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  1. That makes no sense to me either
  2. I have an econ degree. But, you don't need an expert here, common sense will tell you the truth no matter what the government and media tell you. 1. Inflation is caused by printing money. Rising consumer prices are a symptom of inflation...they are NOT inflation. If you increase the money supply you have inflation by definition. 2. When you print money, you have more money chasing the same amount of stuff, so the price of stuff goes up. 3. Stuff includes everything from tampons to lumber to gas to stocks to bitcoin. So, stock prices going up isn't a cause of inflation, it's a result or symptom of inflation. 4. Of course, other factors determine the price of stuff (like supply for example), so not everything goes up in price and those that do don't do so evenly. 5. Note: Most economists consider M2 to be the money supply not M1. So, that M1 chart previously shared is terrifying. The m2 chart is bad too...but a little more gradual. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/M2REAL 6. When the government spends money and increases taxes by an equal amount, that won't create inflation. It may be bad for other reasons, but it won't create inflation. 7. When the government spends money and borrows (from other than the fed), this is not inflationary. Investors are giving the money to the government so no new money is created. But, what it does is increase the interest on the debt. This then incentivizes the fed to buy treasuries (which is printing money) to keep interest down. Then, THAT causes inflation. 8. There is only so long this can go on before it collapses.
  3. He is doing a thing. He's pushing more and more spending financed by fed money printing.
  4. dlist777

    Ticks Suck

    Thanks all. Yes...at this point we're not sure if I'm infected. I believe the tick was on me for at least 24 hrs ( possibly 48) based on when I went into the woods and when I found it. The test described it as "semi engorged". RMSF is no joke and can be fatal if not treated. But with a short treatment of antibiotics I should be fine with no long term issues. I don't have any symptoms yet. But I'll be starting on the antibiotics tomorrow.
  5. dlist777

    Ticks Suck

    I use permuthin and check myself after going in the woods. Found one on my scalp. Removed it and got it tested..... Having a stiff drink now....
  6. There are others talking about it. Check out these people (they are mostly left leaning but fair / honest / consistent): 1. Glen Greenwald. 2. Matt Talibi 3. Krystal and Saagar 4. Michael Tracey If you are on Twitter, they are all good follows. Krystal and Saagar have a show on YouTube which is quite good. It's definitely left leaning and I disagree with alot of what they say, but they are all over this story and their arguments / logic are consistent. The main stream media (excl Fox) is literally nothing more than the DNC press office now. But, why GOP senators are not all over it? I don't know.
  7. McGregor is 3-4 in his last 7. He always has an excuse
  8. Definitely want Porier. Go look at his last 6 or 7 fights and who he's fought. Connor hasn't won much lately. Mostly hype. But he's always dangerous....
  9. dlist777

    Green Energy

    In general, it's probably a very close call right now (total cost EV vs. total cost regular vehicle). It depends on a lot of specifics. I think you won't see a big difference either way. So, go with what you feel is best now. Probably when you're in the market the next time, the cost trade off will be much clearer.
  10. dlist777

    Green Energy

    Just a couple of general points: 1. It is true that the electric car is being charged on the grid and the grid uses about 65% fossil fuels right now. But, of course a normal car uses 100% fossil fuels. And, a big component of the 65% of the grid is natural gas which releases much less carbon that burning fuel. 2. An electric motor is WAY more efficient than an internal combustion engine....ignoring the source of the energy. An electric motor uses current and magnets to spin. So, it starts with circular motion. An internal combustion engine uses combustion to make pistons move up and down and then must convert that energy into circular motion / twisting force. A lot of efficiency is lost in the process. This is one of the reasons you see these crazy fast 0-60 times on electric vehicles. So, even when it's using some brown energy from the grid, it's using less than a standard vehicle. 3. The grid will become more green over time. Coal is going down each year so the electric vehicle will get "more green" over time where the standard vehicle will remain 100% brown. 4. An electric motor is very simple. An internal combustion engine is complex. Repairs and maintenance are more frequent and more costly with standard vehicles. Where is the cost today? EV's cost more initially and then you save money over time. Where's the pay back period? I don't know. It's constantly changing. But the numbers are moving in favor of electric over time. Batteries are getting better and cheaper. Charging options are improving. The market and technology is moving us that way. It's a good thing. I might not quite be obvious in the costs yet, but it's very close and getting better. Plus it is better for the environment.
  11. I have no problem with that at all. But to be fair, that isn't what bent dick gomez said. He said it was ridiculous to spend that on a scope for a crossbow that wouldn't be shot more than 50 yards (unless you had Oprah money).
  12. Willards. Between OC and salisbury
  13. We had really heavy rains and winds yesterday. I didn't notice any problems. I didn't run tests but I was streaming all day.
  14. My property is on the MD eastern shore. I got thr dish within a month. I would put in a support request by logging into your account.
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