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  1. I've tested out the DFI by accident. You might want to bring it to a shop for an inspection. A dry fire can damage the limbs or cams; not just breaking the string.... I had a scorpyd once that I had a partial dry fire. I had loaded the arrow but I guess I hadn't clipped it on the string perfectly. It broke the string like yours. Scorpyd told me to send it in for inspection and they ended out having the replace a limb. They told me (I'm not an expert) that nearly every time a dry fire happens hairline cracks develop in limbs....
  2. There was actually one years ago. It was only 75% effective and of course a bunch of people claimed it gave them some problems and they sued the company into bankruptcy. That experience is mainly why no for profit company has really been working on this....hopefully this pans out.
  3. Agree 100%. This is such a classic internet argument. Lunatic says something. DV1 takes it out of context, twists it, changes it into something Lunatic wasn't even saying. Then DV1 argues Lunatic is an ahole for saying it. Then, when confronted, he keeps arguing against a point that NO ONE MADE....instead of saying: 'my bad, i misunderstood what he meant.' Of course, add in a few statements about how the readers are too dense to get his point.
  4. Sold Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  5. I have an unopened set of Rage 125 grain Hypodermics. 3 broadheads and a practice head. $30 to your door. Mail via USPS. PayPal friends and family or Venmo.
  6. dlist777

    tree stands

    If you want to hunt multiple locations with a single stand, then ladder stands are out of the question. You then have to decide between (1) climber; (2) hang on w/ sticks. A climber will be easier to set up and generally more comfortable. But, you are limited to trees w/o branches (or rather you can only go as high as the first branch that you can't remove). This can be quite limiting. If I had to work with a single stand, I'd go with a hang on and sticks. For sticks you got 3 popular options: (i) lone wolf; (ii) hawk helium; (iii) muddy. They all have their advantages / disadvantages, but I prefer lone wolf. I go with a set of 4 sticks. In terms of light weight hang on stands, I'd look at: Lone Wolf, XOP, and millenium (m60u / m7)
  7. This moron is going to resist all attempts at education. He/she has made up his/her mind and facts are irrelevant.
  8. Answer: Very. Very stupid.
  9. There is nothing illegal about baiting before season. You really don't know what you're talking about.
  10. 150 ft with a bow / 450 ft with a gun unless there is some overriding rule from the local township.
  11. Kind of seems like you should be removed from P&Y record books under the assumption that once you're a F&CKING POACHER....always a F&CKING POACHER!
  12. Its just a sign that these mass shootings are eroding 2A support amongst the general population. The libs will just move to slowly ban one thing after another. As each ban fails to change anything, instead of saying "Gee I guess we were wrong"; they'll just say "we didn't ban enough; let's ban more stuff". Sad...but its the way its going.
  13. I have never shot this but have heard great things about it. Some say the trigger is a little sloppy, but I think there is a mod or fix you can do for that: https://www.amazon.com/CenterPoint-Sniper-370-Crossbow-Package/dp/B07674HGQP
  14. I love when people offer new ideas / businesses to give us more options. So, don't take the following as criticism. The issue for me would be: am I just paying $100 to essentially hunt public land. I understand that I have a spot when I get there...so that's cool. But, has the property been trampled by tons of hunters every day of the season so that I'm going to be watching tumbleweeds blow through the place? Also, how do I scout the property in advance....if I'm not allowed (which I understand as there will be others there), its just a blind crapshoot for me. I'd say no to this and just hunt public. That is just me. Others may think differently. I'm just giving you some feedback to think through....
  15. Haskell: check this bow out. I have one but haven't hunted with it yet so I don't want to recommend. It uses regular arrows with regular arrow nocks. Adjustable limbs and you can change the strings w/o a press (I've actually done that). This guy's YouTube channel is great too:
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