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  1. MONKFISH!!!! Tuna, wahoo, grouper, swordfish, branzino, black sea bass, blackfish.
  2. I hope my daughter likes fishing as much as yours...
  3. Maybe off topic, I know for sure that some of the biggest bucks my friends have killed have NEVER been seen on camera, but were killed very close to several trail cameras. My point, you are not seeing all the deer in the area just because you have a camera.
  4. I use it and am very happy w it....not hard to use and super accurate
  5. Good eats. Perfect size sword for the table.
  6. Bigeye, bluefin on spinning gear, tarpon on spinning gear, or swordfish. Though, pound for pound few fish fight better than an amberjack (as John said) or a big bluefish. I have never caught a tog, ever....supposedly they machines.
  7. I have never caught a big fluke ever....either not enough effort, not skilled enough (no experience), or didn't put enough time in. All the fluke I've caught fought like a boot. I respectfully disagree on halibut...caught many and a 50 lb halibut does not fight like a 50 lb tuna. Three strongest fish... tuna, sword, & tarpon. Bluefish pound for pound may be champion. I never caught a tog, ever. One day, I hope to focus on fluke & tog...when I am too old to tuna fish (not far off)....
  8. Good luck. LOVE Alaska. I have not been there in a long time. Some day, I'll go back
  9. Might as well go to a local pond and catch sunfish....same fight or better
  11. St. BERNARDUS abt 12....for special occasions.
  12. The big names...are big dollars. You can't go wrong w the boston whaler or GW. The robalos are well made too. Sea fox have come along as well. If money was not an issue...I undoubtedly would buy a 26 ft yellowfin, but they are HIGH DOLLAR. The edgewater is 24.5 ft and can have two motors and I heard good things. Good luck
  13. https://www.sportfishingmag.com/20-top-center-consoles-26-feet-and-under/
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