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Tell me about this shot


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Just shot a nice buck at 15 yards courting toward me a little. The buck ran pass a creek up a hill and with the tail up, which is not a good sign. The arrow had blood on it with white hairs and i tracked it for about 60yds but just small drops. Coming back with the dog guy tmw. What u guys think of this shot? Can it be fatal? Or do u think it was just a flesh wound? Has anyone ever had this type of blood trail? 

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Quartering to is a bad shot. White hair,,,,you prob gave him a flesh wound on his belly. I had the same scenario a few years ago,,,,,dog owner believed it was a non fatal hit. Either way,,,,,give it you best. If he's dead, the dog will find him. Good luck. Learn from every shot,,,,like JhBowhunter says

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Frontal shot you probably know is no good. Always best to wait - I know that is tough to do sometimes.

White hair not necessarily belly shot only. Two yrs ago from tree I made a broadside shot. Found arrow right where expected in ground but a pile of white hair. Started cursing that I hit low. But it was heart shot lower than my aim.  

Some deer have white hair higher too like piebald.

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