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  1. Deadeye

    Still hunting

    Winter bow this afternoon and maybe tomorrow, then Saturdays at least 'til the season is out.
  2. Deadeye

    Deer Down - 12/29

    Yeah but you shot 'em with a X bow! Just kidding!! As long as legal no guilt should apply. Especially if running out of time and nothing in the freezer.
  3. Had an '86 Nissan" hardbody" sold at 280,000 running still. three mufflers thou. Then a Dodge Dakota 4.7 v8 traded in for the 2014 1500 Ram when it had 200,000 miles. Still ran but had a n accident and no one could get the front end right again. That was perfect size for what I wanted. But no mid sized I liked at the time so went with the Ram. Still have that quad cab 4x4 5.7 liter V8 gets better mileage than the dakota did. (drops to 4 cylinder on ECO). 22 highway, 15 to 17 non-highway. 87,000 miles so far. Only complaint is electronics. Cab rear window slide motor burned out, replaced free. But back up cam in mirror does not work most of time and dealer stated to go somewhere else to fix. Save money on trying to find the problem. (Not fixed yet - need the time to leave it at a shop. Planning to go to CarEffex) ). Also one backup light in and out so connected to that problem. If I were buying today I would wait a bit for a good look at that new ford ranger. They have been all over other countries so not really new. And it sounds like it will have a good towing capacity.https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a15154612/ford-ranger-returns-for-2019-news/ Jeep is coming out with a pickup but they are not fun to ride in and not sure how that new vehicle would actually be for size and capabilities but I would test ride that too.
  4. Deadeye

    Think it will go 135?

    Well, if you set up bluetooth or something on one of these out there.... http://www.palletscales.net/ps250_hog_sheep_scale.htm
  5. Deadeye

    ...and there you have it!

    On your own land do what you wish per regs. On public land I will do what is allowed by law. I can't eat antlers. (I try to get a couple or 3 deer for myself and family extended. Don't often get three without shooting yearlings in my case, which I try to avoid). If rabbits had antlers would we complain about the lack of buck rabbits? My compliant is all "my" rabbit spots from 40 yrs ago are now loaded with deer but can't hunt there because what's left of the woods is too close to shopping malls. And not much rabbits left there. I think the state did not do too badly over the years to meet targets and keep a mix of hunting chances/methods in the system. We can complain about the details but we have to do that in the right forum as groups to the council that puts the regs. together. Personally I would like a state constitution amendment for the right to hunt as a first priority before the progressives stop all hunting. (Hopefully they will see the money loss to the state F&G and change their mind). Then tweak the hunting rules. First rule change if I could do it would be no public lands are excluded from hunting - all must allow for at least a week of something. (archery from stands, etc.). 2nd would be to make the zones situation less complicated. Or if they want more money make multiple zone discounts. (I.e. get 3 zones for 50% off. ) . Or do permits by reg set instead of geography. The real question is what is the right deer population target and are we there or not? I have not looked lately. I can say that I hunt a reg set zero spot and even with the drivers I am seeing more bucks and just enough deer to keep me there because I rarely see anyone else except for 6 day week. And never had anything stolen there yet.
  6. Deadeye

    Anyone Duck Hunting?

    Hope to try coastal zone tomorrow am.
  7. Deadeye

    Muzzle Loader Buck Down

    Very nice buck!!
  8. Deadeye

    Permit bow buck.

    Always good to try something different when the "same old same old" is not working. Congrats!!
  9. Deadeye

    Public Land 8 Down!

    very nice buck!
  10. Deadeye

    Big Buck down

    Nice one!!
  11. Deadeye

    Jet Sled?

    Used mine for the first time this year. Worked fine and kept control of the blood in back of the truck. But 6 day I still will probably pack in the "dead Sled?" rolled up deer slide so I can remove my gear and the deer in the same trip.
  12. Deadeye

    Click bait WTF

    From the title I thought you were going to tell me about a new web site to order bait delivered to my tree stand like you can for groceries. Make an online order, provide GPS coordinates, get a signed "No, I will never pass on your personal hunting spot details " pre-signed and notarized by the store/farmer though.
  13. Deadeye

    Cantilever Barrels - On/Off/On/Off

    That’s what I do. 12 ga 1187dedicated to deer and turkey just swap barrels. Scopes attached to each barrel. Be sure to fully tighten mag cap and check anything else that might have changed. But I like to shoot a few each yr.
  14. Deadeye

    Rainy day double.

    Very nice buck !! Two in one day is good but a lot of work!
  15. Deadeye

    Got it Done Today

    Very nice buck!!