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  1. Boycott Yeti

    All this boycott this and that... What does it actually do? If you want change you need to change the young of all people and start teaching them. Or you'll soon be banning everyone and everything. I never understood the ban on anything....
  2. When Snowflakes date!

  3. These Animals Are Slobs !!!

    Did I give you booboo feelings? Awww I sawwy...
  4. Other Forums

    This site and The Hunting Beast
  5. These Animals Are Slobs !!!

    Im a lover not a fighter! Plus I had nothing else better to do so chimed in, I figured why not.
  6. These Animals Are Slobs !!!

    Just an FYI, I watched people from NJ with their Jersey strong sticker (Stupidest sticker ever) dump their trash on WMA's in the middle of the night. I watched this multiple times while I was going around glassing... Now as for city people who move to NJ, they do not do that stuff. They don't think they are country people either, they want peace and quiet and to just mind their own. You are a very angry person and I am willing to bet you're that NJ guy who thinks all out of state people should stay away from NJ. I could be wrong, but I am doubtful. Just so you know you aren't country lol you're a person who thinks you're country. You're and angry suburbanite get off my lawn cranky person... Go fish, go scout or go get laid.
  7. Global Warming

    My what a beautiful winter we are having this Spring!
  8. So, what does everyone do for work around here?

    nursing student/NYC cab driver
  9. renzetti or regal

    Renzeti (traveler) is what I use and love it, I also have the magnum jaws for saltwater flies.
  10. Whitetail Destinations

    Yeah that was the dumbest program that happened. I watched 4 different deer cross the river on the southwest side of the Island last fall 3 were bucks lol. So the program really isn't effective for deer, but for the guys doing it, well it paid off.
  11. Whitetail Destinations

    If I were allowed I would just hunt Staten Island... Second photo was a buck that died of old age
  12. What would be your DREAM bowhunt

    Elk (Bowhunt) and Hunt Staten Island Bucks (Bowhunt)...
  13. Going Thursday

    Going to scout Thursday after this snow, should make finding bedding areas easier in a few new areas. I am hell bent on taking my first Buck, so my mission this year is to find where they live and follow them all season and try and kill one this fall. Even though I have not killed a buck yet, I feel blessed just to be able to have an opportunity to chase them. Hoping we can find their bedding areas and get on them.
  14. Help with a Thief

    I think they did that.
  15. Help with a Thief

    OK so this guy stole some hunting gear off private land in Forked River off Jones Road. I am posting this for some on Face Book. PM me if anyone here knows this guy.