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  1. Hi guys. Just got a few messages as this topic must’ve resurrected itself. We have filled all available spots and thanks to the new members from here that joined. If anybody would be interested in being added to a wait-list, please message me directly. Thanks.
  2. Great bird! Looks like your seed drill needs some work though before planting food plots!
  3. Is your club still looking for members??

    1. delvalhunter


      We are currently reviewing applications and are hoping to get 2-3 new members this year.  If we have any availability beyond these applications, I can reach out and let you know.  Thank you.

  4. Exactly what we do. I get the mail with latex gloves on (damn...all those gutting gloves I thought I had decades worth of are getting low on supply), pitch the trash mail, then hang up the 'good' mail on a line in our garage with clothespins. I spray it down with disinfectant where it stays overnight. I'll open in the following day. Hey...if the mail-lady is delivering it with gloves on...I'll grab it the same way!
  5. To clarify, we have a vote every year whether or not we will allow crossbow hunting at the onset of archery season. The votes have been close, but so far, we have elected to not allow crossbows until the start of the first firearm season...in our case, the first muzzleloader season as our zones all fall within regulation set 8.
  6. Thank you everybody that reached out to me regarding membership. Just as a heads-up I did forward all of your information to the trustee in charge of new membership but he has not yet reached out to you to discuss membership further. My apologies for the delay but with everything going on it has pushed things back a bit with talking to new potential members.
  7. Thanks guys for the messages. Anybody that is seriously interested has had their information submitted to the trustee in charge of new membership. They should be in touch with you soon. If anybody else is interested, feel free to send me a dm/pm and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Stay healthy!
  8. Looks like the same genetics to me for sure!
  9. Bring it up to farmers sportsman’s club on a Friday night to shoot some trap! Nice gun!
  10. We have land in hunterdon and a bit too in Warren. We allow crossbows only after the first gun season starts. It comes up for a vote every year and so far no crossbows until gun season starts.
  11. Potato/potahtoe ??!! Check your pm/dm! 😂
  12. Just sent you one, rusty. Just click on a members name and the the little envelope icon thingymadoodle.
  13. If that was turkey season...deer season may leave you suffocated!
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