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  1. No rifle permits in PA. That's a NJ thing...
  2. I'm still relatively new. An adult onset hunter. Last season was my 6th. I use a xbow, but I think some of this will apply to you as well... My first few seasons I had a few clean misses and one hit and non-recovered doe even though I hunt with a xbow, keep my shots close, and practice. I had to take a day off of work and crawl through thorn bushes and frag to track that doe and never found her. I was so angry with myself I was pretty close to quitting. I spent the next week thinking about what the heck I did wrong. The answer was nearly everything. But, it all stemmed from this feeling that I wasn't going to see a deer again and the pressure of not blowing an opportunity. I finally came to realize that I didn't have to take a shot. There are plenty of deer and I was definitely going to see one again. Now, I really wait till everything is perfect and I make sure I pick a spot and take a moment before I pull the trigger. If the shot doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. No big deal. I'll get another crack later. I went 5 for 5 last season. 5 shots. 5 dead deer. 5 "no-drama" recoveries. No dogs were needed. No deer spent the night in the woods.
  3. Just an FYI for guys who hunt PA as well....just got my PA license.... 1. Sunday Hunting is here! Actually just 3 Sundays , 1 during firearms, 1 during archery, and 1 during bear. 2, They did add a few days to archery so it ends 11/20 now which gives you a bit more of the rut. Also, archery bear is extended a week. 3. It's looking pretty likely (although not a done deal yet) that they will outlaw all deer feeding including mineral sites even during the offseason to combat CWD. That's just a proposed reg right now as far as I can tell. https://www.pgc.pa.gov/Wildlife/Wildlife-RelatedDiseases/Pages/Please-Don't-Feed.aspx#:~:text=It is unlawful to intentionally,minerals that may cause big
  4. If you want to do MD Eastern Shore, I would recommend Talbot County Outtfitters. I did 2 whitetail hunts with them. I think they do Sika too.
  5. Check it out. Turn your sound up too. Check out the buck at 4:35 or so.
  6. It always bothered me that ten point advertises speed with a 370 grain arrow but sends you a 450 grain arrow with the package. Its just so disingenuous.
  7. Yeesh. Those cables are jacked. I wouldnt take another shot on those...
  8. I change mine every season no matter the appearance. I do it myself. I like to ensure ata and timing are perfect. I always wonder about "shots" being the correct metric. If I go hunting and cock the bow, leave it cocked for 5 hrs and then uncock, isn't that wearing my strings and cables?
  9. Congrats man. I've owned 3 ravens (currently own 2). Great bows. I recommend getting a press and learning to change strings and cables yourself. PM me if you want any info.
  10. I agree with you on 10 points. I didn't mean to offend by calling your reviews commercials. The other guy I was replying to was pointing out that you were much more negative on 10 point on this thread than you are in your reviews. I thought I was defending you....lol Dont be so sensitive
  11. I've owned 2 10 points (shadow ultra lite and nitro rdx) and 3 ravens (r15, r10, r26). Also owned a Scorpyd DS and a Hickory Creek Mini Inline. I agree with FA. 10 points are over priced and they have really heavy triggers which I hate. They also overstate the speed. As far as I can tell they use a 370 grain arrow for their speeds so they are slower if use 400 grain. Ravins use a 400 grain arrow. You have to use their arrows and the speeds have always matched up to what they advertised. If you want a top of the line bow, 10 points are not worth it in my experience. On another note....FA "reviews" are more like commercials as far as I can tell.
  12. Here is what a Ring of Steps looks like if you don't know....
  13. Here is the video: https://youtu.be/7wJeUiTKRQk
  14. Enough politics....let's get back to hunting: Last season I hunted about 40-50 times and all from a JX-3 Hybrid. I thought I’d give you guys a write up on it and let you know how it worked out. I hunted both private and public and hunt with a xbow, shotgun, and muzzy. Nearly all of my hunts were from a JX-3 (even a few from the ground). I got 2 bucks (both xbow) and 3 does (all shotgun) from the JX-3. I’ll make this pic heavy…. Note: I know some guys use a vertical with the JX-3, but I can’t really say what that would be like. So, this write up is limited to gun and xbow hunting. The JX-3 is classified as a hunting saddle, but it’s more of a cross between a millennium tree stand and a hunting saddle. You climb to heights using whatever method you like, and you set up a tether around the tree. You sit facing the tree with a fork/stand off keeping you off the tree. You are sitting, so there is no weight on your feet, but you need some type of ring of steps (ROS) to rest your feet on and to use to move around the tree for a shot. You can also use the JX-3 as a ground seat. You can pretty much use the JX-3 in any tree you would use a hang on stand in and then some. The JX-3 can deal with leaners better than a hang on and can handle smaller diameter trees than a hang on. But it can’t get into ‘any tree’ like some claim. Severe leaners make it uncomfortable and hard to get off a shot. Whatever climbing method you use for a hang on you can use with the JX-3. The main advantages to me vs. my hang on set up (which was a Millennium M60u) is: (a) I can hang the xbow from the bridge and have it at the ready all time. It moves around the tree with me as I get set up for a shot and there is very little movement to shoulder it (vs. hanging off a hook). Same thing with my binos and range finder. (b) I like the shot stability. I can rest on my bridge and the JX-3 webbing to get a steady shot with the xbow or gun. I tied to use all different types of shooting sticks, steady eddy, etc. from a hang on but always felt they made it worse versus just resting my elbow on my knee. The JX-3 definitely allows for a steadier shot. (c) You can use the tree to conceal. Basically, I try to set up so the deer are moving in front of me on the other side of the tree. So, if some does nor non-shooters come by, I can just move around the tree to keep them from seeing me. I still try to set up in cover if I can, but you can hunt from a telephone pole if you need to and you shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. (d) I feel I have more range of shooting with the JX-3 vs. a hang on. With a hang on it was very hard for me to shoot to my weak side with a xbow. I could never shoot lefty really good off hand. With the JX-3 and being able to rest on the webbing, I can shoot lefty no problem. Also shooting behind you is easier with the JX-3 than a hang on. One of the bucks I got last season was a lefty shot and it went right where I aimed. (e) Believe it or not, it’s more comfortable than a millennium, I can sit all day no problem. You can stand put your lineman’s belt on and stand on the ROS or just lean on the ROS if you want to stretch. (f) It doubles as a great ground seat. A lot of guys get into saddle hunting for weight savings. The JX-3 is not a real weight saver. I would say total weight is really no different than a lightweight mobile hang on. The JX-3 weighs 10 lbs. The other more minimalist saddles (Thethrd / AeroHunter, etc.) reduce weight, but the JX-3 not so much. Another comment about saddles in general: a lot of guys who get into saddles have some really “unique” ways of climbing trees (one sticking, single rope, double rope, aiders). How you climb the tree is really independent of saddle hunting. You can use a saddle with any climbing method you would use for a hang on. When I’m going mobile, I use beast sticks to climb and squirrel steps on an OCB as my ROS. When I have pre-sets, I have bolts set up in the tree as both the climbing method and ROS. I was mostly mobile last year. This year I set up more pre-sets now that I know what I’m doing a bit better. Here are a bunch of pics showing how I pack it, what it looks like when you’re walking out, and what it looks like when you are all set up. I also will attach a link by the DIY hunter which is a good video of the whole system. I wanted to wait until the season was over to post up a review as it’s kind of pointless to review gear until you’ve used it a while. I’m definitely sold on it and it’s going to be my main hunting method for the foreseeable future. Post up any questions you have…I’d be happy to answer honestly. First I’ll show some general JX-3 pics and then how I pack it up and use it. Also, there is a good video by DIY hunter which I’ll link to below.
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