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  1. Z10. Good wind direction for this spot. Just wishing there was a bit less of it. A good buck or any coyote will cause a boom and a cloud of smoke!
  2. Congrats to those that went out in this hell storm and a big congrats to those that connected! I’ll try tomorrow...
  3. Congrats! That’s the biggest rabbit I’ve ever seen! 😂
  4. In z10 on doe patrol. Beautiful out!
  5. That’s the first climbing stand I ever used. I remember climbing up every 3’ I would slide back down another 2’! Lol. I’m content with my summit bushmaster now at 18 lbs. throw my pack and giblets on the thing and I’m under 30 always. I am intrigued with the saddle hunting and mini platforms though. Seems like you can use almost any type of tree
  6. When they combine corn behind our place, I always count more deer than ever. That fresh cut field is a magnet for deer...good luck!
  7. I personally like using a wheelbarrow! Only one wheel to navigate!
  8. I’ll be out in z10 this afternoon with my 7 yr old son for his first ever hunt with me. Hoping to just see some action as he is super excited to go!
  9. I have an osburn 2200 with the bay window and I can honestly say I enjoy viewing through that unit more than I did when it was just a regular fireplace. The efficiency is a plus too!!
  10. I want some of his good luck to rub off on me! Congrats on a great buck!
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