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  1. Had every intention of going this am but poker night last night with the guys went past 1:00 am....good luck to those out. The calm before the storm always seems to produce well.
  2. Agreed...although snows can be tough. We have found that the best results for snows are strength in numbers. It’s impossible to have enough decoys for snows in my opinion. They can be very tough to commit to a spread but when you do get them to come in, have fun blasting away...but...make note of every little thing you did to get them to commit. They are tough.
  3. Lucky you! Have fun and good luck! Keep us frigid folk posted!
  4. Unbelievable story. Hell of a buck with a hell of an ending. I was nervous for you that’s for sure. I wouldn’t have had the balls to shoot it but damn am I glad you did! Congrats again and awesome job gobblengrunt
  5. Congrats! I have been hunting with my Lyman deerstalker off and on but recently I find myself taking the inline more often as I still have to fill the freezer...I limit myself to 50 yards with the flintlock. Hope to drop a fat doe soon so I can take the flintlock back out a few more times. Nice piece you’ve got there and great shot!
  6. Sounds like you’re waving your white flag and giving up!
  7. This thread is getting interesting...that kid is a big rack getter endorser too...I’d like to see some proof he got in trouble. It’s a shame if so and he’s got nothing to be proud of. Once a cheater always a cheater.
  8. Haven’t been since 2004 when I booked my caribou hunt. Maybe I’ll go but wife will likely ensure I leave the checkbook home!
  9. Heard about this unit about a month ago and signed up for updates. Couldn’t come at a better time...got my first cell cam recently and really like it. So much so I was going to get rid of my arsenal of non cell cams and go all-cell. This will be a great option at a great price to update all. As far as batteries...I’ve said it on here before...buy the big packs of energizer ultimate lithium from Costco. Price is good and those damn things last a long time!!!!
  10. Good luck guys! I’m likely not going today but plan on hitting a good spot tomorrow afternoon.
  11. Saw a few. No bucks that I could tell. One deer came down my trail at last seconds of legal light and my only chance was if it came right to me. Stayed in stand until 1730 as it must’ve veered off the main trail as it never came all the way. Waited in stand so as to not disturb. I’ll give it a go again on Wednesday.
  12. Nothing big...a couple of young 8’s with good potential and a really wide 6 that I’d probably have a hard time letting go if he comes by.
  13. I’ve got the same little machine for doing my sidewalk...good quality and great price! Good luck with sale!
  14. Out in z10 hoping to fill the freezer. Tons of different buck showing up on cam though.
  15. I agree 100% with the exception of if I had him on cam every single day and knew he didn’t stray from an exact pattern with a confirmed bedding location. But I’ve never had that happen myself!
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