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  1. Congratulations this is a awesome story, with an awesome buck.
  2. Congratulations awesome buck. Zipper do you take paying customers on your property?
  3. Congratulations on a awesome buck.
  4. Congratulations. That’s awesome.
  5. I was at a resort in Mexico and they had fenced in area with awesome Whitetails. Every deer has feet like that, when I asked they said it was from just eating corn and carbs like stated above.
  6. I use a tenzing Turkey vest to carry everything. I started off with a horn hunter main beam pack that worked great. I just wanted to go simple. I am up in Sussex County if you wanted to try anything out.
  7. I use a kestrel with a set of hawk helium sticks and a tethered Predator platform. The best information you could get for saddle hunting is from saddleHunter.com. I have been saddle hunting for three years now and do not miss a tree stand at all.
  8. Leupold ultimate slam 3x9 it’s a shoot gun muzzle loader scope. That’s what I have on mine and my buddies is the same we both love them.
  9. Is it really Saturday of 6 day? I can’t believe I have not heard a shot yet. Zone 1 feels like they should move.
  10. Also the SIM card might not be all the way in the camera it has no way to lock in.
  11. I ordered one and it came today. For guys having problems make sure that you use a 32 gb or less micro sd card that is formatted. Then you need to copy the current firmware update. I have 3 out for the last 2 1/2 months with no problems once doing this good luck.
  12. I feel the same way about targeteers won’t give them a cent of my money. I won’t trust anyone but Dino at gardenstate bow and reel. If you want a bow to be shooting bullet holes. Don’t go anywhere else.
  13. Upon zone 1 farmer cutting corn. Just seen a giant pushing does around. Fingers crossed sitting on the stream bed between corn fields
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