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  1. Fitzgerald’s sold a product years ago too called V-K…stood for vanilla killa
  2. Looks great. Amazing color on the roast and the sauce. Question though…what do you do with the 1/2 bottle of leftover Guinness?!
  3. You asked about Waldo and Waldo only…not Clifford and jack too.
  4. Good luck all. Just finally beginning to break light in z10. Hope turkeywing’s prediction for a good am sit for me prove right!
  5. Awesome day for sure! Congrats!
  6. If they’re in glen gardner tell them to walk out their front door and go to Jim Flynn’s. Simply tell him what you’re looking for. His prices can’t be beat and he and his staff are always very helpful
  7. Awesome! Great memories made. You’re quite the “guide” to your family Dennis!
  8. That’s a beauty! Super long main beams! Congrats!!!
  9. Congrats! Great bucks! I bet most of us on this site wish we had the free time and $$$ to be able to do what you do!
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