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  1. Jeez though....that means he wants one of the other dems? They are flat out socialists. We are [email protected] if one of them becomes President.
  2. Its a good thing. They show their true colors. Average people who don't follow too closely see this crap and do not identify with these folks. They may feel bad about "kids in cages" but they don't want the US to become mexico. Let these idiots carry on. They're only hurting their own cause.
  3. You don't need the spring loaded clip. Its more about the bulk savings, weight savings, and one less thing to bang against and make noise. It's all trade offs in hunting....
  4. I think its mainly designed to use with a climber to replace your tether. So, you cinch it around the tree and move up as you climb. With sticks, if you are placing them as you climb, you can do the same. For my pre-set hang ons (with sticks already set), I would hook it into my safety line while I went up. If you don't have a pre-set safety line, then you just use when you get to hunting height. That said, I don't use a climber much anymore and so I really stopped using this due to bulk. I figure if I'm hanging from harness with sticks I should be able to get back to them. I know there are times you can't....I have some other fail safes if that's the case....
  5. Or the giant doyle's hoist / dog leash. Check this out:
  6. It's great. I have one. I dont use it much because of the bulk....but it is the best controlled descent system out there that I've found.
  7. Curious: Do you leave the upper bolts in all season and then take down after season? Or, just leave them in all year?
  8. I posted a while back about falling when using my lineman's belt. The bottom line is a lineman's belt is more like a "third hand" and not designed to stop your fall once it starts. You can go straight down if your climbing method fails. I saw this thread on saddlehunter. I thought I'd pass it along. This guy created a tree choke (I'm sure he didn't invent it and it's been around for a while, blah, blah, blah). I just thought I'd pass it on for those who don't know about it. It seems simple and I believe it turns a lineman's belt into something that would also function like a tree tether. I think this would work great with screw in or rope steps or bolts. For sticks, I think it might not work as good practically. I feel like it would get in the way too much. For sticks, I'll probably just use my tether as a backup and move it up above the sticks as I set them. Anyway, just passing on info... He uses a ring on one side, but I think you could just use 2 beaners and get the same result.
  9. I'm trying out saddle hunting this year, but I won't be doing this method of climbing (DRT or SRT). Throwing ropes into the trees just seems too much of a hassle vs. climbing sticks or treehopper bolts. Plus it seems pretty noisy.
  10. Anyone use this system (drill and bolts) to climb trees? I have a private parcel where I can drill trees. But, it's a friend of the family and I dont want kill these trees? If you've used it, let me know if you've seen it kill trees....
  11. This whole reparations discussion sickens me. It raises so many stupid questions: Why should I have to pay for something that other white people did 150 years ago? Just because my skin tone is the same as the bad guys? What if I have no connection to slavery in my ancestry? Why does it even matter if my great great great grandfather was a bad guy? Why should someone get a benefit when they weren't a victim? What if someone stole shit from my great grandfather, do I get money? What about people who are half black / half white? Do they pay themselves? What about black people whose ancestors weren't slaves? What about black people who are doing great despite what happened to their ancestors? Do asians, native americans, latinos have to pay too? This will make racial division / strife even worse. Can you imagine some poor white person / asian / latino seeing their taxes go up to pay for housing for some other people who weren't even victims of a crime? So, they have to live in a trailer while some black guy gets a nice new house? It will tear this country apart. I don't mind helping poor people regardless of their race, but this race based reparations is unconscionable. Rant over.
  12. I guess I kind of won a mini Darwin award this weekend. I was cleaning out my garage and I had an old can of bear spray sitting in a jet sled. I was moving some metal climbing sticks and threw one of them into the jet sled. Well, it punctured the can and out came an entire can of bear spray. By the time the sound of the spray reached my ears my face was ON FIRE. That shit hurts! I know LEOs and Marines have to get sprayed (or at least that's what I heard)...respect to them. Washing my face with soap and water for about 20 minutes over and over again finally got some relief. But, here's the kicker.... the next morning I was out doing some work in the yard and started sweating and it was like getting sprayed all over again. The stuff is an oil and I guess the sweat reactivated it. So, if this ever happens to you, keep washing even after you feel better. And you gotta use soap, water by itself really doesn't do much. The good news is both my daughters carry mace with them (they go to school in the city), it seems pretty effective. I'm not sure how anyone could continue attacking someone after getting sprayed but I'm sure there are some....
  13. I own one. I like it (posted a review a while back: https://www.njwoodsandwater.com/forums/topic/14600-hawk-crawler-deer-cart-review/?tab=comments#comment-155077 However, I pretty much just use by jet sled. It's just more versatile and takes up less space and weighs nothing. I would say the crawler is the best cart I've owned...but I still choose sled over cart most times....
  14. I have no respect for "no consequence" political protests. She doesnt stand for the anthem, that's fine. It's her right. But then she plays for the US team? If she really believed her own BS she wouldn't have played for the US NATIONAL TEAM. But sitting out the world cup would have been an actual sacrifice.
  15. The only bright side to this is that they are really wearing out the racism charge. I don't think the far left really understands. When middle of the road people start hearing things like this called racist, or people that they know are not actually racist being called racist, it just makes the charge meaningless. Like the "boy who cried wolf". Basically, if you are a free thinker or have any independent thought (and engage with a lefty at all), they will eventually call you a racist or bigot. People are losing interest in it and it's becoming meaningless.
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