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  1. MZ7Extreme

    Cold Wet Miserable Hunt

    Was out in it too only in a ground blind sat from 603-245... I had to leave at 245 because I wanted to beat the traffic... LMAO I got home 5 hours later.
  2. MZ7Extreme

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    https://www.bing.com/images/discover?FORM=ILPMFT Screenshot his face and put it in there, you can possibly find out who he is or if he has pictures on social media
  3. MZ7Extreme

    11/07 Check In = BBD for Greybeard!

    I can be your new friend lol
  4. Not a fan of Police or the police state. Its time to police the police.
  5. MZ7Extreme


    Thanks guy! Going to bed let you know how it goes mid day tomorrow. Good luck to those headed out!
  6. MZ7Extreme


    So if I use a decoy then I should be golden to do blind rattling because they will see my buck standing 25 yards facing me.
  7. MZ7Extreme


    I don't see bucks cruising by me maybe once in a while but I do blind call a couple in during the rut. I have a decoy (Buck ) I want to put out in the morning, will that be a good or bad idea?
  8. MZ7Extreme


    Rattling now a good idea? And how about decoys? Anyone use either with success and do you have any pointers?
  9. MZ7Extreme

    National Weather Advisory

    By 6am 15mph then by 9 25mph with gusts to 30mph by 11am sustained 27mph with 35-40mph gusts Good luck to all going out bring a hard hat
  10. MZ7Extreme

    National Weather Advisory

    Ill be hunting Sunday
  11. MZ7Extreme

    How to NOT act after shooting a massive buck!

    Wth did I just watch!?!?! I want my 30 seconds back!
  12. MZ7Extreme

    Bad genetics in my spot

    Basket rack 8 I let walk (mind you I have never killed a buck) I have let a lot of yearling bucks walk even 2, 2.5yo bucks walk because of bad angles. I hunt public land in 3 zones. If you let them go some will grow and I mean really big. VID_25941013_155130_631.mp4
  13. MZ7Extreme

    Bad genetics in my spot

    You have great genetics if they are all basket racks