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  1. As title says... looking for a rapala ez glide fixed blade fillet knife. The blade is scalloped and teflon coated. Looking for the 14inch blade model (REZ14). These were discontinued 5 or so years ago.
  2. What you want for flintlock
  4. I remember there was not more accurate slug than Active....
  5. Surpised Newark university got poor ratings....if I get shot, want to go there. They have most experience w gunshot wounds in the state.
  6. I just ate a full Irish breakfast at a local pub. Very good
  7. If you are looking strictly at eating steamed clams, lobster, & king crab legs....then Pub 199 is hard to beat. However, no other seafood there
  8. nmc02

    Reel Advice

    You like the shimano thunnis bait runner or simply not a shimano fan?
  9. nmc02

    OMG, My Wife's Cooking

    Great recipe on the water.com https://www.onthewater.com/how-to-cook-an-octopus
  10. I always did well fishing martins creek, launching from pa side. I went to college in pa and drove there to shad fish. Also fished in Easton under pburg/easton bridge. I live close to dingmans & milford areas and never have done as well as I do South.
  11. I didn't realize it was the whole gun....barrel, etc.
  12. nmc02

    Reel Advice

    Ill stick w a stella for tuna.
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