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  1. A&N_Hunter

    So what broadheads everyone using

    X2 for me! Buddy of mine worked for The Outsoor Group, so I have a shoprite bag full of slick tricks!
  2. Your obviously poor thought out negative statement..
  3. A&N_Hunter

    Ozonics anyone?

    I couldn't agree more with Jack. Over the years, I've come to learn and respect the wind, and abide by its flow and direction as much as possible..even if that means sitting a day out. In my short experience, I've only ever been on one property where I could have hunted wearing flashing lights while smelling like a French whore. This was a township hunt in Morris County..a small 10 acre parcel tucked in a busy suburban development. I literally walked this property talking, clanking climbing sticks against a hang on stand, all while walking parallel to a group of mature does no further than 30 yards away. The deer in that specific area were just so desensitized to us that they just did not give a shit. I bet I could have put my hand out and had them eat right out of it. To me that couldn't even be considered hunting. Everywhere else I've hunted, wind/scent has played the ultimate factor. I first started using scent spray and hunted any wind I wanted because I was "covered". Learned real quick how to blow sets. Now, I do not use scent spray at all. I use the wind to the best of my advantage.
  4. A&N_Hunter

    Bait free bow bucks- let's see them!

    Good one, Jay! it took effort to put myself in the right position for this buck. I relocated my hang on three times before I was in the right spot for him! No bait, just learning the pattern, for the right wind and the rest is now history for me!
  5. A&N_Hunter

    Ozonics anyone?

    On ONE of the properties I hunt, I have up to four different stands. Between the four, I can hunt practically any wind direction. Certain sets are good for certain winds depending on the direction the deer move. Keeps me from getting blown!
  6. A&N_Hunter

    Ozonics anyone?

    Hunt the winds right and you will not need it!
  7. A&N_Hunter

    Nancy Pelosi

    Ugly rug muncher..
  8. A&N_Hunter

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    Little Cesear's joking, of course..
  9. In for team and individual! Payment for myself and A-of-A&N_Hunter has been made (8/13)!
  10. A&N_Hunter

    Matthews helium for sale

    Pm sent
  11. A&N_Hunter

    Your luckiest hunt

    My luckiest was my first buck. Ever hear the saying always trust your gut? The day I harvested my buck, the wind told me to hunt the doe stand along a field edge. When I got to the property, I started walking towards the doe stand but got a really weird feeling in my stomach. After arguing with myself for a few minutes I decided to walk to my timber stand which was a travel route for the deer, even though the conditions were all wrong. By the time I got settled in the stand, the winds changed and that stand became prime. Less than two hours later my buck came walking right at me, turned and gave me broadside at 12 yards. He ran barely 20 yards and piled up. I’ve since learned to trust my gut on properties, trying to read the woods and let the woods read me. Got me this nice buck!
  12. I would have to say in a hang on with my compound with plenty of natural cover. I do enjoy being able to sit behind cover and watch deer move while having the ability to move around just a tad! wasnt a real fan of ladders until I sat in the Field & Stream Outpost XL. Absolutely loved sitting in that thing, so I bought one for this season!
  13. A&N_Hunter

    WTF Is with Atlanta

    That crap has already been plaguing NJ. My mother in law teaches in one of Newark’s public schools and each day they recite a black pledge of allegiance before the pledge of allegiance (which is optional for the students to recite..but my mother in law forces her kids to). crazy.. that’s everyday life there too.
  14. A&N_Hunter

    Slammer bucks

    Awesome! NJ bucks?