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  1. Whitetail31

    Hunter's Butcher - Scammer? Help?

    You should contact the Game Warden‘s and see what they say
  2. Whitetail31

    She is a wood eater.

    When you run a pro saw you really get to see the difference.
  3. Whitetail31

    Climbing Sticks

    I love my hawk helium’s the new 2019 are even better with the suction cups to hold together.
  4. Whitetail31

    Speed mark your firewood 16"

    Check out the Mingo marker best thing I have found it’s nice when all your stacked wood is the same length.
  5. Whitetail31

    Dog ate deer mount- repair

    Jay you are very skilled that is amazing! Great job
  6. Whitetail31

    Wide Late Season 8pt Down

  7. Whitetail31

    Deer Rescue Attempt Gets Expensive

    That’s crazy you can’t even do the right thing anymore. Poor guy.
  8. Whitetail31

    Monster Jam

    Trykonkid11 I was at monster jam today and you are right it was very cold. We must of been sitting very close to each other from your picture. We were sitting in section 3 row 14 the kids had a blast.
  9. Whitetail31

    Uncle Ted

    That’s great
  10. I love my Gray wolf Woolens stuff is awesome they really take pride in the stuff that they make
  11. Whitetail31

    1/14 Check In

    Next year that buck will be a stud. Remember if you let them go they will grow.
  12. Whitetail31

    Lets talk PU trucks - 1500 series, 6cyl, Ford vs Chevy vs Ram

    Jack I thought you were looking for a good on gas truck for your commute. If you are getting a truck to have a truck get a truck. Get a TRUCK a BIG TRUCK!!!!!
  13. Whitetail31

    Lets talk PU trucks - 1500 series, 6cyl, Ford vs Chevy vs Ram

    The newer f150 with the 6 eco boost is awesome if you don’t tow heavy the 2.7 is great we get around 25 mpg fully loaded with gear going hunting out to ohio.
  14. Whitetail31

    450 BM advice/opinions

    Check out the 45-70 a lot of guys in ohio are using these with great results they just passed the same law 200 yards no problem with good ammunition
  15. Whitetail31

    Package Thief vs Glitter Bomb Trap

    That’s awesome