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  1. delvalhunter

    Madison is ready for the woods!

    She looks amazing! Congrats! It really does go quick...my son is 5 and daughter just turned 2...I don’t ever want them to grow up! Every day is filled with new adventures, milestones, and laughs! Enjoy it!
  2. delvalhunter

    Live Hunt In Hunterdon County

    Good luck with him tarhunt!
  3. delvalhunter

    12/8/18 Six Day Check In

    Z10. Nice and crunchy this morning!
  4. delvalhunter

    Baby Inbound! **Madison Rose has arrived!!

    Congrats! Welcome to fatherhood! It’s an awesome feeling, isn’t it?!
  5. delvalhunter

    12/03/18 6-day Firearm Opener Check In !!!

    Awesome! Congrats! Can’t wait to start seeing some more success stories and pics on this thread!!
  6. delvalhunter

    12/03/18 6-day Firearm Opener Check In !!!

    And mama now too...just need great grand pappy to show up to the reunion!!!!!
  7. delvalhunter

    12/03/18 6-day Firearm Opener Check In !!!

    Two yearlings feeding in woods 100 yards out. First deer I’ve seen today...
  8. delvalhunter

    12/03/18 6-day Firearm Opener Check In !!!

    In z10. Just heard two shots back to back. I believe that bright “star” is Venus.
  9. delvalhunter

    Check In 11/26-Smoke Pole Opening Day '18!

    Z10. 4 does at 0715 so far.
  10. Thanks for the post! Wife and I are currently looking for a policy. Agreed if somebody has a service that can benefit the members here and they are working within the guidelines of the site, there is no reason why they should be excommunicated!
  11. delvalhunter

    New Slugs From Remington !!!

    What book is that load in? Barnes book? What hull? Roll crimp I’ll assume? I used to reload the Lyman 525 gr sabots in a win aa wad as the sabot out of the Lyman book with a star crimp. They were extremely accurate out to 100 yds but were so heavy they really dropped off the chart much past that. Now I just suck it up and pay big bucks for my accutips...but I’d love to go back to reloading my slugs if I can find a good load/easy enough to find components.
  12. delvalhunter

    1-16-18 afternoon

    One big deer about 80 yds out buzzing through but gave the pass as I never could get it to stop long enough to see in the binos if it was a good doe or a shed buck. Try again tomorrow!
  13. delvalhunter

    1-16-18 afternoon

    Two small does 70 yds out. Prime time now!
  14. delvalhunter

    1-16-18 afternoon

    With weather coming in tonight and perfect moon phase today and tomorrow I’m thinking the deer should be on the move. Surprised I haven’t seen any other posts from people going out today. In z10 hoping for a nice fat doe...or two!
  15. delvalhunter

    Young 8pt Down.

    Congrats but remember pregnant doe or not, ANY time you shoot a doe you gotta think you’re taking out 3 for the next year. Proper “management” means proper doe management too...preggo or not!!