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  1. I can't believe those rings stretch enough to fit over the cup.
  2. Not sure. Check w Remington
  3. On way home from a successful trip for tuna in Cape Cod. Unfortunately the top water bite & jig bite was nearly nonexistent. There were three groups on the water each day. One group never tuna fished before and their first tuna was 85 inches....not a bad first tuna. Another group fought a GIANT for 5 hours, only to snap it off. Got one more trip then maybe climb into tree stand.
  4. could not agree more...still in fishing mode too
  5. No vehicle more dependable. Gas mileage not great, not very comfortable on long rides....what's important to you?? Me>>>dependability!
  6. How far from Idaho? I spent a lot of time in Pocatello
  7. Scent crusher bag ...SPF
  8. Location: Sparta (Sussex Cty). You pick up. Lone wolf climber. $150....SOLD Scent crusher bag. $100...SOLD. Camo Savage 220 stock $50. Remington 700 wood stock, long action (.257 wby mag)...has small ding in wood & is unused $75. All are reasonably priced....
  9. Me too....on 6. I was at my cabin today.
  10. Good luck. I hope to be back to Alaska some day....
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