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  1. My father shot this yesterday in that area. I hit a big 6 in that area yesterday but the shot wasnt good. I posted the story on here.
  2. Did not go out called 5 dog trackers. All agreed that that was a leg shot and the deer will still be alive. They said, we wont be suprise if he shows up again with a limp. They Think that shot just hit the elbow area and its just a non fatal shot. Hopefully i see him during 6 day.
  3. 70yd-80yd shot. And about 30mins because it was getting late.
  4. Shot a nice buck today with the muzzleloader. Tracked it about 800-1000 yards. Found some good blood in the beginning nice and red, then about 100 yards later drops and then sometimes it was a little more then just drops. When looking into the blood 2 times i found bone pieces. One pice of bone about 4 inches and another about 1 inch. Has anyone found pieces of bone when tracking a deer? Where do you think my shot was? I think i hit him to far forward and got the leg and just missed my target. Do you guys think its a fatal hit?
  5. how many people in NJ hunt with bait out vs no bait and just hunt trails, rubs and scrapes? I think hunting with bait will get you small bucks and does but i don't think it will bring in that mature buck, it will just make him nocturnal. what does everyone think?
  6. Whats the address to mitchell’s custom cuts?
  7. Does anyone know of any butchers in the hudson county or bergen county area?
  8. Been trying to locate this die for my 308. Dont know what type of die this is, can anyone help me identify it?
  9. im gonna be trying out the QAD Exodus 100gr full this year, heard great reviews about them.
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