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  1. My second floor heat has not kicked on in a few days. Thermostat is calling for heat (Nest), and I can hear the blow kick on for a couple minutes before turning off without any heat delivery. Just listened to the unit in the attic, and does not sound as if there is ignition. It's a two way Goodman HT-1830 w Nat Gas. I believe these units are spark ignition, rather than pilot light. Does any of the hvac guys have familiarity with these units? Recommendations? I'm going to open it up and see if there is any reset switch. Not sure as I cannot seem to find a manual for the unit online. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Here is the Euro instructions, enjoy. Please LMK you got it and I would appreciate a like on the posting if you like it.

    How to do Euro Mount by Dennis.pdf

  3. Hey Dennis, would love a copy of it’s not too much trouble. Have a doe head in freezer from a couple years ago that I wanted to euro at some point. thanks
  4. Hey Guys, looking for any recommendations for drywall contractors near Franklin/Asbury. Just came home to a leak in the upstairs bathroom coming through the kitchen ceiling. Located the source, and killed the water flow. Once resolved, looks like at least a 4x8 area of the kitchen ceiling will need replacing. thanks!
  5. Last Thursday, wife had a good feeling about getting back in the woods. After about a half hour in stand, a doe comes trotting in with a six not far behind. Arrow flew and he dropped in under 50 yards! She’s 2 for 2 and I’m still trying to find the time to get out in the woods.. something is off here 🤔🤔
  6. We are just outside of Washington, in Franklin Twp. Peaceful, quiet, and we have the best neighbors. I also work in Edison. Commute has its bad days, but for the most part it’s been a moving commute. I skip 31 and take back roads to 78. Door to work is 55-60 mins no traffic. For me, the commute is well worth the neighborhood / community. I’d advise to surrounding townships rather that in Washington.
  7. After a rocky start to my wife's season, she was just about ready to hang it all up. The pressure and frustration was mounting. After all the encouragement (and reminders that sh*t happens to us ALL) I could possible give, she hung in there and finally got it done Monday night. Longer recovery than expected, as the blood trail was very minimal. Turns out she put an arrow right through the heart! What an excellent shot! Congrats are in order!
  8. Plan is to flesh, salt, wash and then use the hunter/trapper tanning formula. DIY project for us!
  9. Wife took a doe last night, dropped it off for donation. We had the hide returned as I’m looking to give a go at tanning. ive not worked on the hide yet, as far as cleaning and scrapping, but should be able to get to it by this weekend. Question is, will the hide be alright to chill in the refrigerator from now until Saturday, or should I throw it in the chest freezer and thaw? thanks!
  10. I gave some real consideration to signing up for this. My gut told me otherwise... glad I listened!
  11. Matt, Entry Fee plus donation from both myself and A-of-A&N_Hunter just sent!
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