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A Long Day Tracking. But BBD


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Loosed an arrow at this giant at 7:50 a.m. But on impact he trotted and stood still without appearing in distress. I was thinking I missed him and heard blowing. Figured I f'd up and he was gone. But he looked a bit hunched. I saw no blood in his off side. So I hung tight and gave it 30 min. The buck slowly walked off. I got down at 8:30 and snuck out. Went back at 12:00 and started checking. I quickly found blood but it was very sporadic and no bubbles. I tracked him for 200 yards often going 10 yards at a time between blood sign. As I followed the trail along a hillside covered in chest high fire thorn, the buck stood up from me at 50 yards. He still looked hunched and was slowly walking away through the fire thorn bushes. I looked hard for an opening to his vitals but there were none. As he entered a spot where the bushes weren't as thick, I loosed another arrow from 40 yards out. There was a lot of deflection but the arrow hit. The impact looked way back. The deer buck kicked at the impact and trotted over the rise. On the down side of the rise was a dry swamp (due to drout). My son went up the trail to try and head him off but the deer crossed the swamp and started up the knoll on the other side. With now two arrows in him I called it quits and backed out. Went back at 4 and quickly picked up the trail. A short track job later and I jumped him again! He slow walked through the briars again chest high with no shot. On the other side was the adjoining property owners drive way (actually a mile long private rd)The buck walked out into the road and as I mulled the thought of going after him, the neighbors drove out and in the process pushed the buck right to me. The third and final shot did the trick. He was down in just a minute after that. This was one tank of a buck. The first shot was high and in no mans land. Bright red blood but nothing vital was hit. The second shot again was back but missed the guts completely. Maybe it knicked the bowel but the gut sack was intact. Goes to show how hardy they are. Also a hard lesson in tracking and pushing. Though neither of the first shots may have been "fatal" but for eventual Infection. So waiting it out may not have worked out. There was very minimal

Blood loss and no apparent organ damage from the first two hits.






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