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  1. I'll be out till 2/20 in 12 and 41. I still have a really nice 10 on camera, although I'm not incredibly hopeful this time of year. But weirder things happen. And I want to use the climber just to sit in some new spots as well as old, not-frequently-visited spots, to understand the movement and cleanse my soul in the cold. Ice fishing in-between.
  2. beautiful birds, amazing pictures
  3. Thanks, Bushden for your service and your ability to honor and serve our country even when you noticed who did and didn't get called up, but you still made the sacrifice and contributed to all of our lives. As someone from a later generation, it's impressive to see this. Thanks also for putting it up here.
  4. https://www.yahoo.com/news/two-masks-masks-195732178.html
  5. yeah, I'm doing it right now. It used to be all about the shortsightedness, disregard for others, and even stupidity of liberal perspectives. Then I read your posts and I couldn't make it so one-sided any more. I'm not kidding.
  6. It's all about not sounding out each vowel
  7. Cool video. So cool that I sent the link to my brother so my lil' nephew who loves predators and animals in general could watch. And my sister in law nixed it as not safe for a 5 year old. What's wrong with people?!? I guess the bobcat has to be making friends with the snake, just like bears really are our furry friends who eat honey from a spoon and should never be hunted. Thanks for posting. Do you know where this was filmed?
  8. First of all, by your rules you have no standing to comment on this because you're too poor a shot to kill turkeys with a sling. You're not a real hunter because you don't kill bears with a sling and a sharp rock. So your philosophy is weak. Just ask Ortega y Gasset, or check your own silly posts. Second, so a weasely, foolish, politically ambitious mayor of NYC's comments get Trump off the hook for everything from his bleach babbling, to failing to supervise a national policy or vaccine rollout, to admitting secretly that it was worse than the flu but he downplayed it to save that stock
  9. It's a waste of time to discuss facts and science with people who get their science info from Fox and the NY Post, don't understand how science makes its truth claims through an ongoing process of testing and refining ideas, insult anyone you don't understand, and don't actually read and think carefully about others ideas' while basic information that contradicts even yr message above stares you in the face. So have fun, Nickmarch. No worries. You have your ways of doing stuff, and I have mine. I'm not gonna upset you and try to take away that tinfoil hat. Peace. Enjoy the turkeys. But "
  10. The vaccine is missing because Trump and crowd first denied the serious of the pandemic, then politicized it with masks, and then rejected Pharma's offer of more doses. Next they blew the roll-out, while lying about supplies. No wonder good, honest, hardworking people are upset
  11. Congrats, Rusty. I'm not quite at your level yet since she won't go hunting, but I did get my son's vegetarian girlfriend to eat our deer meat. Now she says she loves it, and it's the only meat she'll eat since it's the only "ethically killed" stuf she knows. Now she's inviting her vegetarian friends to go to my house for dinner. Maybe next season I'll convince her of the next step.
  12. Censorship. Cancelling. I should stop expressing my views, but if I write "Joekster is a fraud" that's all good?? I guess that's the new American way, developed under the Crime Family from Queens and abetted by the brainwashed who still think they're supporting freedom? Man, you'd be good switching sides to Hilary's team. Same logics, different causes.
  13. No, honestly, I'm not calling you pond scum. No way. I'm saying that Trump generates pond scum with his sleaziness and that sleaziness blinds people to his crimes. I'm not trying to insult you. I'm disagreeing with your ideas and criticizing Trump's corruption and reliance on scamming the government and the people.
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