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Demolition Derby/Sussex County Farm & Horse Show *Video added


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Tons of fun tonight. The 4 cylinders get some good speeds up before the T-bones....My friend's son did well until he went after too many cars using the FRONT of his. Blew his radiator which put him out. 

Have lots of video that cannot be downloaded for unknown reasons. Attached some pics- but they are nothing without the sounds of a good demolition derby....












Resized_20220808_202209 (1).jpeg

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9 minutes ago, BothBarrels said:

Super cool! That is big fun.

(My brother-in-law and I had some fun at Wall Stadium many years ago).

Yup, did you see roadking (Wayne) he hasn't been on here in a while I hope he's doing well.

“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.” -Theodore Roosevelt

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9 hours ago, Recurve hntr said:

Wow you guys up in north Jersey know how to have some fun. I would love to come and watch this stuff!

Go deep in the pines on a Saturday night, steal cars, go to a gravel pit, get jazzed up, and tear it up

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