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  1. I do think there are a few stray posters around. You seeing a lot of them? Where?
  2. UPDATE 11/20 DOG HAS BEEN FOUND AT COLLIERS MILLS AND REUNITED WITH OWNER. they found him at archery range 11 cold nights brrr
  3. Bummed...we looked more this weekend and covered trails from rt 571 side. Nothing...
  4. LOST DOG UPDATE: Max the German Shorthaired Pointer, has shown up on a deer hunters camera at Colliers Mills in Jackson, NJ. Photo is from last Tuesday 11/12. The map has a red dot for the main entrance (Hawkin rd and Colliers Mills rd), Y is where the dog was lost, X is where he showed up on Tuesday 11/12. Please keep your eyes open!
  5. Max is still out in woods. Colliers Mills folks keep your eyes open.
  6. Hi Bones not sure if they radio station said someone found a lost dog? Can you clarify?
  7. UPDATE 11/20 DOG HAS BEEN FOUND AT COLLIERS MILLS AND REUNITED WITH OWNER. they found him at archery range 11 cold nights brrr This is NOT my dog. Please contact Daniel directly. Lost dog at last light on Pheasant opener near main entrance down by where dirt road splits. He has clothes and food where he lost dog and also a hat on main road for scent. Dog is microchipped, has a name tag and running a bell. Saw Dan and his son searching yesterday. Help this boy get his dog back.
  8. 2010 Mission Menace Youth Bow with new string, 6 arrows, peep, site, dropaway rest, stabilizer, release, arm guard, quiver and case. LEFT HANDED archery bow. Adjustable from 17"-30" draw length and 24-52 lbs. $185.00
  9. This event is for AKC pointing breed dog owners that want to know more about field training your dog for hunting, hunt tests or field trials. Youth handlers are encouraged!
  10. This is going to be a great event, please attend. Guys worked really hard putting this together!
  11. I think Ken provided some good feedback. We have members in all 3 disciplines, crossbow, compound and recurves. Lets talk about moving forward and trying to keep and protect our hunting rights for the next generation. I know this debate was a hot button, but it is time to move forward gang. We all have something we did not agree with in the past...heck I thought the Buffalo Bills would beat the Giants in the Superbowl
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