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  1. At that gas station with the vacuum.
  2. That’s why tv sucks it’s all about kills most guys take horrible shots with no penetration and brag about smoking him. I wonder how many need a tracking dog to find
  3. Jersey Jay is famous no wonder why you pulled some strings to make him a mod. Lou, I hope that he does not forget where he came from.
  4. I hunt both gun and bow. The only time I use a stand is if its really really cold and I need my iwom. It’s by far the best way to hunt.
  5. You will love saddle hunting. I am on my second season in a saddle opens up so many more options. Check our saddle hunter.com
  6. Whitetail31

    Chainsaw Help

    Did you check your crank seals and intake boot to make sure that you don’t have a air leak?
  7. Congratulations I love the chevron
  8. Whitetail31

    Chainsaw Help

    Sounds like you have a bad crank seal or bad fuel line or something causing it to run to lean. No way you would go through that many top ends unless straight gassing.
  9. Great story congratulations and Semper Fi
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