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  1. Where did you buy on the eastern shore? What's your view of MD vs. DE vs. VA?
  2. This post reminds me that sometimes you can see something on the internet that you disagree with and just move on.
  3. I live in PA. North central and Western land is still cheap. But the deer hunting season sucks. Short archery. 1 buck only. No Sunday hunting.
  4. And the palmanator and his offspring live there!!
  5. Can you describe this? Do the dogs just chase them and wear them out and then you finish them off?
  6. This product looks interesting....
  7. Anyone hunt from a hang on with a gun or xbow? What do you do to steady your weapon (no shooting rail)? Elbow on knee? Shooting stick? Just shoot offhand? Other?
  8. Here is a guy who can do it in 5 minutes. 2 seems really fast esp if you're tying on and everything. For me, I take longer. But, I go slow on purpose to make sure I'm not clanging / and being safe. 10 minutes is normal for me on an easy tree. If the tree is gnarly with a bunch of branches it can take much longer. Quiet is more important than fast in my opinion:
  9. I lay 2 on each side of the back post. Then I use 4 of those bungee ball loops to attach them to the post. Works great. Just be careful when you remove them so the ball part doesn't clang against the frame.
  10. If you can only buy one (climber vs. hangon w/ sticks), I'd go with a hang on with sticks as they are more versatile. But, I use both. I prefer the climber and use it 75-80% of the time. But, the hang on is for spots I can't get a climber in or when I'm just going in blind and don't know exactly where I'm going to set up. Millenium M60u w/ 4 LW sticks is a good combo. Or, the LW alpha w 4 LW sticks.
  11. The scarier thing is he is no longer an outlier in the democratic party. All of the front runners are tripping over themselves to promote: free college, free healthcare, universal basic income, drastic reductions in fossil fuel w/o realistic replacement, reparations for slavery, etc. etc.
  12. A series of bad decisions leads to death......... https://defensemaven.io/bluelivesmatter/news/cali-news-anchor-dies-from-overdose-of-meth-he-put-in-rectum-during-sex-romp-4UItQxMBXU6NmLBdGdxYJw/?utm_source=MailChimp&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=BlueLivesDailyNewsletter&fbclid=IwAR2zdw4z-w8fQpZG_r1Ymrq2MG79bqXB8vqdNkl6R-KOBeuJLoidba1npms
  13. dlist777

    New Property

    Delaware. Kent county
  14. dlist777

    New Property

    Nope. Neighbors have stands all over one side. So....we'll see.
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