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  1. Whitetail31


    You never know what can happen. I have a friend In Ohio who took his kids for a 4H gun shoot and he had all of his guns 4 rifles and two handguns in one big pelican case. At the end of the day his son Shut the tailgate of the truck when he got home the tail gate was open and there was no gun case. He notified the state troopers and the guns were never found .
  2. Whitetail31

    Keep your AR-15 magazines ... LEGALLY

    42.00 for 10 not to bad
  3. Whitetail31

    Vizsla Breeders in New Jersey???

    Years ago in wantage was a vizsla breeder my friend got 2 awesome dogs from her I think she moved right over the border in ny or pa hopefully someone knows the lady’s name because she did great work
  4. Whitetail31

    RIP Dad 1935-2018

    Jack so sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family.
  5. Whitetail31

    Best Way to Cook Deer Heart

    Soak in salt water for about 8-12 changing the water half way through we boil them then grind it mix with mayo onion celery and carrots and s&p. Like you would with tuna. This is how my family upstate has been doing it for 40+ years it’s actually good. They say if the heart gets these deer around these mountains we have to eat it. I myself don’t save my hearts, if you don’t upstate they send you back to the gut pile to get it.
  6. Whitetail31

    Sunday Funday Check-in.. 11/25

    I agree vdep217 I know with my crossbow even 30 yards with 20 yard pin would still hit deer you must have been aiming to low
  7. Whitetail31

    Savage 220F ejection

    Also some scope base screws were a tiny bit to long and caused more pressure on the round
  8. Whitetail31

    Heated socks suggestions

    Baffin boots have not needed boot blankets since
  9. Whitetail31

    Last Youth Day - Minutes To Late

    Hopefully he can connect with him in the next few weeks
  10. Whitetail31

    Big Illinois Buck Down

    Congratulations Tom
  11. Whitetail31

    Youth Day....game on in the am!

    Good luck
  12. Whitetail31

    Bill proposed by Sen. Booker

    That’s great
  13. Whitetail31

    Cabela’s insulated rain gear for sale...perfect

    You always sell nice stuff at great prices wish you were not so far not that I need this a lot of stuff you have sold I could have
  14. Whitetail31

    Bummer from Sunday Hunt

    Deer can live with only one lung is hit
  15. Whitetail31

    11/5 check in.

    High point state park hunt I believe someone said but I could be wrong