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  1. robnj

    Nice zone 36 Buck down

    That is a really nice buck. congrats
  2. robnj

    Time For Mineral Sites

    Great pic
  3. https://www.rogerssportinggoods.com/hunting/cameras/game-and-trail-cameras/moultrie-m-880-gen2-mini-game-camera.html
  4. robnj

    Who's gonna hunt winterbow??

    I will if i can get a pic of a decent buck. All the decent bucks seem to be less active at this time compared to recent years.
  5. robnj

    New Years 8pt!

    congrats way to go
  6. robnj

    Anyone have bamboo flooring?

    I forget the brand name but did acclimate it for a long time. It was very fine strand woven.
  7. robnj

    Anyone have bamboo flooring?

    Mine was nailed down 3/4 x 3" wide planks.
  8. robnj

    Anyone have bamboo flooring?

    I used in my last house and would not use again. It expanded and contracted way too much. That made the seams open and fill with dirt.
  9. https://www.amazon.com/Bushnell-Trophy-Essential-Trail-Camera/dp/B01CQBYU1U
  10. robnj

    Couple pine buck pics

    They are nowhere to be found. The area got heavy pressure but did not hear of any good bucks shot.
  11. robnj

    Merry Christmas !!!!

    Merry Christmas
  12. robnj

    browning dark ops cam

    I use the shortest delay and three shot burst on bait. You will get a ton of pics of the same deer but have the best chance at catching the bigger bucks that just quickly scent check the bait site.
  13. robnj

    nice 8 pic

    my buddy killed him opening morning of shotgun
  14. robnj

    nice 8 pic

    One and a half miles on those two cameras. They cover tons of area, here today gone tomorrow.