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  1. Cool in the morning, should be nice. Have a stand in a good spot but I am looking forward to just having a nice morning out.
  2. Well yeah I wish there was more middle ground but I'm going with the side that seems to not want to take rights away. If I struggle because of no freebies but my rights are intact then that's better than no rights with freebies that eventually disappear because no one works to develop a taxes budget to continue paying for the freebies.
  3. With the price of gas I might be switching to my 14 ft manually powered watercraft for fishing - the Wenonah canoe!
  4. Fishing and duck boats.
  5. Team 5 Deadeye: 5/8 inch spurs, 10 7/8 inch beard. 34.25 points "Thank you for submitting your 2021 Spring Turkey report online. This email is confirmation of On Time report submission on 5/17/2021 for 2021 - Turkey Permit SPRG 2nd AWD (Document #: D-0004848373-7). The confirmation number for this report is EM0209321D. NA"
  6. That's what I have and it can shoot like my icon pic. The black is a clay pigeon size at 50 yrds.
  7. This was my first car. Had too much rust for me to afford fixing it. Wish I had that car now to redo. first car pic 66 Chevelle stationwagon.pdf
  8. I bought relatively inexpensive wheels and added Goodyear Duratracs. I do this for not only snow (as I will hunt in state forest regardless of snow depth) but also because I think it helps launching /retrieving the jon boat I use at some of the possibly slippery/icy ramps I use. So Thanksgiving or so on and about April 1st off. Just swap the wheels via a friend of mine's garage lift.
  9. Tried yesterday and at least I saw one doe. That spot gets drivers but had to try. New spot this morning then probably a bit of duck hunting til winter bow.
  10. My first buck I had clamp-on iron sights on a ventilated rib and used Remington standard rifled slugs. A 5 point comes along at about 35 yrds, I fire broadside at the chest. The deer walks behind a big oak and stops. Can't see the chest. I was so confident that he was going to drop any minute that I just waited what seemed like minutes even though I had a nice shot at the neck. It was a Winchester semi auto and my hunting brain finally said - you idiot shoot again! So I did and the deer dropped. I practically flew over to that deer. Only one hole in the neck! How did I miss at 35 yrds broad side on the chest but hit the neck on the second shot? Lesson learned - shoot until down.
  11. {Picture} Team: 2 Username: Deadeye Type: Doe NJDFW Confirmation Number: FD3289120D Deer Entry Points:10 points Number of Antlers: 0 TOTAL POINTS: Doe: 10 points + 4 = 14 (lost my pic with the gun)
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