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  1. So stop saying you're doing it for hunters and fishermen, because thsts a farce. I have no problems with trying to be profitable, I do on the other hand have an issue with people hiding behind the guise of doing it for hunters and fishermen when they are not and you clearly aren't.
  2. Look over there Brah....
  3. If fluke, bluefish, porgyes, sea bass the list goes on, go offshore, this isnt a surprise that stripers would venture off there too. Cool read though! Thanks for sharing!
  4. I will now dub thee the Herpes of NJW&W.... It was no easy feat! Congrats!🥳
  5. Do you want to bird hunt? And with stones no less!? Good luck, killing birds with stones, it will be a difficult task. If you learn to do it, you can mentor me.
  6. You are doing for yourselves, let's not try and say you're doing it for the sport. Stop hiding behind the guise of doing this for hunting or for outdoorsmen. Be honest dude...
  7. I always loved symmetrical antlers but this if this guy crosses my whilst in the stand I am getting it done. Crazy head gear and I want it.
  8. I got mine when I was about 8, I was excited too! Wait what
  9. You probably did but your body in simple terms didn't react to it but you have been e posed to and have had the flu in your system, everyone has.
  10. Flu shot is a money making scheme.... period
  11. It's actually only 10% effective... 30% when it's the same strain...
  12. Lmao you sound like you are best buds with the OP...
  13. They are in the neighbors bushes then....
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