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  1. People can say what ever they want but Toyota is the only company ever to take responsibility for the faulty frames. My uncle had a 90 something f150 and his frame rotted so bad his truck folded. Ford would not do anything for him. Many other trucks have had big issues and they wouldn’t do a thing. I have owned 9 Toyota’s between the old pick ups and the Tacoma’s. My 90 with the v6 had recalls for head gasket you could bring them in as many times as you wanted. I also have a 03 Chevy 2500 duramax that motor years have big issues with injectors they only warrantee for 100,000 miles. Tacoma’s 15 years for frame. They don’t care if truck was lifted like mine or 700,000 miles no difference. You tell me who stands behind products.
  2. That’s awesome my son just asked if we could fish on Easter. Congratulations to the little man. Awesome Memories for both of you.
  3. I have been a school teacher since my kids schools closed. Oh and I am going to be bald from pulling my hair out.
  4. Think of what he will look like in September
  5. Do you still have windwalker if so I will take it
  6. Congratulations this is a awesome story, with an awesome buck.
  7. Congratulations awesome buck. Zipper do you take paying customers on your property?
  8. Congratulations on a awesome buck.
  9. Congratulations. That’s awesome.
  10. I was at a resort in Mexico and they had fenced in area with awesome Whitetails. Every deer has feet like that, when I asked they said it was from just eating corn and carbs like stated above.
  11. I use a tenzing Turkey vest to carry everything. I started off with a horn hunter main beam pack that worked great. I just wanted to go simple. I am up in Sussex County if you wanted to try anything out.
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