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  1. You people need to hunt... 8 pages of bullshit, 8 pages of hypotheticals and opinions. GO HUNT!
  2. Actually I did tell him where to go and what exactly to do to see deer. I gave them my number also. I alwaus give info on this area, beccause that's who I am. Anyway I'm out enjoy the site.
  3. I'm done with the site again... I tried it again and same shit as before. Instead of just reading and maybe telling a funny story you have, but nope.
  4. 2, one on one piece and aanother on another. And noth have my name and number on them.
  5. I post a story just to share and that's all, not complaining I thoget it was funny and wanted to share. You guys are making sharing a story into a shit show like ya did over at NJhunter. Sad
  6. Actually I just wanted to share a story and the same people that always have assumptions and things to say chime in. Maybe stop assuming you know anything about why I posted it. How about that lol.
  7. I would have and I would have left my number so we could coordinate so as to not mess up each others hunts. But yeah you can make all the assumptions you want😂
  8. They were in their 20s early 30s so go on tell me aain how much you like assuming
  9. Please show me the verbiage, I am all into learning.
  10. He could have put a stand in the area, then there would be no issue. Good talk!
  11. I went to check my stand August 31st, to just check straps and so on and noticed a camera and block of bait literally in front of my stand. I said this isn't good so I set up my cell camera.... My link micro let me know and I paid a visit to the upstanding young hunter who felt it was cool to hunt a person's stand. Walked up to the area and the fine ethical hunter said hello, and my reply was wanna get the eff out of my stand. He didnt know what to say, then he was like I'm sorry I thought it was abandoned, I said why would you think that, he my friend set me up here because he said
  12. Any flashing with his molds? I have had issues with others like hilts with flashing.
  13. Thanks Vdep, but I'm looking to make my own. Too many stands for that to be gost effective for me. I'm replacing 10 stands cables.
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