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  1. Just in case you want a link: https://www.njfishandwildlife.com/news/2016/cwd_info08-16.htm Also, here is my email exchange with them: On Mon, Aug 13, 2018 at 1:13 PM DEP njfishandwildlife <[email protected]> wrote: The information on our website ( https://www.njfishandwildlife.com/news/2016/cwd_info08-16.htm ) indicates it would be OK as long as it is from a non-CWD area in MD. PT Paul Tarlowe, Wildlife Education Specialist NJ Div. of Fish and Wildlife 605 Pequest Rd. Oxford, NJ 07863 908-637-4125 x114 [email protected] www.njfishandwildlife.com www.facebook.com/njfishandwildlife -----Original Message----- ** FROM ** ** MESSAGE ** SUBJECT: Deer Carcass Importation I hunt in MD and NJ. My taxidermist is in NJ. If I kill a deer in MD, can I bring the cape and head into NJ (with brain matter still in place)? My read of the regulations is that I can so long as I'm not hunting in a disease management area of MD where movement of carcasses are subject to MD restrictions. I'm not. I'm hunting on the eastern shore where no CWD has yet been detected. Can you please confirm my understanding is correct?
  2. I did a lot of research on this last summer. I live in PA but hunt in MD and NJ and use a NJ taxidermist. MD & PA have CWD. I check with NJF&G. They said I could bring a buck back to a NJ taxidermist from a CWD state as far as they're concerned. Some states that have CWD may ban exporting the carcass. So, you need to check that. But so long as that is OK, NJ is OK with the import. PA and MD have CWD areas where exporting is limited or banned. But, if you hunt in the part of the states that are out of these "disease management zones", you can export. This is from the guide: Issued an advisory for New Jersey hunters bringing home venison from CWD-endemic states making it illegal to import into New Jersey a harvested deer carcass or deer parts from any state with CWD in wild deer unless strictly following that state’s CWD protocol. So, you need to follow the rules in the state you are hunting. Just as an aside, PA is different. I can not bring a buck back from MD. To be precise I can't bring the brain or spinal cord back. So, effectivley that means I need to either (a) skin and quarter it and leave the head and hide in the field; or (b) find a local processor / taxidermist.
  3. dlist777

    New hunting spot

    Personally (just me) I don't like hunting when the property owner has a quota. It just turns a pastime into a job for me. But I get it. The owner can do as he pleases I guess. Good for you; sucks for the other guy...
  4. Check out the video on this page. These animals are so tough! Video
  5. dlist777

    How much venison

    2 a year between my wife and I and some scraps for our dog.
  6. dlist777

    Test for What Kind of Hunter You Are

    If I want meat primarily, I shoot females. If I want meat plus antlers, I hunt bucks. So, to be honest if I had a buck and I was forced to choose and wouldn't be subject to wanton waste laws, I'd take the head.
  7. dlist777

    Baiting VS Non Baiting

    I generally don't like to impose my preferred methods on others. So, I'd like to keep it legal. I have noted that many other states allow baiting but only on private lands. If you're hunting private lands and you bait you're not really affecting others too much but on public you are having a more direct impact on other hunters. Also, I think baiting on public is what leads to many disputes about who gets to hunt where. A similar approach might be good for NJ too.
  8. dlist777

    450 BM advice/opinions

    I hunt in DE sometimes. They have a shotgun season and a pistol season. This year they allowed non semi auto rifles with straight walled "pistol caliber" cartridges. I'm always down for buying a new gun when the king changes his rules. It seems like alot of guys are buying rifles in Bushmaster 450. Anyone have one? Any recommendations? What can I expect as compared to a Savage 220 in terms of accuracy/effective range? The only real advantage is I could use it during their pistol season. I wont hunt deer with a pistol. For shotgun I typically use the 220 but would switch if the 450bm was more accurate.
  9. dlist777

    ...and there you have it!

    I could me missing a nuance here. I might be over simplifying things. I was just thinking along these lines: let's say we kill 50k deer a year and we want it to be 35k. Then just estimate the success rate ( assume 40 pct). Then issue tags accordingly ( 35k / 40 pct= 87.5k tags. Estimate license sales and set limit per license to hit those numbers. No need to change dates, weapons, etc. That's where we start splitting apart....
  10. dlist777

    ...and there you have it!

    This is where you lose me. This part is your opinion. If the season is too long for you; don't hunt some of it. It's like those guys on the PA forum still making convoluted arguments on why Sunday should be no hunting. At the end of the day, it's just because they don't want to hunt on Sundays. We agree the harvest is too large. The most direct way to reduce that is to reduce the quota/tags. I like as many opportunities to hunt as I can get with every type of weapon. Why impose someone's preferences on another when you can accomplish the goal via quotas/tags?
  11. dlist777

    ...and there you have it!

    This is the approach I like. Let people hunt how they want but just reduce the limits. Leave the season flexible so working guys can get out and hunt. Otherwise, everyone favors whatever type of hunting they think is the best. In MD, you get 3 buck tags and 3 seasons: muzzy, archery, rifle/shotgun. Only restriction is you can only use up to 2 tags in one of the seasons (so you can't use all 3 in one season). Otherwise, nice and flexible. They (like NJ) have crazy doe limits. Those should come down to something more reasonable. Maybe the same as buck...
  12. dlist777

    Hunting Ethics

    I had a lease in Phoenixville PA once. Guys would tresspass and drive hunt (with rifles) on one side of the property during bow season (during Sunday.....no hunting in PA). I confronted them. The funny thing is they were all wearing orange. People are weird.
  13. dlist777

    I want to give advice too!

    So, I've seen a few threads where people are giving good advice about muzzys, shotguns, other things they are experts on. I want to do it to. So, I was thinking...what am I an expert on? I was having trouble thinking of something, but then I remembered: F&cking it up. So, here goes. things to do to make sure you f&ck it up: 1. Crank up your scope the highest it will go. The higher the better. Don't worry about how far the animal is. It's important to see every hair on them. The advantage is two fold: (i) it will take you an enormous amount of time just to find the animal your scope...you'll get the joy of moving your head on the scope and off as you try to get them in your sight picture and (ii) the cross-hairs will move around like that buck is on a moon bounce. This is key. You want both: tons of time to acquire AND the moon-bounce effect. You just need to pull the trigger right when the buck hits the top of his moon-bounce jump. 2. Don't check if your limbs will clear that obstruction before you put your eye on your xbow scope. But, here is the key...once you acquire the target...let that question (of if your limbs will clear) enter your mind....it's awesome to be thinking about a ton of stuff when you're going through your shot sequence. Confidence is your enemy in f&cking things up. 3. When you shoot a deer at last light...don't bother trying to find your arrow and pick up the blood trail...don't bother setting markers as it gets dark.....just go straight to the last spot you think you saw them. Do things look different when you get down? Don't worry. Thick stuff? yea, just go right through it. Then randomly walk around in the dark hoping you'll get lucky and trip over a body. Is it getting cold? All the better.... Oh, and your cell phone flash light is perfect. 4. When your hunting in the morning, make sure you go to a new spot you've never been to. Don't worry, you'll get there quietly. Also, just climb the tree. It's fine. You can safely assume shooting lanes will be available when the sun finally rises. You'll have a clear view of that game trail...no worries. 5. Did you drop your gun or crossbow? Or, leave it uncased and unsecured in your truck's bed? Perfect. Definitely don't check zero. It will be fine next time you go out. 6. Is it getting dark for afternoon hunt? Haven't seen anything yet? It's fine. Nothing will come right before last light. Just go ahead and climb down now. You won't miss anything... 7. Is there a nice buck close by? Remember: This is the absolute last time you will have a chance at a buck. It's never going to happen for you again. It's important to put as much pressure on yourself as possible. This is critical if you want to be good at f&cking things up.
  14. https://youtu.be/NOb6p7fBNII This video sums it up...