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  1. This is known problem. When these engines switch from 8 to 4 cylinders....the lifters have gone bad.
  2. How much you looking to spend? What do you prefer....sxs, over under, pump, or auto?
  3. When was this shot??? Must have missed it....
  4. Don't mean to sound like a cry baby. I have it good. Just prefer that things remained the same as originally agreed upon. Life, I suppose. Many people lost their jobs, so I appreciate what I have.
  5. State employees...my gripe is when public employees were hired prior to Gov Christie, your salary was set and you were told that Healthcare was included in the package. Along comes Christie and BAM, I am now paying 12k a year for Healthcare. So essentially, a 12k loss in pay. Not crying, just a fact.
  6. Look at the Millennium stands. Top notch, but expensive
  7. Did she later have a career in law enforcement?
  8. I am pretty sure Live to Hunt attended this, too
  9. He does great work, but definitely pricey. Zack's custom rods in Westport, MA also does great work. Unfortunately, he is getting well know for his top notch work and prices are increasing.
  10. I have had countless encounters with bears. Nearly all have resulted in the bear walking or running away from me. It is seldom that a bear is aggressive. Some are curious, but most will run if you yell at them. I once got between a cub that went up a tree and its mother. Mamma bear got up on her hind legs and growled. I have had them climb trees that I was in hunting, out of curiosity. I once had a bear refuse to leave a bait pile.....wanted to eat. Bears seldom want to have any human interaction, but there is always a chance that a bear is aggressive, as they are WILD ANIMALS.
  11. It can be fixed. I have used Mike Garone of Garone custom rods in Manasquan.
  12. Is she planning a career in law enforcement?
  13. I start at 25 yds to get best windage. Bump it out to 50. Last shots will be at 100
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