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  1. Sussex meat packing in Wharton. https://www.sussexmeat.com/
  2. nmc02

    Ammo for sale

    You have a nice chin.
  3. nmc02

    Mother's Day Dinner

    I really like fogo de Chao
  4. Every year after hunting pa rifle opener, we eat charcoal grilled ribeyes & lobster tails. Great meal.
  5. I learned the hard way....I bought points for many years (now have 8 pts). Unbeknownst to me, when you draw, ALL points are taken.
  6. Old wife's tale...drinks in moderation
  7. Old wife's tale...drinks in moderation
  8. I agree. Zack makes similar rods, but at a more reasonable price. He is becoming very popular and suspect his prices will rise. I fished many of Zacks rods in Cape Cod for tuna & bass....outstanding and low priced. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
  9. If anyone is looking for custom made rods....take a look at Zack's Custom Rods. This kid makes some fantastic rods, any way you want them. He is reasonable priced too. However, with anyone....as their product becomes more popular, price increases. I also recommend the Garone rods. https://www.zackscustomrods.com/ https://www.instagram.com/p/COneqt1Ldcr/?igshid=6ykm8to43w6p https://garonerods.com/
  10. Why not ask.... I am relatively sure that is Tim (Haskell_Hunter), LPJR confirmed for me.
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