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  1. great offer , nice move
  2. safe travel , good luck
  3. Good for you , every little bit helps , enjoy , salute"
  4. and the smell of a fired paper shotgun shell in the air ( 1st choice Peters , 2nd choice Winchester )
  5. Great read , Great stories , Thanks
  6. Buckeyes11 , Did Dejoy give a reason or have a theory for getting rid of processing machines ? years ago if i mailed a letter in town , going to same town , it would get delivered the next day, now it gets sent to Trenton and is delivered in 2 -3 days , they say to take the cost of the sort off the local P.O. and put it on the hub / depot., make sense ?
  7. JD48


    good deal , wife and i both felt like we had a mild case of the flu for a day
  8. I know there is a big shortage of drivers at all companies , so i can understand a delay , but my stuff always gets sent in the wrong direction !!
  9. I wonder if this is a New Jersey problem , anything I order or mail , is ok till it hits , Kearney , Trenton , or Newark depots , then it gets sent in the wrong direction
  10. never a real fun day out unless a flip flop , sneaker , or shoe is lost
  11. thought I could give them a break , and blame it on the Covid , was never a big fan of direct deposit , they offered it when i was working , always wanted check in hand , sure glad i have it now , s.s. and pension checks
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