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  1. For example - Union Lake - no one is ever there from the anyway. Twice in 30 yrs I have seen a game warden. Why would it be restricted or closed? DEP DIVISION OF FISH & WILDLIFE LANDS MANAGEMENT UPDATE RESTRICTED ACCESS AT SOME WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREAS Due to temporary state-mandated employee furloughs, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Fish & Wildlife is temporarily restricting access to some Wildlife Management Areas throughout the month of July. New Jersey State Government employee furloughs are underway for the month of July as a result of agreements reached between the State and public employee unions to address the economic downtown resulting from the COVID-19 public health emergency. The DEP’s Division of Fish and Wildlife manages the state’s Wildlife Management Areas, and is authorized to limit access to these areas in order to protect public health, safety, and the environment during this time pursuant to N.J.A.C. 7:25-2.26. For a list of Wildlife Management Areas affected by the temporary access restrictions, visit https://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/wmas.htm
  2. No sure if this matters and not sure which brands have this option but my first gun allowed to use from my Dad was a single barrel that had a button to open the chamber and the shell was ejected far. When duck hunting with a buddy who had a double barrel I could get off 3 shots about as fast as he could. As a starter gun for small game it really makes you learn to pick your shot and that added fraction of time of thought before pulling the trigger. BUT the hammer was a bear to thumb back at first so that's another angle to check.
  3. Nice duck hunting pond but where's the wild rice plants?
  4. For my plots I have farm land on two sides of my woods. So hoping they hit the farms but come in my area occasionally and then in the fall after farms harvest they'll have my plots to hit. Last yr one side was corn, the other soy beans. This year looks like squash on one half and not sure what's planted on the rest, if anything. Have to go through the process to see what works. It they wipe it out at least it's during prime antler growth. And i'll just keep seeding. Then maybe next yr figure out deterrents. And as for not food plotting I still plan most of my muzzleloader and gun hunting in the big woods pine barrens. I don't think I want to get that "real hunting " out of my blood.
  5. AS BHC said you don't have to soak the clothes just spray well a few days before. I have sprayed same day and deer did not care. For chiggers spray your socks and shoe tops too. Or duct tape the pant cuffs the normal direction once around, hold the tape, go backwards so the sticky side is out all the way around then a little further to stick onto itself. Leave a tab to be able to pull the tape back off. In the Pines you will be amazed at the number of chiggers stuck on the tape. Chiggers seem to love ankles.
  6. I have 4 small plots to do. One is done with No Plow - just coming up but looks nice right now. Used a manual tiller to set that up. That beat me up too much. I'll save that for the garden patch near the house later. Got a used ATV and a new ATV plow so doing the other three plots soon. Have to move some fallen trees I wanted to leave alone but backing up the plow on the ATV is a PIA. By removing 3 fallen tress I'll have a long round track logging road plot so the deer walk in circles. And I won't have to plow in reverse. Plans is to seed it all in No Plow. ALso throwing in some Whitetail Turnips. I have a bag of throw and grow might save a spot for that or make some other small patches. As noted by others before, definitely good ides to get soil tested. Each plot was a little different. The one I have at higher ground needs 200 pounds of lime vs bottom one only 100 pounds. First time doing this plot work so good advice,.
  7. Heck I don't know. My first truck was the "Hardbody" Nissan pickup assembled in Tennessee the first yr they came out. 1986 I think? Had no power anything - manual roll window handles, manual steering, no airconditioning, 2 wheel drive. After 3 mufflers, one clutch (yeah manual stick), the usual brakes changes and run with Mobil 1 I sold it for $800 at 230,000 miles. One of my daughters swears she saw it go by about 10 yrs ago. So then bought a used 1991 Ford Explorer. I mean Exploder. Yeah - big mistake - TWO flywheels, transmission problems, front 4x4 engagement link breaks in snow. (The part was plastic!! Replacement was metal.) SO then got a Dodge Dakota. At about 80,000 miles a torsion bar went in front. Not to0 bad a fix. At about 100,000 the water pump failed. Conveniently near an exit of I-81 on a way to a job. AAA took me to garage, the tow truck driver called ahead for a cab while I called Hertz. AAA and Hertz had me back on the road in under 45 mins with the rental! Got the truck on the way back 5 days later. At about 110,000 miles it kept blowing plug coils. Little V8. Almost started carrying spare coils. I had a fender bender on an icy day and the front end was never right after that. Wanted a new Dakota but they stopped making them. Got the 2014 RAM 1500 Bighorn with the 5.7 Hemi and 4x4. Better gas mileage than the Dakota! Because of the eco mode to 4 cylinder I get 2 MPG more towing a boat and 4 better without the boat than the Dakota did. Of course all the goodies that go with Bighorn. Only problem so far has been burned out rear window switch, and one cracked exhaust manifold which I was told is very common. They even knew it was the passenger side before looking. SOOOoooo I think the Dodge Ram. It's at 110,000 miles now. Maybe these days any major model is OK if you take care of it. Synthetic oil seems to have worked for me.
  8. I would say young northern water snake.
  9. Have the 20D probably evenings only.
  10. From me the bass fisherman: I don't know but I would just save the pic and walk into a fly shop.
  11. Yes it was opening day A week zone 20 about 9:00 am I think. "Tweener". 5 inch beard, 1/8 inch spurs. Fan was not broken so I guess just past being a jake.
  12. Well I had one of those days today. Left early to be sure I got where I wanted public ground. About 5 miles down the road hear an awful slapping noise under the truck. Thought now what muffler strap or something fell off? Look under the truck. Nothing. Walk around and found one of those rubber bungees and S hooks embedded into my rear driver's side tire! How does a blunt end S hook penetrate like that? I pulled it out (yeah should have cut it) thinking it might not have gone all the way in and added fix a flat. Figured I'll go to the Wawa another 5 miles away. Fill air. No dice. Spitting lots of air. Go back home and get the wife's truck. Made it where I wanted 15 mins before sunrise. Did not hear or see a turkey including some scouting of a a couple fields. Zone 20.
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