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  1. Was it Amazon or a third party selling on amazon?
  2. Right now the motor isn't turning the 23 pitch prop. Yes sorry not in diameter, I meant Each pitch is an inch of rotation. I run only SS props, have a 10" manual jackplate. Also put an 14 1/4 x 18 prop and my boat jump out of the whole lighting fast but yes speed dropped but I got 6100 RPMs out of it. Called Yamaha and was told they are using 22 and 21s on the VMAX SHOs now. So I figured let me try a 21 and see
  3. Yes and better top speed. I'm only getting 3000 RPMs and I am hammered down on the hot foot. Once it gets on plane it's good but only getting 5200-5400 RPMs and only going 48-50 mph and I should have a max of 6000 RPMs and be going about 62mph
  4. Does anyone have a 14-15 inch diameter x 21 pitch right handed prop I can borrow? I have a 14 1/2 ×23m rh prop now but I need to drop down 2 inches
  5. That was very generous! And they are great to sear and for sushimi!
  6. That is an epic trip and great job landing 8 of 11 eyes! Did you ship the the eyes?
  7. Lmao the pic on bigfoot looks just like Rob at Targeteers🤣
  8. Moral of the story.... Stop baiting and feeding the wildlife😂
  9. Did you book it? If yes do you want the money there or do you want me to Zelle or PayPal it to you?
  10. I agree they are nice guys
  11. Man that sucks prayers to the family
  12. Great day for a father son fishing trip! But it needs to be said.... Why the Cal?
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