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  1. Cedars

    10 Pt down...

    Wow. Congrats! Nice buck!
  2. Cedars

    was I an a-hole?

    Life is too short Mr JH. IMO, you handled the situation like the true diplomat that you are. Good luck this season.
  3. Cedars

    Good Luck To All The Hunters !!!!

    Good luck to all. Be safe out there and enjoy!
  4. Cedars

    John McCain dead at 81

    RIP John McCain
  5. Cedars

    Pal started a breeding quail population

    Every now and then see one wandering around. Don't know the origin, but a pleasure to see.
  6. Cedars

    Scouting Report: ACORNS

    Saw my first white acorns on the ground this past week zone 7
  7. Cedars

    Stream conditions

    Keep an eye on the water level @ waterdata.usgs.gov. It's high now with more rain on the way
  8. Cedars

    McKenzie River - Labrador trip report (pix heavy)

    God's gift. Great pics!
  9. Cedars

    Thousand Islands Fishing

    Nice fish! Nice pics!
  10. Cedars

    Lousy fluke fishing

    Nice catch! Nice fish! Better than a day not fishing.
  11. Cedars

    New Brunswick Bear

    Congrats! Nice bear!
  12. Cedars

    Live to Hunt & Hemlock will be happy....

    Good job!
  13. Cedars

    Got a good one

    Congrats! Nice catch!
  14. Cedars

    Another Fluke Limit

    Nice fish! Nice catch! I will bet that it was not as hot there as it was 75 miles inland.
  15. Cedars

    Good Day Bass Fishing

    Nice fish.