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  1. I’m in , not feeling to confident. Wind can’t make up its mind.
  2. I’m in , had a nice 8 come thru 6.28 yesterday on the cam at this spot. Hopefully he comes by a little earlier Tonight. Gla
  3. Almost got a chance at a nice nine pointer at last light. He was coming into my last 3 grunts I made, but hung up making a rub and a scrape until way after shooting light.
  4. robnj

    This Season

    Last three weeks have been have been super slow on deer movement, I'm running 23 cameras and they all tell the same story. They are staying in tight small areas and moving at night. Last year I had way more pics and the same deer would be on multiple cameras up to 2 miles apart with a few random daylight pics. I am going to hunt near some doe I got daylight pics of the rest of the week sitting on the buck sign is not working for me.
  5. Just had fork horn spot me and take off
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