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  1. Well yeah I wish there was more middle ground but I'm going with the side that seems to not want to take rights away. If I struggle because of no freebies but my rights are intact then that's better than no rights with freebies that eventually disappear because no one works to develop a taxes budget to continue paying for the freebies.
  2. With the price of gas I might be switching to my 14 ft manually powered watercraft for fishing - the Wenonah canoe!
  3. Fishing and duck boats.
  4. Team 5 Deadeye: 5/8 inch spurs, 10 7/8 inch beard. 34.25 points "Thank you for submitting your 2021 Spring Turkey report online. This email is confirmation of On Time report submission on 5/17/2021 for 2021 - Turkey Permit SPRG 2nd AWD (Document #: D-0004848373-7). The confirmation number for this report is EM0209321D. NA"
  5. That's what I have and it can shoot like my icon pic. The black is a clay pigeon size at 50 yrds.
  6. This was my first car. Had too much rust for me to afford fixing it. Wish I had that car now to redo. first car pic 66 Chevelle stationwagon.pdf
  7. I bought relatively inexpensive wheels and added Goodyear Duratracs. I do this for not only snow (as I will hunt in state forest regardless of snow depth) but also because I think it helps launching /retrieving the jon boat I use at some of the possibly slippery/icy ramps I use. So Thanksgiving or so on and about April 1st off. Just swap the wheels via a friend of mine's garage lift.
  8. Tried yesterday and at least I saw one doe. That spot gets drivers but had to try. New spot this morning then probably a bit of duck hunting til winter bow.
  9. My first buck I had clamp-on iron sights on a ventilated rib and used Remington standard rifled slugs. A 5 point comes along at about 35 yrds, I fire broadside at the chest. The deer walks behind a big oak and stops. Can't see the chest. I was so confident that he was going to drop any minute that I just waited what seemed like minutes even though I had a nice shot at the neck. It was a Winchester semi auto and my hunting brain finally said - you idiot shoot again! So I did and the deer dropped. I practically flew over to that deer. Only one hole in the neck! How did I miss at 35 yrds broad side on the chest but hit the neck on the second shot? Lesson learned - shoot until down.
  10. {Picture} Team: 2 Username: Deadeye Type: Doe NJDFW Confirmation Number: FD3289120D Deer Entry Points:10 points Number of Antlers: 0 TOTAL POINTS: Doe: 10 points + 4 = 14 (lost my pic with the gun)
  11. Tried that today - didn't work. Always worth a try though. My only thought is it was still fairly wet in the woods so might have done better this afternoon but could not stay out today.
  12. PphunsJr - Thanks! They emailed me back saying they had em. Now to find a time to drive the long trip up. Thursday maybe.
  13. I am at 08012 Blackwood area but will be going south today probably so beaverman I'll reply to your private message to find a good day and time.
  14. Wanted to try a new muzzleloader set up with buckhorn 209 powder but not finding them in stock on line and called one shop - no luck. Crazy world this year 2020. Or anyone in south jersey willing to sell about 25 of these specific primers? Thanks for any help!
  15. I have a timbertall tree stand for my climber. It's a shame they stopped making them supposedly for liability insurance. The great feature with them is angle adjustment after you climb up or as you go up. And I sometimes fall asleep in the suspended seat. 15 pounds too so nice weight to pack in.
  16. Have one with the built in solar on back order. The big solar kit works well.
  17. PLAN is at tree to start climbing at 5:10 am. Reality? Who knows??
  18. My first car many many years ago. It was 10 yrs old when I bought it. Bought for $300 it took me all summer to earn. I added the wheels to replace the standard steel set. Let it go as it was rusting away. The bed was full of holes, there was even a hole at the gas pedal I fixed after I started hearing a lot more road noise and looked down to find where it was coming from!! Still would have loved to kept it and restored it. That was just not possible for me then.first car pic 66 Chevelle stationwagon.pdf
  19. Good to have a thermacell too. One early season entrance with the blind near a pond and swampy spot I was just about pushed out of the blind by the mosquitoes in there! I thought "Now What?" I remembered I had a thermacell. I started it up and tossed it in like a grenade. Wish I had video of that! Mass exudus from the blind.
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