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  1. There is no back ground check on a muzzle loader even in in nj. Nics does not get called. Its just a coe
  2. I disagree because one of the exceptions is purchased legally in another state. Somthing I will research more
  3. There are exceptions to having an fid. Inheritance moving here legally purchasing in another state
  4. You may be right. But its a grey area because purchased legally no? I never thought about it because I have a fid. Would it not fall under one of the exceptions.
  5. In NJ still need fid and coe . You can buy in pa off shelf
  6. I know most already know but its not the antis we are trying to convince that hunting is necessary part of conservation. It is those on the fence and those unknowing. A positive experience with them is a grain of sand on our side of the scale.
  7. I'll get a pic when I get home but I have a back pack that I bungie to my stand
  8. Couple years ago I parked on what I thought was twp property turned out someone had bought it but didn't post. I was hunting twp land just were I parked wasnt. Guy was looking for me in his side by side I ran into him walking out. He informed me I was parked on his land I apologized he said that's OK I havnt posted yet. He asks did you see any thing in fact I did have a doe down I was going to my truck to unload my gear than going to get her. He wasn't a hunter and curious to the process and gave me a ride to the deer and put the deer in his sideby side n brought to my truck. The next da
  9. Great deal. Someone will grab them quick.
  10. I'm kinda in the same boat. Now with the daisy chain I might attach the one end snd wrap around stick if I decide I like if not will be going with the rope instead.
  11. I know it will definitely sag more than the strap and I still may go the rope route but will see how I like these. Def very light and will be quiet
  12. Just received my daisy chain mod.(thanks yoda). Hard to believe the weight rating on these
  13. Those who don't hunt dont understand it. Try taking one of your non hunting friends out with you. While it may not turn them into a hunter they will understand why you hunt. And you may gain a new hunting buddy out if it. I say the same with turkey hunting guys that don't turkey hunt in the spring have no idea what they are missing. Its totally different than the deer woods and those that don't turkey hunt don't experience it
  14. Nj classifies them as fore arms but on the federal level they are not.
  15. Glad I could help. Tell them good luck for me. Hopefully see you on the next ww fishing trip
  16. I went with the helium because I wanted double step
  17. Any one looking for costa sunglasses. Great price and on blue mirror glass https://www.amazon.com/Costa-Del-Mar-Sunglasses-Mirror/dp/B00AB1ZCBA/ref=mp_s_a_1_14?dchild=1&keywords=costa+sunglasses+for+men&qid=1606480693&sprefix=costa&sr=8-14
  18. Had Nick (swamp rat) and his son along with my dad's friends grandson out this morning. Birds cooperated and was a pleasant hunt. Got our limit and left birds we could see running around in one of the back fields. Brownie did well.
  19. Hang and hunt for the most part. I use mine as I would a climber but don't have to look for that perfect tree. Remember these whole set ups are less than 20lbs combined. Mine is 18. 3 helium sticks and x stand expedition. Takes me about 10 minutes to be sitting
  20. vdep217

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Add a dab of cream cheese as well they are awsome
  21. Dan check out the x stand expedition. The seat is great and the hitch receiver makes hanging very easy
  22. Hawk helium sticks and x stand expedition. Will be adding a double aider for first stick and single for 2nd. Went to daisy chains instead of cam buckle straps. Right at 18 lbs
  23. 308 would be my opinion. Will get the job done on deer and bear and can shoot it all day on the bench
  24. Nice day out Charlie. I'll run into you to say hi one of these days
  25. I have the full size but 3. I get about 17 ft with them. Easy to set up rock solid. Was debating go with an aider or 4th stick. Im gonna go with a double aider on 1st and single on second should be able to hit 22 ft or so when needed
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