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  1. Number 1 reason the deer numbers will never be what they were in the pines . Tiny Does only giving birth to 1 sometimes 2 tiny fawns and packs of giant coyotes. The baby deer don't stand a chance there like deer Mcnuggets to a coyote. Thank God there's high numbers of rabbits to take some of the pressure off the deer. Cool pic
  2. They seem to hit the licking branches often but rarely do they clear the scrapes be me. This was my latest cleared scrape.
  3. Put this cam in some red oaks along a cedar swamp. Might hunt it tomorrow.
  4. Looks close to 110 to me.
  5. Older buck Pictures by me dropped 90% since around 1st of December, smaller buck and doe pics are way down too. Pretty consistent year to year.
  6. Tethered is very simple and comfortable. Only complaint is the waist buckle gets loose on me when walking and the saddle pulls down off your waist when you hang sticks off of it going up the tree. I use short Muddy sticks and long Lone wolf sticks.
  7. robnj

    12/21/19 Check In

    I’m in, alerted everything in a mile radius driving through the ice puddles. Good luck
  8. That's a beauty, congrats
  9. Congrats on the expanding family
  10. nice bucks, like the piebald. congrats to the Ozarks
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