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  1. I’m out, heard 4 shots already.
  2. I must be hunting the Florida key deer strain by me. LOL
  3. Great Bucks ! congrats Lunatic and Bowhunter444
  4. robnj

    Fawn in estrous?

    No way that little one weighs anywhere near that probably just using the same trail then.
  5. I got this pic of a small doe who kept looking back followed by a buck followed by a larger doe assuming its the momma doe. Do you think there just traveling together or that little doe is almost ready?
  6. I attach my coat to the outside of my back pack. Gun I carry, I did buy an Eberlestock pack with a gun sheath but only used it once because the pack weights 6 pounds.
  7. I use a combination of sticks and steps to climb. If I can't land on a limb using Lone Wolf or Novix sticks I bring a Muddy for my top stick. I carry Cranford rope on steps to gain height or get around limbs and expand my shooting coverage at the top. My lightest sticks are the Novix mini's with the Versastraps, Versastraps suck for the pine trees so I just tie the buckleless mod way. If I'm using long sticks I strap my bow to my pack and carry the sticks.
  8. Gander has some ATT. Just ordered 1 to try as a bait site camera.
  9. Here are a couple more pics. It looks like the buck ignored the coyote and hurt his feelings and coyote tries on act tough on rubs. LOL
  10. I keep a couple Cranford rope on steps in my pack if i need some extra height or if a branch messes with the placement of the sticks. I carry one less stick since I bought them.
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