much illuminates the speed dial (I'm not sure you need the electrical tape markers). Just thought I'd post this up if anyone else has this issue..... If anyone has come up with a better solution, please post up. The dark picture was taken in a bathroom with the door 90% closed. Probably darker then a blind is most of the day. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076RNFK24/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. dlist777

    Climbing Harness Set Up

    11mm static line (REI.com). Its about 3 feet. It was probably 4 or 5 feet before I started trying the loops. Another option is to just use your linemans rope as the extension. It will be adjustable then....but I find that set up a bit difficult to get from the my sticks into the stand safely.
  10. dlist777

    Recall Booker

    Booker is another political abomination that NJ has foisted on the country (present company excluded of course).
  11. dlist777


    If they came up with a cloaking device that would fool all of a whitetail's senses, then I'd have much better things to do with it then hunt. But no, I wouldn't use it to hunt. Whats the point then? Where's the challenge?
  12. dlist777


    Carry 3. Used 2 once. First one was a spine shot.
  13. Maybe the admin can keep a roster of companies we need to boycott right under the season countdown so I can remember.....
  14. What is the deal with these companies? Why does a jeans company even have to weigh in on gun control? Just make your product and cash checks. Sheesh. If the shareholders or owners want to donate to political causes, go ahead. It just seems like a poor business decision to do this. But, what do I know. I'm running out of brain space to remember all the companies I have to boycott...... Remember the 80's when you barely knew what companies thought about politics or what other people did? I miss that.....