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  1. Also read this: https://www.epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq/ozone-generators-are-sold-air-cleaners
  2. To add to Rusty's post. The exposure limit recommend for ozone is 0.2 ppm. For hydrochloric acid 2.0 ppm. Hydrogen cyanide 4.7 ppm. Get the picture now? I contacted the company about what sort of studies, readings they got in blinds. They just stated "used as directed it's safe". My wife was looking into using one in a pop up blind. I told her not until they give me air sampling data. Outdoors in a tree stand should be OK because there is always air movement. Years ago at an R&D lab I found out someone was using an air freshener machine that emitted ozone. That one emitted enough to be over this limit in the room. But that was 17 yrs ago. Before you use the one you have I would ask the company for exposure data in a 10x10 room with little ventilation. And don't buy their BS it does not emit ozone, it emits "charged particles". What is the chemistry of these charged particles? And why does the name start with "Ozon..." if it does not emit ozone?
  3. Venison Chip steak sandwich - no Italian rolls in stock so used hamburger rolls. Fried in a little oil, added onion bits, some soy sauce, some A1 steak sauce, salt and pepper. Good shot of ketchup on the roll.
  4. Well came in last personally and by team so next season no pressure - can't do any worse!
  5. Thanks! I definitely will do the soil tests. Expect I will need to add lime and maybe fertilizer but that's why the tilling. Want a good test then I'll need to mix whatever is required. The woods had a good sized cull about a year ago by prior owner (did not leave me much oak though!) its basically the log roads that were created I am making long plots out of. I have watched some of those videos great info there!
  6. The problem with death rates is they don't know what the denominator is yet. (How many got detection). I think we should watch the USA numbers only and the rate from that as the best data. Hopefully no worse than the flu. I just survived a nasty intestinal bug with a half day in the hospital. Thank God for IV meds to kill the nausea. 3x as bad as my worst hang over. I knew I looked bad when the nurse ended all those stupid questions with "Do you have feels of hurting yourself or others". But I still had the fuzzy brain power to say "Not myself, but it depends on what the other guy did." She didn't even laugh!
  7. Looking to till three patches about 0.2 acres each within woods and plant mostly clover. Soil is heavy clay but probably some tree roots a couple inches below ground and a good amount of briers roots to pull out. At this point looking to rent a heavier walk behind tiller for the first yr to do the initial break up, probably a used ATV with a drag behind tiller with a weight shelf for next yr. Or do you think a john deer lawn tractor will pull that drag behind tiller rig and dig deep enough? Would be good to have that machine for mowing the lawn. Any help appreciated.
  8. In this crazy world I expect Trump is helping Bernie's campaign behind the scenes just to make it a landslide.
  9. Deadeye

    Who's old enough...

    My first stand I dragged a pallet to a three trunk tree and set that up on support boards. With a chair it was not bad. But not very high.
  10. I know I am preaching to the choir but NJ is crazy illogical with gun laws. a 6.5 creedmor is .255 inches (unless its larger in reality?) SO 0.005 inch too large. But you can hunt squirrels with a 30 cal muzzleloader. And I was looking at air guns, the Gamos. I sent an email to them - any NJ legal air guns? (Because of the suppressors.) They answered no! I can shoot raccoons at night with a .22 short but not squirrels in the day time?? But an air gun of any power is ok same caliber?? Would be nice if they made a load and muzzle velocity chart that's legal and let us decide from there. Don't see why that would be a problem. We have to have pellet sized right for small game ammo. And waterfowl ammo has to be non-lead. Game warden has the same complication to inspect the ammo. And airguns under 255 cal should not be banned for suppressors. Or they could set a velocity limit perhaps? Yeah I know, science does not matter here.
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