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  1. Thinking on this as previous NRA member/instructor (I havent renewed in years). NRA has it's ups and downs, and I may at times take them for granted (ie just a window decal) without knowing the fights they fight on our behalf behind the scenes. In my opinion, this just cries out as a political stunt being this close to an extremely tense election year. IF fraud/corruption on behalf of the executive leadership had merit, wouldn't the target be against THE EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP and not aimed to simply dissolve the NRA in entirety? Just doesn't make any sense. For our sake, I hope dissolution is not the result but perhaps a change in leadership. Last thing we need are fractions of an organization fighting for 2A rights on a national level...
  2. FYI for anyone that hunts Hunterdon Cty Parks, I spoke to the Parks office today and they currently are planning for permits sales on Aug 19th (Residents) and Aug 20th (Non-Residents)! I've been checking on their site for updated information for the upcoming, but nothing new had been posted so I figured I'd go right to the source.
  3. Not mine, but I pass the mill every day going to/from work. I'll keep an eye out to see if it is still in the area.
  4. I have about 10 tomato plants with a pretty decent yield. At this point, just waiting for them to turn and fully ripen. Four of my Roma plants each have one or two tomatoes that seem to have fully ripened with the bottoms rotted out. The rest of Roma yield are solid and green. Is this typical or the start of something worse to come?
  5. Well that's the last time I go to work! Thanks Todd! (...kidding)
  6. 2 for $60 sounds good to me.. Sending you a PM!
  7. As I see them I’m killing them, but each day there seems to be more that find their way. Didn’t have a single one last year.
  8. Looking for recommendations for vegetable safe insecticide. Over the past week I’m starting to get some damage across the crops.
  9. Most certainly could. Figured it was worth a shot to check in here. Better to save and possibly split than outbid each other and pay out the a$$.
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