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  1. Shawmut is very close to my buddies place. He is just outside of roundup! That the snowy mountains in the backdrop?
  2. Congrats! Amazing how every square inch of that state is behind 4-5 strand barbed wire though, huh?! I was told that most pronghorns live their entire life within the fence you find them behind. Even driving through the remote mountains...we found ourselves crossing cattle grates and fence lines...crazy!
  3. Buck of a lifetime! Sounds like a lot of guys here already knew of him! Love to hear some of the story/stories behind this buck
  4. That’s the best! Memories made! Big congrats to the both of you!
  5. Slammer jack! Congrats! Saw 5 different bucks tonight and bunch of does....then another group a dark and couldn’t make out what they were. All got the pass. Hoping I’ll connect one of these days!
  6. Didn’t even get bow up and had a small 4-pt chasing a doe. Then a spike and young 8 came through searching. Let’s hope it heats up even more!
  7. Beautiful buck! I’d love to see an official score on him...that rack looks almost perfect. I don’t see much in the way of deductions there!
  8. Congrats! Looks like a great day...just make sure your little man has his life vest on. Would hate to have your day ruined by a c/o seeing a youth without his vest on...they would surely throw the book at you for that one. Just a friendly reminder though...looks like a nice bass boat you’ve got there too!
  9. Congrats! Having a son is a world of awesomeness!!!
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