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  1. I like shooting at Davis shooting sports in goshen, ny. It's about 40 min from sparta. Highly recommend shooting blackhorn 209 powder.
  2. Garry malzone or peter slattery...they work together. Dogs are not notch
  3. Once again....congrats. Back to the drawing board.
  4. Makes 4 us hunting him, I know of...last night
  5. You saw 2 separate human mva fatalities w deer inside vehicle? Wow. Not doubting you, crazy. Where & when? A few years ago there was a fatal involving a girl attempting to avoid a deer in parsippany
  6. I use these...work awesome. These are full foot, not toe
  7. Every time I grill them, taste really gamey.
  8. DESTROYS rubber....suspenders, waist bands, boots. Happened to me...got scent crusher bag for sale...
  9. They also have the blizzard bibs & jacket in that pattern...great deal
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