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  1. That guy is not right at all....
  2. No lines at Elmhurst medical, brooklyn medical, Lutheran, Methodist or maimonides.... Brooklyn where I am from is supposed to be second to Queens hardest hit.... The media is a Joke
  3. I'm going IDGAF what they say... they took away fishing in the spring for me...
  4. I dont trust anyone that can be blindfolded with dental floss... just saying
  5. Im.an RN who is also a student obtaining my NP license...
  6. It was by design... Tricky chinese... Just saying
  7. They operate as two separate entities...
  8. Once piece of advice is to dont think about it. Think positive and eat healthy. Once they stage it, get a second opinion. I dont care if the MD is the best, get a second opinion. Then get well informed. Prayers sent. If you want to talk PM me.
  9. First off I said there was an influx of patients, not that it was all corona. But I digress
  10. The influx of new patients are happening right now. I have a friend who has covid in ccu but hes doing ok. No I haven't been in contact with him in months. I will say when you come down it its brutal. So just take precautions. Be safe and be well
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