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  1. Nice one Rick ,glad u got to enjoy it with her 👍🏻
  2. I’ve hunted zone 3 my whole life mostly in lower norvin green , don’t let hikeing trails ,dirt bikes ,jeeps ,fourwheeler bother u they are there the whole year and the deer learn to live along with them , most of the state land in zone 3 holds some good bucks. And The deep woods theory isn’t always the best advice I’ve killed most of my bigger bucks listening to cars and leave blowers.
  3. Bass caught in water under 60 degrees cleaned and cooked proply one best eating fish out there .
  4. Some nice fillets there ,resivoirs still froze up north jersey but took beating today .
  5. Biggest doe I ever saw was 168 lb out of jungle habitat in late 80s
  6. We saw a bunch this week zone 3 this was this morning 42A23D60-BE8F-4D94-A1E8-DCF95DFEA47F.MOV
  7. Zone 3 driving gangs are all gone ,lucky to see a orange hat these days ,first day muzzy few guys drive the hills but not many.
  8. Sorry but highs in mid 30s would be much better ,highs in mid 50s isn’t ideal for late November ,
  9. chris christie Has not be great for me as a state employee ,but I’ll risk all my pension on Guadagno to keep this idiot out of office
  10. Everyone I shoot gets stuck through gut pile in woods it’s great to go through the woods shotgun season and see my arrows still there for over 30 years
  11. Put load on one phase if voltage drops on that phase rises on other your neutral is bad from road look for splices from utility that were done in past
  12. Hears a immature at my work trim.57ECB31A-084C-473E-A384-EADBB543E6B8.MOV
  13. Portobellos in Oakland is also a cougar hangout ,weathly cougars also
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