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  1. Whitetail31

    NAP broadheads 50% off

    Every one I told about it got the stuff they ordered
  2. Whitetail31

    My Tahoe is done!

    That sucks but it does have 265 on it so I would say that’s pretty good
  3. Whitetail31


    I have 2 nikons and have had no problems with them one is probably 15-20 years old now
  4. Whitetail31

    Bad luck with new bow sights this year

    Check out ez v sight if I was able to still shoot a bow this is the sight I would go with
  5. Whitetail31

    10/14 AM Check In

    Happy birthday
  6. Whitetail31

    Maine Moose Down(pic heavy)

    Congratulations that’s awesome
  7. Whitetail31

    Mom Shoots Big 8pt!

    Great job congratulations To mom
  8. Whitetail31

    Anybody else had it with this weather?

    Watching the news Sussex county is going to get 2” of rain on Saturday on top of all the other rain I don’t think it’s going to dry up till next summer
  9. Whitetail31

    Couple Beauties

    Todd is drinking wine with his cats he don’t have time for w&w right now.
  10. Whitetail31

    First deer of the year

  11. Whitetail31

    10-5, Z5 buck mission = Slammer down

    Great nj buck congratulations
  12. Whitetail31

    Anyone getting pop up adds here?

    I got a amazon one that freezes up
  13. Whitetail31

    Rut report

    Turkey wing just pm me and told me that we all missed the rut this year. Said that all the rut activity happened in the dark the last week of September and that we are now in the post rut. Oh and he said his beauty queen shot a hog and he is not posting any more pictures of her because to many guys wanted to steel her from him.
  14. Whitetail31

    Crossbow bolt recommendations

    It depends on what arrow and insert you are using. I had south shore archery set me up spinal tapps 20” with 92 grn brass inserts and 100 grain tips total 424 grain I think my foc is right around 25%. Spinal tapps are a excellent arrow they are black eagle arrows that jerry has made for him.
  15. Whitetail31

    Crossbow bolt recommendations

    Better to just call you will talk with jerry himself