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  1. all my red meat comes from deer. I don't even look at the price of beef.
  2. maybe you should actually do a little hunting, sit in the woods, get your head on straight??
  3. who's "our"??? how do you measure an expanding economy? Goods and services bought and sold? So expanding the money supply and US debt increases the economy, by the numbers, right?
  4. Straight from fathernature! Awesome. Does mothernature pitch Walmart?
  5. It may be why we have the very particular sort of growth and innovation that we do right now. But it also contributes to jobs and mentalities that bust unions and do away with the high-paying working class jobs typical of post-WWII USA. Our knowledge and information-based economy has a lot to do with today's inequality as well as the power of residents of places like San Francisco, Manhattan and Austin. Growth in the knowledge economy correlates really well with growth among a smaller and smaller percentage of Americans' wallets. That's not to say bringing back industry is gonna work.
  6. Haskell, I agree with you completely on the oversupply of capital (not just dollars). But, yes, investing in projects that magnify the dollars spent in them DOES stimulate the economy. At times it stimulates the economy too much. That's one recipe for inflation. At other times it stimulates us out of a recession or depression. Keynesians are not completely wrong. One problem with your idea of taking out dollars from the economy is that it'll make it harder to pay the debt that skyrocketed under the previous admin, and continues to grow. To some extent we need inflation to pay down the debt. Or, put slightly differently, to raise rates around the world and effectively slough off our debt payments onto other countries.
  7. Whenever we borrow like crazy to prop up a failing president we pay the price....It's called a hangover. Now we're paying the price for Trump. Soon we may pay the (economic) price for Biden, if his infrastructural program doesn't stimulate the economy as promised. I know Trump's wall and buying off farmers to impress Xi didn't stimulate the economy, even as it filled the NJ food banks with government meat that often crowded out hunters' donated deer. Will Biden's internet, daycare, and bridge building get off the ground or will his programs go down in flames too, further bloating the national debt?
  8. I guess you're stuck in your cage?
  9. As long as it doesnt get infected or slow him down from the next coyote attack he should live
  10. use a tracking duck...
  11. I often disagree with DV1's posts, especially when he goes into that authoritarian overdrive that permits him to know the histories and inner workings of other people's minds. But I read them with interest, and this is one of the smarter analyses on this site. If only we could all come to admit that propaganda and propagandizing cut both--or all--ways in today's America. We can thank Trump for that, but even more so the R. Murdochs, Koch Brothers, and Jeff Zuckers of the world. Evil harlots, all of them. But then again, this country built itself on Yellow Journalism. Remember the Maine!
  12. So, JD, you're proud of a coup? Are you moving to Guatemala or Haiti for retirement?
  13. Liz Cheney is more probably fighting for endless war than she is democracy...but you're right that Trump is using a great big lie to destroy democracy because he can't accept the fact that he lost the election and he needs to the presidency to shield himself legally from a lifetime of misdeeds
  14. With the shit she spouts, I can totally imagine it. Kinda like Steven Miller being a racist
  15. JFC1


    I tried it in the 80s the week after I had gotten back for the first time from South America. My mom gave me coupons buy one get one free and I've always joked that I got reverse Montezuma's revenge from McDonalds and it was more powerfully "explosive" than anything anywhere in Latin America
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