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  1. 2nd year hunting from a saddle. You don't need to climb in all of your clothes. Bottom layers have to be on from the ground up but you can add in top layers. I use the JX-3 which is kind of half saddle / half tree stand so it's a bit different. If you hunt private and you can put pre-set sticks, or steps or other climbing method its great. But, it's just a tool. I hunt from the ground sometimes in my JX-3 and in a pop up blind. I'm still the exactly same level of crappy hunter I was before.....I can't swear it ever made a difference in getting a buck vs. a hang on or a clim
  2. I have them both. I pretty much agree with Lunatic. In certain circumstances the crawler is better, but its really bulky and mine pretty much never leaves my garage because of the better size and versatility of the jet sled.
  3. Thanks all. I don't think ever seen such a consensus on aging.! Fortunately/Unfortunately, I cut off any potential of this buck on 11/8 at 9am with an arrow. lol.
  4. Dear NJWW Hive Mind: Looking for some opinions on age of this buck. Please reply with your best guess...
  5. Great story. I also fall apart after shots sometimes. I started setting my stop watch on my phone app for 60 minutes just to force myself to stay put and calm down! Sounds like you and I should get that garmin scope so you dont have to worry about the RF getting in the way in the future! Lol Congrats. Great buck.
  6. Congrats. Looks like a Ravin and a tactacam....same set up here.
  7. 1400 right now for scope alone ( I mean without bow....of course it's a scope plus rangefinder)
  8. I'm sure I'll eventually be getting this scope (not the bow). It looks really cool. Gomez and others can call me stupid for spending my money as I wish. I'll post up a review if I get it. Then, others can say how ridiculous I am and a $300 xbow with open sights can kill a deer....blah blah blah.
  9. Tagged. Gonna do a skull (real or fake).
  10. We found him. 50 yards from where we called the dog. The dog was on him, we just figured he was on other deer bc we hadn't seen blood for a 500 yards.
  11. Unfortunately, we did not recover this buck. The dog came out and we started at the shot site and followed to the wound bed where I bumped him. There was some blood in the wound bed but not that much really, the dog tracked for another 500 yards finding very sparse blood. The dog seemed to still be on the trail and we went another 650 yards (1150 total according to my app) and then he lost the trail. We didn't pick up any wound beds along the way and blood was really sparse. In any case, we lost the trail at really thick area right near a river. Its very disappointing because I real
  12. Dogs coming at 3. I'll post an update later
  13. No hair. I'll check again when I go back later. White hair is bad in this case....right?
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