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  1. Reach out to kJ at jersey seed. I buy all my grass seed from him and he does tons of special mixes. He also specializes in wildlife blends. His place is located near New Brunswick. [email protected]
  2. Welcome asbury! Every Saturday morning during spring trout stocking from 1990 through 1994-5 my dad would wake me up at 5:00 am and we would drive to the graphite mill on the musky and fish until about 10-11 am. Always caught a lot of fish there. I remember it when it was an old steel bridge too before the concrete one was built. They are slowly removing the dams leading up the musky...Bloomsbury is apparently next...always wondered if they’d ever be able to get that dam out in asbury...with it being directly under the bridge!
  3. I’m in! Wow nice bowhunternj & LPJR!
  4. Watched a good buck come from all the way across cut corn to within 70 yards...clicked off the safety and gave it one last look...wide rack 2” past each ear but only a 6 pt. Decided to let him walk. Should be a great buck next year if he makes it.
  5. Weather seems to be too perfect tonight! I always get excited to go on days like this but never seem lucky enough to see much!
  6. Just getting settled in z10. Fingers crossed one of the good ones shows up in daylight and still has his headgear! The later the season goes on, the more variables I seem to have to overcome!!
  7. Congrats bushden! Had one deer at 200 yds at very last light on the other side of cut corn field. Could see his rack through the binos but couldn’t make out how good he really was...either way, finally saw a buck from the stand! Can’t remember the last one I’ve seen!
  8. Just heading in z10 now. Got out of work early enough for a quick sit. Lucky enough to get out of work early...hopefully the luck continues tonight!
  9. Congrats on a good first buck! You say it’s not the biggest?? It’s likely going to be your most memorable!!!
  10. Saw one in cornfield walking out. That’s it!
  11. Out in z10...fingers crossed!
  12. My “mix” is store-bought turkey hill eggnog. Take a two-quart container of it and mix with 6 oz meyers’ dark rum and one full 375 ml botttle of Godiva white chocolate liquor. The Godiva smooths it out very nicely so you don’t have the “bite” of the rum. Gives you about 3 quarts of nog. Always a hit with our family and friends!
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