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  1. Great pics, I have not seen that yet but the pics are few and far between recently.
  2. For you guys with hydraulic brakes, is storing your bike upside down bad?. My rear lever was soft with long travel but seemed to pumped back up bit after riding.
  3. Nice, Starting myself next week.
  4. You can use pm for the answer also thanks man
  5. Why did you stick with the Excalibur TD and not the r26. They are both on my list for next crossbow and I’m leaning towards the 340 TD mostly because of price.
  6. robnj


    Yep , stuck in here for another day . All was good until I ate the Sausage patty for breakfast this morning, I think it was made from amputated body parts. Lol
  7. robnj


    Well figured out why I have way less energy . heart disease, had a heart attack 3 days after posting that. Guess I really need to get back in shape.lol
  8. That sucks, but the cam sends a nice pic.
  9. 30 yards. The blueberry and scrub oak twigs are hard to see even when using a scope on a crossbow.
  10. Only township that has free roaming tigers too. LOL
  11. I know the spike will, he's going to follow me around and snort at me all my trees LOL
  12. Its a bolyguard sg560k hooked up to a cell link. My bolyguards and little acorns are a pain in the summer they need to be on low sensor setting and if its set up with a lot of shadows I get false pics out the wazoo.
  13. Had to change my pir setting so pulled the card. The chigger population went up 1000% since last week and there hungry LOL
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