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  1. He also has a rubber chicken that he left in the woods. Now it is stuck in a does mouth. He posted pictures about it.
  2. Awesome buck. Congratulations
  3. Great picture her expression is the best part.
  4. You must not be to far from his bedding area. Nice buck good luck.
  5. Beware I run 28 cams and bought 6 big packs from Amazon. After setting out my cell camera’s, the cameras wouldn’t send pictures. Went back to the woods and checked cameras batteries were all bad. Back and forth with Amazon, I posted a horrible review. Amazon got back to me and said they were removing my review because the batteries were not fake or bad. I have two big ziplock backs full of Amazon fake lithium batteries now. I would never order a battery from Amazon again. This is first time ever having a problem with them.
  6. I think the mods are doing a great job. I don’t post much, but I am on this site every day. I think that some people need to grow up and stop getting so upset by what others say. I enjoy reading on what is going on. I also get many laughs at how so many people get so upset over what others say. People this is a hunting and fishing site. If you want to argue go on some other site like Facebook or something else. Let’s all enjoy what we all love doing. We are only a few weeks away from the best time of the year.
  7. Awesome work Jay, and a great job by all that were involved. I remember reading the whole story when it was shot and when Gobbleandgrunt helped find the shed side!!!! Congratulations again to the hunter.
  8. I had the same thing happen to my 1187 probably 15 years ago shooting a turkey. I brought it to a gun smith in Andover I think Bob Smith, I got his name from Simon Peter had the part and fixed it right away. Might want to call Simon Peter and ask for the gun smith phone number. Semper Fi
  9. What is the DL on the bow? I have a buddy looking for a bow.
  10. I have a buddy who has the 1500 eco diesel and loves it. He went from a 2500 diesel down to this, he travels all over the U.S. to hunt and says he gets 27-28 mpg. He tried talking me out of buying my 2019 2500 Cummins, the only downside to the eco diesel is the tow capacity. If I didn’t have to tow a 14,000 lb trailer on the regular I would have went that route. That being said my daily driver is a Toyota Tacoma. Because as stated above diesel trucks are more expensive for maintenance. My Cummins oil changes and filters cost about three times the cost of my Tacoma with doing it myself.
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