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  1. A&N_Hunter

    Negotiating w/ Land Owner?

    I’ve alrwady decided that I’m not paying $3500. I’m trying to gauge what would be reasonable per acre and the best way to negotiate. thanks
  2. A&N_Hunter

    Negotiating w/ Land Owner?

    Wife and I found a gentleman who is looking to lease about 100 acres in town for $3,500. I gave the man a call today and learned that the property is 100 acres, but only 24 acres is huntable (the rest is corn fields). This essentially takes the per acre from $35 to $145 (I’ll get to that in a minute). The huntabke portion of the property itself (from Google Earth), is completely surrounded by corn fields and looks to have a stream or creek running through it. I’m looking to schedule an appointment to check it out this weekend first hand. I was hoping to get some insight/tips from others who have acquired private land. - is it typically acceptable to be able to walk the entire property before signing? - any tips of strategies to try and talk a land owner down in price? $3500 seems a bit steep for 24 acres. It’s only be for the two of us because asking others to share 24 acres doesn’t make any sense.. thanks!
  3. A&N_Hunter

    Warren Cty Plumbers

    Can anyone recommend a plumber in the warren county area? Need a 50 gal hot water tank and expansion tank installed ASAP! thanks!
  4. Very big congrats to my wife. Right before last light set in, she harvested her doe to start her season! If that wasn’t exciting enough, she successfully (on her own with no guidance or assistance) was able to recover, gut and drag! I couldn’t be prouder! We brought it home, quartered it into he fridge. Later on we’ll break it down and have some good eats!!
  5. A&N_Hunter

    O9/15 pm hunt

    Damnit.. wife just put a doe down! Pic and entry to follow
  6. A&N_Hunter

    O9/15 pm hunt

    Just had two doe. Inches away for letting one fly. Stayed around but never took the last step needed for the shot. Heart has been pounding, body shaking. All of camera this time. hope they come back once more otherwise good sit!!
  7. A&N_Hunter

    O9/15 pm hunt

    First time out this season. Sitting along a railroad track. Good sign in the area, let’s see what happens!
  8. A&N_Hunter

    was I an a-hole?

    You’re a good man, Jack Harris. I think we all agree on that. Brush it off and carry on.
  9. A&N_Hunter

    was I an a-hole?

    I do not see anything wrong in what you did. I’d say you handled it better than most would On this site. It’s unfortunate that he needed to take advantage of a situation knowing you’re in there. Nothing would piss me off more than someone coming in and potentially f-ing up something I’ve been working really hard on. correct me if I’m wrong, your post never specifically said Mom gave the OK. Trespassing? bottom line, you pissed in his Cheerios while he was looking to screw you. I’d be more concerned with what happens on your property after he is gone. Sad. Pathetic.
  10. A&N_Hunter

    What do you all consider “backing out?”

    At the current moment, I will not let myself shoot past 30 yards in a tree (reduces chance or err). Backing out to me is waiting for deer to be out of sight, quietly climbing down, visually inspect the arrow (as it would hopefully be within 30yds) and then as quietly as possible get out. While I can recall shot placement, it’s helpful to see the arrow, if possible, so that I can plan accordingly after I’m out.
  11. A&N_Hunter


    Sounds like we need a NJ W&W lease!
  12. A&N_Hunter

    Gut shot backing out - all on film

    Darren does great work! cabt wait to see the picture!
  13. A&N_Hunter


    That’s terrible. Hope someone puts that poor thing out of its misery.
  14. A&N_Hunter

    Gut shot backing out - all on film

    Best of luck in the morning. These things happen and will happen to us all at some point in time. nothing more you can do other than pray and wait.
  15. A&N_Hunter

    9/14 - Check In

    Good luck Bill. one of these days I’ll get to hunting, which means another one of these days I’ll unpack the hunting gear, etc etc.