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  1. Tred Barta....I mean. No fluke for bait. We used live mackerel. I stopped going there when I started going to Cape cod. Love to eat fluke, sea bass, & haddock....just prefer catching bigger fish. Big bluefish are super fun on bait.
  2. I use to go out of Shinnecock bay for tuna....as long as you aren't commuting during rush hour it's 4 hours from North Jersey. It was Oakland's marina....Trent Barta kept his boat there.
  3. Rhode Island & Cape cod.... http://badinfluencesportfishing.com/
  4. https://storybookland.com/ My wife asked if I wanted to take the kids to Storybook land? Being it was 2.5 hrs away, I wasn't sure about this place. I HIGHLY recommend it for kids 2 to 6. There are approximately 25 rides, it is reasonably priced, and my kids loved it (1.5 & 3). Great day.
  5. http://www.birches.com/ I highly recommend these cabins on the shore of Moosehead lake Maine. It is a beautiful area. Too cold to swim in June.
  6. Lou you try my "secret " weapon
  7. nmc02

    Top this.

    Great pies there
  8. Can you remove me from the list...not sure how I got on it. I am working that day. Thank you
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