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  1. So, just to be clear in terms of procedure, I'm supposed to be voting about the impeachment possibility for the Trump of Inglewood, CA?
  2. Yeah, so let's cut all workers' pay to the extent that they have to go emigrate to other countries so they have to feed their famlilies...just saying. Do we really want to compete with Bangladesh and Guatemala in the worker salary camp? How do US CEO salaries compare to union salaries and Mexico/Guatemalan/Bangladeshi workers? Why would anyone "just say" something like this? Do you want people to be paid poorly? ARe you jealous of your neighbor who gets paid what he deserves?!?
  3. Maybe people shouldn't write off unions so quickly. Sorry the pay has declined in the private sector. Unions, even with all their problems, used to have a hand in preventing that
  4. What a patriotic lover of freedom you show yourself to be. Not to mention a respectful, decent, and well-balanced guy.
  5. Hakell_Hunter--pls trust me that my response wasn't an attempt to pin you down as anything, or attack you and/or your politics. It was simply what I said at the end, which is that it's simply not true what you wrote about "banana republics" and "failed states." And, at the same time, the Trump administration did exhibit many of the classic criteria of authoritarian regimes and "banana republics." It's important to note this as US citizens, but it's in no way a description of your politics but simply a disagreement with your evidence
  6. Actually, history and facts tell us that the first thing the rulers of "banana republics" (who are overwhelmingly conservative, not socialists) do is pack their administration with relatives unqualified for their poorly-defined positions; undermine faith in the courts, electoral process and universities; demonize opponents; appeal to jingoistic nationalism while blowin the budget on pet/symbolic projects; and make false promises to the people while effecting a macho swagger and claiming they are above the law. Next they attack Congress. Along the way they try to grift government monies into th
  7. It's not wings and I don't mean to divert the thread, but in support of Warren County some of the best Mexican food in NJ can be had at Taqueria Brenda Lee in Hackettstown--all their tacos are great. I recommend al pastor, carnitas, suadero; texas onions with every order if you ask. I think they make their own tortillas. But go for the tacos, not the plated meals.
  8. If you're not willing to lend your lawn mower or a snow shovel, even entrance into the "black" market is skewed to the enterprising kid who's parents won't him their own mower. Unless Edward Scissorhands lives on your block. "I do not support tax incentives to attract companies. They always end up costing more and the businesses that get them greatly benefit from them at the expense of the taxpayers. Politicians are essentially manipulating the tax system to create an advantage for a business at the expense and disadvantage to the taxpayers." I couldn't agree with you more on your
  9. Yeah, I agree completely about the "nebulous" nature of fair. Clearly, fairness is a changing target and it depends on the time,place, and who you talk to. The only things I disagree with you about are the idea that "all entrants in the marketplace have the same chances of winning and losing." That's the Kool Aid talking, even in a smoothly functioning market. If I had a PhD in economics, a BA in finance, experience playing the horses and poker, an assistant who's on the internet each day for 12 hrs, business or prep school buddies who'll park my securities (illegally but commonly) over n
  10. how about we begin by calling for quadrupling of all poaching-related fines. Or more. They go into a special fund designed to enforce fish and game laws
  11. Over and over I've seen immigrants breaking the law, whether it's shorts or garbage bags or even netting. I call them out, to their faces. I've dumped coolers back into the bay even though the fish will never swim again. But it sends a message. I call hotlines. And I call them on the stealthy white American poachers I see too. The OP did not see anyone fileting. One great thing about USA versus Guatemala is called "innocent until proven guilty." For all the keyboard warriors bitching and blaming others here without doing anything but moan, grow a pair and do something. Lunatic make
  12. I'm also all for cutting out loopholes and for making most of us pay the same tax rate. But there's a point at which basic needs like food, transportation and housing are unaffordable to working people. We all know that there's a threshold below which you can't make ends meet, and that's not necessarily because you're lazy or stupid. Today in many parts of NJ and NY if you have elderly or minor dependents and work hard at $14/hr and don't have other household earners to help you out, you don't have money to pay the tax man, the landlord, and the supermarket. Forget clothes. A true flat tax m
  13. You mean Pepe the Frog, right?
  14. This lousy job and waste of flesh suggests well-fed gringo hands to me, if anyone thinks we can really read ethnicity and even citizen status out of fileting techniques. Call the COs and/or confront the lawbreakers when you come across them. I do.
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