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Took my Uncle out this morning for some fluking. Caught a limit by 9am. Well I didn't want to be done so soon so when I caught the 4th keeper a 20 incher i looked at it and threw it back :shock:.  2 minutes later Uncle Neil gets one just about 19 inch. I threw that one over. Then we went a hour with out a keeper.  Thought I screwed up. I moved a little and we caught a couple more keepers. We ended up catching 9 keepers. Had a about 40 shorts  for the few hours we fished. Also caught a fare amount of searobins, dogfishand one skate. Good day cause we were off the water by 11 am. Beat the heat. Keepers were 20"-23". Solid limit 



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1 hour ago, Stewey said:

Great job. I went out of Cape may today with some work buddies and headed to the old grounds, only caught 5of flounder 1 keeper. Good thing we had a beautiful day and cold beer, fishing sucked 

Flounder :laughing:.....you southern Boys.  

At least you were catching something 

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