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  1. Remember the oil crisis? Now we export oil. I do not trust anyone's long range forecast anymore.
  2. It was just the regular Remington full choke but with #4 hevi shot. About 25 yrds had just started to run. She led it a bit. 1st with the 20 ga. 12 ga is getting too heavy for her. She should be nick named Deadeye 2 because she has shot 3 deer (cross bow and compound) and 6 turkeys and a few waterfowl. One goose took her two shots. Otherwise no misses. But she hates to shoot clay birds.
  3. We had a gobbler on the way that she could just see but I could not then suddenly it vanishes in a blur and screaming. Second time we've heard a coyote grab a turkey. Then a blast about 100 yrds away to my side - probably the guy we saw walk in with us from the parking lot. So we thought that was it but this guy showed up at my spot to my left and we succeeded in turning him her way. When he got even with me I stopped calling while the wife continued her calls. I think that made him think the hens were leaving. We had no decoys out to see. She got it done with the 20 ga too! Been a few yrs so it was her turn.
  4. One of these by Navy Arms. 58 cal. Won a couple first place metals in regional shoots in expert class. Once a 5th place in the nationals 100 yards expert class.
  5. I had luck with a few inches of snow using a center extension pole. A better bet would be a boat cover support pole with the curved top. Like this maybe but add a wider top: https://www.amazon.com/Telescoping-Tarp-Poles-Replacement-Lightweight/dp/B07DHT45VY/ref=sr_1_4?crid=2MLQNC55191U9&keywords=extendable+pole&qid=1551494723&s=sporting-goods&sprefix=extendable+pole%2Csporting%2C145&sr=1-4
  6. If you're married and smart this is the time to do the "Honey To Do" list. That way that full day paint job is not scheduled on your best fishing date. My screw up this year is having a work item scheduled on trout opener! I am slippin'!
  7. What did you go with for let off? I have my eye on that model too. My 1990 vintage Carroll Intruder needs a younger brother.
  8. IT's an annual cycle. This is the time of year I try to catch up on indoor house items. Then make some jerky, plan out the use of vension. Maybe a little late season goose hunting or snow geese if the conditions are right. March - Some fishing, probably small stripers April - trout opener, turkey scout then hunt. Some more striper fishing/largemouth bass fishing. May - Striper, maybe drum then fluke Summer - Largemouth bass freshwater, fluke salt water. August check for new state lands or new to me. September - Deer hunt focus again.
  9. "You're In" I'll be the only one with a correct entry
  10. Sometimes there is an advantage to living in South Jersey :). Might be some ice overnight though. The kind I hate - invisible black ice.
  11. Learned not to let overdue work interfere with hunting on weekends. Almost stayed home to do work. If I had I would have missed out on the rare winter bow harvest I had today.
  12. Yeah I barely heard the deer coming and very skittish. Public state land is tough.
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