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  1. Itnic, what's your angle on public land?
  2. https://www.njwoodsandwater.com/forums/topic/33334-landtrust-updates-cheaper-hunts/
  3. You're that NJ land trust guy right? Kind of see.s odd you want to know about public land when you are selling leases on private land to people.
  4. Arent you they same guy who try's to take private property away from others and lease it to them?
  5. That's a real nice buck! This is one of the ones I was after last season... pic was taken May 26, no pictures since. Any guesses?
  6. MZ7Extreme


    I suck at it, but I will keep sucking at it lol. I will kill a mature deer this year though... this will be my 6th season hunting.
  7. Gather round liberals and white apologist, let Jesse Lee Peterson educate you. I could have but... well just watch
  8. They are taught both by their democrat leaders and the neighborhoods they live in to think they are oppressed and the white man is doing it. I was born, raised and live in Brooklyn and I hung out in some badass neighborhoods and the difference between my neighborhood and theirs is we have complete family units, structure, and rules. In their society they are taught that thug life is great, and that doing the right thing and making yourself into something is something an uncle tom would do. Black people disadvantage themselves by not educating themselves, they have the same schooling 90% of the white people have yet they do not utilize it. Black leaders need to start teaching black people that thug life isn't the way, they need to start teaching how to have black men who impregnate women to man the hell up and take care of their child and show them right from wrong. Democrats have literally enslaved the minds of these people and it's sad because a lot of them can do a world of good if they wake up and leave the plantation.
  9. According to the agrees/likes vs disagree... we have a 1 in 10 white apologist. Not bad actually! You always have one mentally challenged person in the bunch.
  10. Working smart, gets you places. There is no guarantee that working hard gets you anywhere. I know lots of people working hard and they are living pay check to pay check
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