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  1. how have you guys done, fishing the 4 newark watershed reservoirs? and what are some of your favorite bass lures?
  2. Just got my permits for the watershed, just want to know if anyone has hunted that area, how is the deer hunting in that area? i know there are a lot of bears there.
  3. Has anyone been to this outfitter before. They are located in New Brunswick, Canada. Was interested in booking a hunt with them, i like their prices and looks like they run a good place with nice bucks. If anyone has any info on them please share.
  4. Thanks for the info! what area of that forest is good? I'm new to the area and there is soo much woods, would like to hike it in the summer time
  5. has anyone had any luck hunting in sterling forest. Want to try it out next season, anyone had any luck there? any big bucks taken out of there?
  6. looking for someone who butchers and vacuum seals. Also, if you know the prices would be good too.
  7. Thanks and im using the QAD exodus full blades, those broad heads go thru anything
  8. Believe it or not he ran from the shot about 130 yards give or take 10yds. Couldn't believe he made it that far with that shot.
  9. Thought it was a little bigger lol but im very happy with it!
  10. sorry been busy guys but good news! Found the buck it hit both lungs, cant believe it ran so far. the exit hole was clogged with a little with muscle so it was really only bleeding from the entry hole that was up high. Ill try and post a pic or 2. Cant believe it ran as far as it did
  11. Just shot a nice buck at 15 yards courting toward me a little. The buck ran pass a creek up a hill and with the tail up, which is not a good sign. The arrow had blood on it with white hairs and i tracked it for about 60yds but just small drops. Coming back with the dog guy tmw. What u guys think of this shot? Can it be fatal? Or do u think it was just a flesh wound? Has anyone ever had this type of blood trail?
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