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  1. Anything that helps to destroy the common culture
  2. Ithaca Featherweight 2 3/4 factory full choke for my only bird. Joy to carry in the woods.
  3. This happens frequently on private land also. Remember, in NJ, anything that can be abused, will be.
  4. Verizon I bought an LG no contract for $99 No complaints
  5. I see them in Somerset. They try to hide in my folding tree steps. I kill as many as I can find.
  6. Nice buck! Great rack!
  7. Cedars

    Halloween Madness

    Looks like the one I almost got with the bumper yesterday
  8. Cedars

    The time is now...

    I have a long commute. At daybreak and sundown this week, I have observed deer starting their frenetic behavior. Tails wagging, heads swinging back and forth, darting around. Be careful driving out there.
  9. Congrats! Nice buck! Nice rack!
  10. Nice buck! Congrats!
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