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  1. Aero hunter kestrel is my go to saddle with leg straps cut off. I have a few bug this is my favorite. I also use 3 helium sticks and predator platform. For close hunts for long walks I just use a lone wolf hand climber top and my saddle. Can get up tree in no time. I have tried many methods on private property I will drill trees and use grade eight bolts in the off season so I only need predator platform. If you get a saddle and want to try anything pm me I live in Sussex county. I have a few ring of steps and all different stuff. One thing you are going to want for sure is a few ropemans. At
  2. Congratulations nice buck
  3. The brown one is a loggy bayou
  4. Congratulations to both of you.
  5. Aero hunter kestrel saddle, teatherd predator platform, 3 hawk helium sticks and tenzing turkey vest. Very mobile I will stay in saddle all day. Fourth season out of a saddle and love it. Besides taking my kids to a two man stand or blind I hate tree stands anymore. With a saddle you are able to use the tree for cover.
  6. Nice one I hope the date and time are wrong 2099
  7. As stupid as it sounds if you put a floor register with a in duct fan in the farthest room from your stove. You put the fan in to blow down. This will push cold air down and will make more of a flow through your house. I did this years ago and made a huge improvement in heat getting upstairs.
  8. I had a problem with my r9 a few weeks ago. I called the number and pressed 2 or 3 don’t remember but I got right through to a live person.
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