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  1. nmc02

    Florida Swordfishing Trip

    Daytime, deep drop? Congratulations! Electric reels?
  2. We were 2 for 3. Small tuna and a blue shark. I warned my buddy...the big tuna are ass kickers.....almost time for deer.
  3. My last trip to Cape Cod for the year. We did not kill them. But had fun! Smallest fish yet ... 60 inch, 125 lb. A blast
  4. nmc02

    Great Room Build

    Be generous when using flux & use wet paper towel to wipe the solder. It will look nicer and be better on joints
  5. nmc02

    Place to sight in a rifle?

    If you are in northern nj....got to davis shooting sports in goshen ny. 100 yds indoor, no wind. I sight in all my rifles there
  6. nmc02

    Quick Florida Trip

    Nice. Great times on the water never get old
  7. nmc02

    Who Will Bear Hunt Exclusively?

    If I go....it will be for bears exclusively. Depending on temperatures
  8. nmc02

    Gloucester County Velvet 10 point

    Congratulations....spine shot,?
  9. nmc02


    No whales at all this year....been a strange year. Tuna showed up a month late.
  10. Fish are all big. . ... this year
  11. 80 inch. 300 lb live weight
  12. Day two was also great. We didn't catch as many, but BIG fish. We were 1 for 2 on big tuna.
  13. nmc02


  14. nmc02


    Nothing better