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  1. Kayak Ken


    Vaping is worst then smoking. If some asshole does that indoors next to me my throat starts to swell up and I have a hard time breathing. People are getting popcorn lugs after doing it for a few months. Might as well huff spray paint if you want to put a bunch of chemicals down your lungs.
  2. Always exchange information the very least. Some police departments stopped doing reports for car accidents when no injuries or criminality is suspected.
  3. I have the Vortex Ranger. I love it. They also offer a discount to Leo and Military, if that applies to you.
  4. Vortex Range. Lifetime warranty and red display for low light
  5. I guess an accountant knows better then LEO's. I've only made hundreds of arrest and testified 100s of times but hey you know better.
  6. It would Jeopardize the investigation. That's the first thing a defense attorney would go to if this went as far as a trail. Most likely the guy would take a plea. But if a case ever goes to court the more media reports and public exposure only hurt the case.
  7. I noticed that too. Even in the background pictures it did not show hunting/ fishing gear
  8. Guy told me he needed money to pay his rent and would pay everyone back with lawsuit money he had coming it. Didn't really trust the guy but I figured I'd spare $20
  9. If I offended anyone I apologize. I removed my post. Hope you find a home for him
  10. https://abc7ny.com/food/shake-shack-testing-out-four-day-workweek/5199731/
  11. The little pond has more fish. Caught some of my biggest there.
  12. Can't wait to hear from the few libs we have on this site.
  13. Did he ever earn his in the first place?
  14. In cases like this the state should use Asset Forfeiture powers and seize the owners vehicle use in the crime and auction it off. The could install LPR (license plate readers) and track people drivekng down these roads.
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