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  1. https://www.rogerssportinggoods.com/hunting/cameras/game-and-trail-cameras/moultrie-m-880-gen2-mini-game-camera.html
  2. I will if i can get a pic of a decent buck. All the decent bucks seem to be less active at this time compared to recent years.
  3. I forget the brand name but did acclimate it for a long time. It was very fine strand woven.
  4. Mine was nailed down 3/4 x 3" wide planks.
  5. I used in my last house and would not use again. It expanded and contracted way too much. That made the seams open and fill with dirt.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Bushnell-Trophy-Essential-Trail-Camera/dp/B01CQBYU1U
  7. They are nowhere to be found. The area got heavy pressure but did not hear of any good bucks shot.
  8. I use the shortest delay and three shot burst on bait. You will get a ton of pics of the same deer but have the best chance at catching the bigger bucks that just quickly scent check the bait site.
  9. robnj

    nice 8 pic

    my buddy killed him opening morning of shotgun
  10. robnj

    nice 8 pic

    One and a half miles on those two cameras. They cover tons of area, here today gone tomorrow.
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