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  1. Maybe they have went bankrupt....$2000 for a bow is just not enough to stay in business 🙄
  2. Pretty sure Live to Hunt also is a born again Christian and was looking for a hunting partner
  3. Be careful....he is in Scottsdale Arizona
  4. They place is really cool in Wellfleet. I typically stay just North of there in Truro.
  5. Lk Wallenpaupack is much bigger than both Hopatcong & Greenwood. Any lake front property is expensive, including Wallenpaupack. All are great places to own a lake home. Good luck.
  6. Capt Jeff Gutman was captain of the Teal. He recently passed away...great guy
  7. Bob it was actually a bluefish you saw.
  8. I have seen MANY and hooked a few great whites, but never had one steal a tuna. Lost a few tuna to a hammerhead in the Hudson. Once fought a great white for an hour on Ronz jig (wanted pics & to tell the story)....broke me off. Sharks are neat animals. Makos are delicious
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