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  1. Yeah it’s been terrible. Especially since the pandemic. I just received my Cabela’s Black Friday deals circular in the mail last week!
  2. Glock 43x (what I have and like) or sig p365sas with the bullseye sights. The sas was designed for concealed carry with nothing to get caught or catch when drawn. Very sleek.
  3. I love how you used the “good beer” to cook the brats and then you chose to drink the “crap beer” with the meal! 😂
  4. Nice offer @RICK420 . Gil is a good dude whom I met last week after purchasing his snowshoes he had listed here. @GilVim curious where you’re getting the load data for these slugs? Years ago I used to load slugs out of the Lyman book but with my shooting fewer rounds each year and when the accutips came out, I dropped those heavy 525 gr lead loads for the faster, flatter accutips. With the scarcity of ammo and prices, I may get into slug reloading again. I’d like to grab a book or two with some more modern options...curious where you guys are getting this data using the pistol bullets? I ha
  5. It was one of the worst halftime shows ever. A true showing of selfishness of the “artist” as to how “great he is”. I enjoyed last years show much better. Shakira was much better to look at for sure...I don’t care what language she was singing in! 🤤
  6. Congrats! My friend shot over 400 geese this past season and only 3 banded birds out of over 400. Amazing day getting 3 bands!
  7. Congrats! Lots of yote tracks in the snow today when I went out for a walk to grab a couple trail cams.
  8. I’ve got a huge patch of ostrich fern in my side yard that I always pick a few out of each spring. Should I charge admission and do a “pick your own” for members here?!
  9. Same here. We were wondering if the locals were “normal” as we thought everybody had “fiddleheads on the brain” up there. They did taste good though!
  10. Liar! Opening bid is $1!!!!
  11. Probably not exactly the replies @BillW0323 was thinking he’d get. I don’t disagree with what above was said but sometimes it’s best to sit back and enjoy the day...and...most importantly...enjoy those people around you. Sounds like Bill did exactly that! Life always seems to get in the way. A day “stuck” with your kids, grandkids, wife, whatever p/c partner you’ve got (LOL) can be great for the soul! Memories seem to always be made! Looks like you had an awesome day, Bill...we did too and plan on doing it again today!!
  12. Sad to see. Especially the people that got screwed. Their old videos were some of my favorites. I’ll never watch them with the same mindset. Thieves.
  13. I’m with you! Wish we could get up there more ourselves. We’ve got some “old” sleds. Mid-late 2000’s arctic cat f1000, a pair of skidoo mxz rev 800’s, and a pair of mxz 600’s. They’ve been worked over a bit and I think they still run great. But the new sleds are awesome and they just can’t keep up with them anymore. I especially Like the new digital displays on the sleds with integrated gps. I use the Polaris ride command on my phone with a sled mount and love it.
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