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  1. Deadeye

    Didn't Get Deer, But Good Morning Hunt

    After this rain they might be freshening scrapes today. I'll be by one around 6am.
  2. Deadeye

    big slice of humble pie

    One tip with the range finder. Don't count on having time to use it with a buck. Measure the trees in your shooting lane and remember which is 20, 30 and 40 yrds. I've missed a chance in the past by fooling with the range finder instead of drawing the bow.
  3. Deadeye

    Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs

    Wish I knew of the deal a couple yrs ago. I use these as winter tires on separate wheels on my Ram 1500. So far very good. There is a little noise from them but not bad at all. But snow or craooy boat ramps will not stop me from hunting/launching anywhere with these on. Run them November to March.
  4. Deadeye

    Who is going south zone opener?

    Should have tried for woodies. Low amount of birds where I went, 5 boats at ramp and myself zero birds! I did see one go down by some guys about 300 yrds away. Got to make scouting time.
  5. Deadeye

    Who is going south zone opener?

    Good luck! Had no scouting time at all this yr so hitting a marsh hi-tide-at-shooting time spot that worked well once. But hi is about 9am vs 7:00.
  6. If this bronchitis I've got does not get worse I'll be out in my Alumacraft. Reset some of the blind so it's easier to deploy and pick up to collect my ducks. Still not all ready due to some unplanned things that came up. Probably end up taking Friday PM off to catch up.
  7. Deadeye

    Swamp Donkey Down

    Nice sized doe!!
  8. Deadeye

    9-29 morning checkin.

    Zone 23 home for lunch. NO ACORNS!! but saw 5, a fawn under the stand, waited for his partner large doe but she was too smart. Almost had a 30 yrd shot but of course not a clear shooting lane. The other three were in muzzleloader range. Ah well that's archery hunting.
  9. Deadeye

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    One neck shot facing forward but at 10 yrds standing on ground after a light push drive. Same year I had shot squirrels so was better shot than today. That's all I had for clear shot. As others said only in perfect conditions.
  10. Looks like a fun training. Will have to try to fit that in some year in case I manage to get a decent property in future or find extra time. Had fun live trapping and releasing as a kid. Saw a guy setting muskrat traps while mid day duck hunting last year. I was surprised how fast he placed his sets. I guess the real time needed is prepping those furs.
  11. Deadeye

    Would you rather.........

    I go for the green patch. But my aim is at the deer,s elbow there first as a small point to focus on, then slight raise up or if right near the stand aim right at that crease knowing it will hit a little higher. Deer usually down in sight with that spot. You should get heart or major artery plus the lungs.
  12. Deadeye

    The Non-Pickup Truck

    I like those heavy duty space blankets. 2 bags of ice in the deer inside the blanket keeps it cool and with gromets you can tie is up to avoid spilling much blood. But you still have to get it up to the tail gate. Jet sled with the piece of plywood sounds good. I have one of those hitch winches but only used it for moving a 9.8 outboard so far.
  13. Deadeye

    09/08 Opening day check in!

    Pouring rain down mid south jersey so chickened out. Will see if the afternoon forecast further south is right or not.
  14. Deadeye

    The future of our sport

    As someone stated we need to get more people interested. Even if they try it and stop for a while at least they understand the sport. And do not shy away in conversations. Be ready with info. So far I have my wife started and she will never stop now. One of our nieces who married a guy that hunts - they both still hunt on their own property. One of my grandsons (the other two too young yet). And he's normally on the electronic games when he has free time. I thought there was no chance there. He surprised me. My wife actually broke the ice with him. Neither parent hunts but have no issue with it. Started bow hunting, now working on firearms safety course. For some reason he was afraid of the 12 ga kick. So I let him shoot the wife's 20 guage with high brass. Then I dared him to shoot the 12 ga with low brass. You should have seen the look on his face shooting a can with the 12 ga! "Hey - this kicks less!" I noted the gun is heavier and used a different shell. He even hit a clay pigeon I threw in the air. Not an every weekend hunter yet but might be. One guy from work somewhat helped on an archery start but he's hooking up with buddies who are hunters too. So I'm working on it. One issue I have that I think is tough to fix is when I got started I could walk out my back door and go rabbit and squirrel hunting. Or walk across town and hit an unposted field or woods. Now it's not huntable and I can't find decent rabbit and squirrel locations. So most kids, even if they really want to hunt, have to arrange for a way to get to the spot and back. And a 14 yr old walking down the black horse pike /route 42 now would probably result in twenty 911 calls today.
  15. Deadeye

    Got My First Bow Kill Of 2018

    Man you used them rages didn't ya? NO PENETRATION! Plus you need that new 600 fps Super X Ravin Proton Torpedoes cross bow for them.