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  1. Then after they take it back and take out the propane to figure out what they owe you. They give you a lot less than you paid. Like it’s already been said all propane companies suck.
  2. Flat brook tap house get a regular calzone food is awesome
  3. If you read on saddlehunter.com they are very busy and the 2 owners Greg and Ernie are both guys working full time jobs and trying to do this also. I would not worry at all your stuff will be shipped they have great stuff.
  4. Not to many guys can say that they had a bear shit on them!
  5. Just like the baiting deer posts who cares what other people do. If you don’t like it don’t do it. Same thing with baiting in NY and other states it’s illegal people still bait. I was up in Massachusetts at a ski resort a few weeks ago. It’s pretty funny because when ever you pass by the weed store you notice all the states license plates in the parking lot. Say what you want bet some of you will venture in to one of them shops when they open them here.
  6. The bottom line is people have been driving high since the automobile was invented. People like to make weed look so bad. I would much rather see people drive high on weed than on prescription narcotics, high on heroine or someone that’s drunk oh let’s not forget crystal meth or speed. It’s pretty funny when you go to a state weed is legal and you see people of all ages, all colors, people in wheelchairs, people with suits on and people with jeans on all lined up in front of the weed store. Say what you want if they make it legal and you don’t have to worry about loosing your job a lot of people will try it. No one has ever robbed a gas station or bank to buy weed.
  7. You guys need to be premium members to enter. The trip to Kansas is being guided by Todd as long as you are not allergic to cats. His cat goes on the trip. At least that’s what the fine print on the rules read.
  8. For premiums it’s Iowa and Kansas this year. 3blade you did enter for both right. I mean come on it’s free for premium members.
  9. Oh I love the hat and stickers that come with the premium membership are awesome.
  10. I joined to support the site. But then after going to the section for all of us premium members, I realized how much all the cheap guys are missing out. And yes it’s were all the mods get hammered on it’s good they cannot see.
  11. I have the same insert as you that thing is awesome.
  12. You should contact the Game Warden‘s and see what they say
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