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  1. nmc02

    Monster Brown Trout

    Some beauties
  2. nmc02

    Hunt Vaca week

    Sounds like you're learning a lot. No shame in that. We all keep hunting for the love AND challenge of it. I am in similar predicament as you, I have plenty of deer I could shoot, but continuously hold out for a ghost. I may enjoy it more if I killed some of the smaller bucks I saw. Either way, hunting can be frustrating. Quit or face the challenge...good luck.
  3. Conquest scents VS-1....none better
  4. nmc02

    Birthday Boys Buck154 and Maximus66

    Happy birthday fellas
  5. nmc02

    11/09 Check In

    Too close....didn't plan on hunting here. Put it close to camera. All deer were less than 5 yds & none knew i was there
  6. nmc02

    11/09 Check In

    6 doe, spike, & 4 pt so far..
  7. nmc02

    11/09 Check In

    In stand zn 2. Change of pace... sitting a spot not sat in this yr. Sparta.
  8. nmc02

    Trail cam problem

    Thanks. That is probably the problem....I too was going to throw away 4 cameras. So format cards & only use in same brand camera. Ill try it
  9. I have a bunch of trail cams. I have a stealth cam, 5 spypoints, & 2 moultrie cams. The stealth cam and spypoint cams are 3-5 yrs old. I put fresh batteries in them, test them, & seem to work. Then I put out in field and they fail. Odd. I Literally watched deer walk in front of the cams. My question is this. Are they just old and need replacement? I don't understand why when I test, they work at home then fail in field. Have any of you formatted the sd cards? Make a difference?? I have read that simply erasing does not get memory clear, so best to format. Any of you guys do this????