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  1. FINALLY...hunting weather. Good luck
  2. I do not think Jack C has a chance, though I hope so. Murphy stinks. However, Whitman was the worst governor ever...regardless of party.
  3. Not looking for a debate, just have not seen any benefits to a crossbow. I will use one when I can't pull back 35 lb on a vertical bow. Though, recently got a humble reminder of my age and need to stay in shape.
  4. I hated nights from day 1.....glad I am done w them. Definitely easier working nights inside a building that has lights on, compared to a dim light car.
  5. Strange year everywhere....tuna fishing shut down up there and oddly enough, is better here. I am getting the itch. Cooling down and putting cameras out this week. I have a tree in my yard that tells me when it's time....leaves are thinning.
  6. Do you guys have a NJ trackers association of some sort? An address for sending donations??
  7. I also saw a ton a deer running last night...gonna go in a week or so, still too warm
  8. nmc02

    Lunch With The Wife

    Why would anyone hunt in 80 degree weather???
  9. I like the blink camera system (amazon)....wireless and works w wifi/cell phone
  10. nmc02

    Lunch With The Wife

    Joe...go here>>> https://www.ilcapriccio.com/ Best Italian in NJ
  11. Definitely can kill with 35 lbs or more...just shocked how hard it was to pull back my bow. Never struggled before....I am 45 this week. Elbow pain, etc. In the heat of the moment, no problem. Guess I was humbled today....often wonder why guys switch to a crossbow. Got my answer.
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