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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Original-Vintage-Western-648-Jigged-Bone-Handle-Knife-with-Fancy-Sheath/324121479453?hash=item4b7725491d:g:aOMAAOSwATNeg72O
  2. I am gonna go on Tuesday for the first time out of a kayak
  3. Those are good, these are better...
  4. I never understood the rules of field hockey. You guys any good?
  5. nmc02

    Stump shooting

    I love to stump shoot...GREAT practice and gets you out of the house! What are all the negative comments for???? Be careful you could get a summons??? Huh??? Who is gonna issue a summons for this??? Dumb & unsafe....explain???! Great fun and glad you got out.
  6. Plenty of open space. Bring a target and find an open field. Someone complains, then apologize & leave
  7. Fished last night for an hour on the Wallkill....caught upwards of 30. Not a person fishing...
  8. nmc02

    Did some homeschool...

    Nice Bassett hounds
  9. My place of employment hired a cleaning service to sanitize my workplace. The cleaning company used spray sanitizer & to my surprise, ozone generators....essentially ozonics. I wonder....does this kill covid-19 or worthless??
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