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Help needed -please read


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Fellow sportsmen,


My cousin and his family are in need of some help. Please help if you can donate and/ or share.

My cousin has been hospitalized out of nowhere with unknown issues. Spine is swollen, he is paralyzed from the ribcage down and doctors don't know why yet. This is all of a sudden with no rhyme or reason. His family can use some help. Please donate if you can, every little bit helps.

It's horrible timing as he just closed on a home,, put in 2 weeks notice to take a better job offer, and the next day this happens to him. His insurance runs out Thursday and they want to fly him to Nashville after 5 plasma transplants to see better qualified doctors. He's in Indiana now. Such a shame. Good people don't deserve this.

Father of 4, sole income.


Thank you for reading, if you can spare a few dollars you send it here:




Thank you all.21ec6c369b77d442bb3f8758a3d9144e.jpg


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