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  1. Finicial Aid for illegals?

    How is it legal to give state funds to illegal residents?
  2. Missing- $100 bill

    Did you say you lost 100 bucks? Some customers are going to be very angry.
  3. Snickers bars or peanut butter candy cakes in ziplock to open quietly, coffee, water and cold cut sandwich in ziplock.
  4. Turkey vest vs something different?

    Pop up blind and back pack tied to it. Set up camp with full coffee thermos, lunch, snacks, water, emergency blanket, extra flash light 2 or three decoys, two calls, extra cell phone battery, GPS, trail camera. knife. Etc. It gets worse when I carry the wifes hunting gear. It's my way of getting spring exercise.
  5. Weird situation

    Young Big Foot who found some boots and a beer?
  6. What would be your DREAM bowhunt

    A "trophy" (nice antlers at least) elk hunt way off the nearest road. Before or soon after I retire. Gotta get in better shape first.
  7. Acceptible Gun Controls

    OK but to vote in elections in the USA you need the same rules.
  8. Good to get to know the neighbors well anyway. Deer don't always run where you want after they're hit.
  9. New Slugs From Remington !!!

    I like the muzzle velocity should shoot like the copper solids BUT over 6 dollars a trigger pull??? AT that price they should include a heat seeker function.
  10. Man Stuff - March 10

    Well nuts March 10th I am booked on a plane for work. Have to catch the next one.
  11. Button down 1/13/18

    Venison is venison! Congrats!
  12. waterfowling in the rain

    I try to avoid pouring rain. That's why I went Wednesday instead of today. One issue for me is wearing glasses. Tough to look upward and shoot. But a couple tips - buy rag wool gloves and extra ones or waterproof gloves you can shoot with. The rag wool you can take them off wring them out, put em back on, and you still stay warm - unless super cold out. The extra ones and maybe a towel or extra hat put in a plastic bag in your pockets or duck bag. When the rain lets up for a while switch gloves or hat. Putting on something dry feels great when you can. Just be sure to stow them back in a dry spot when the rain restarts. And absolutely required - a thermos full of coffee and snickers bars!! Also if you have one of those new handheld marine radios with the emergency strobe - that activates when wet? Put duct tape over the light until the sun is well up. No shut off switch.
  13. South Zone variety today

    Should have taken pic right after the shots. Lousy view when all scrunched up after sitting in bottom of canoe a while. Better pic next time.
  14. South Zone variety today

    Focused again too much on deer hunting this year. Had planned a vacation day Friday to duck hunt to catch a spot that is great when it's iced up. But the forecast forced me to try it today instead before the thaw. One golden eye (a first for me), a black duck next, then three Mallards, one drake, and finally a bufflehead. Managed one goose too. (Might post pics later). Saw some ring necks and merganzers too. No wood ducks - in years past they were still at this spot in January. Saw a couple otters as well. Not bad for a canoeing trip hunt.