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  1. Early this morning, we got the call. Our sweet sweet girl went into multiple organ failure. It breaks our heart, but our sweet baby girl is now in a better place and suffering no more.. RIP Maddy until we meet again...
  2. Earlier this month, our sweet baby girl Maddy started having accidents in the house. Naturally, we thought she was having another tract infection as she is prone to them, and subsequently has had 3 bladder stone surgeries in years past. We brought her in to the vet, had xrays done and were relieved to hear there were no stones in her bladder. The vet drew a sample of urine directly from her bladder to send out for a urinalysis. Couple days later, we got a call saying she had no tract infection, but there were sugar crystals in her urine. With that, we took a trip back to the vet to have blood drawn for a definitive blood glucose level. Turns out her glucose level was over 4 times the maximum that it should be. To complicate the matter, all three enzymes in her liver were extremely elevated, as well as the enzymes in her pancreas. We scheduled her for an ultrasound, but had to wait nearly a week for the traveling tech to come back to their office. With each day, she became more and more lethargic, slowly stopped eating and drinking, and began vomiting. We brought her to the local animal hospital for IV therapy and insulin therapy as she was quickly deteriorating before our eyes. Her ultrasound on Monday showed she has a moderate-severe case of pancreatitis, newly diagnosed/uncontrollable diabetes, and a significantly swollen liver (fortunately, there are no signs of masses or tumors). The tending vet who oversaw the ultrasound recommended intensive care, and we brought her immediately to the regional animal hospital in Lebanon. She is currently in, what they call, their intensive care unit. As of this morning, she is still receiving fluid therapy, an insulin drip, pain medication, and has a gastric tube inserted through her nose (to her stomach) to aspirate fluid buildup in her stomach. This afternoon, they've began feeding her stomach through the tube, as her insulin levels have dropped quite significantly, thanks to the constant drip. Doctors are very optimistic, but have cautioned to the amount of days it will take before they can get her fully stable. For those of us who live and love with our pups, we hold them dear to our hearts and know they play a vital role in our family packs. Its not until they are gone that we realize just how big of a role they truly play in our lives. Maddy has touched the lives of all who she has met. Whether acting as a support dog to our autistic nephew, to working as a therapy dog with hospice patients, or just your partner in crime who you share the couch with, she has brought nothing but love, happiness and joy. The doctors are not fearing the worst and believe she will overcome this without trouble. My wife as set up a GoFundMe for Maddy's friends and family(https://www.gofundme.com/f/maddy-needs-a-miracle), as our vet bills thus far have cost over $5k. We are grateful to all who are helping. If nothing else, we are simply asking for thoughts and prayers. With many thanks.. A & N
  3. After the temps dropped on Friday, my wife and I had a really good feeling about Saturday. Went out in Z7 for an afternoon sit. East wind was perfect for any of our stands! Just as the sun was setting, she connected with this nice 8. Shot went through the lungs, and he piled up about 40-50 yards away. I can’t imagine the happiness of harvesting a buck and it being your birthday. Could not be prouder! Happy Birthday Babe!
  4. Out in z7. Wind is picking up. Feel the ladder stand bending in all sorts of ways.. good luck to all!
  5. Just looking to see if any guys on here have permits for the Schick preserve in the Hunterdon Park System? Thinking about picking up a spare permit on Friday..
  6. when in september do you anticipate your website going live?
  7. Jack, she went with her good freind from Nebraska. Before their plane even took off for Anchorage, they were already receiving threats.
  8. After a long week, my wife finally got back into cell service flying in the seaplane back to Anchorage. She camped near Beluga Lake and managed to score a beautiful sow and boar! Here are a few pictures for the moment. More pics and video hunt to follow when she is back home! Couldn't be any prouder of her!!
  9. She is going on an all-women Hunt for the week!
  10. Wife is heading out to Alaska in a couple weeks for Spring Black Bear. Any tips/suggestions on flying out of EWR with a compound bow??
  11. I’ve alrwady decided that I’m not paying $3500. I’m trying to gauge what would be reasonable per acre and the best way to negotiate. thanks
  12. Wife and I found a gentleman who is looking to lease about 100 acres in town for $3,500. I gave the man a call today and learned that the property is 100 acres, but only 24 acres is huntable (the rest is corn fields). This essentially takes the per acre from $35 to $145 (I’ll get to that in a minute). The huntabke portion of the property itself (from Google Earth), is completely surrounded by corn fields and looks to have a stream or creek running through it. I’m looking to schedule an appointment to check it out this weekend first hand. I was hoping to get some insight/tips from others who have acquired private land. - is it typically acceptable to be able to walk the entire property before signing? - any tips of strategies to try and talk a land owner down in price? $3500 seems a bit steep for 24 acres. It’s only be for the two of us because asking others to share 24 acres doesn’t make any sense.. thanks!
  13. Can anyone recommend a plumber in the warren county area? Need a 50 gal hot water tank and expansion tank installed ASAP! thanks!
  14. Very big congrats to my wife. Right before last light set in, she harvested her doe to start her season! If that wasn’t exciting enough, she successfully (on her own with no guidance or assistance) was able to recover, gut and drag! I couldn’t be prouder! We brought it home, quartered it into he fridge. Later on we’ll break it down and have some good eats!!
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