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  1. When we used to fish off the beach for stripers (dont really anymore) we started to catch the big girls now. most years the Bunker would show up around the first week of March and the fish would be on them soon after. We'd fish till April 15th then let the others have at it because most of the big girl who were pre spawn moved up the narrows towards the Hudson to spawn. The boat guys will catch the post spawners on the drop back. Find the bait catch the fish... If you want big girls from the surf figure out the bait and staging areas and you will catch your personal best.
  2. Yes I knew this, just didn't know where you stood. I do now lol Thanks!
  3. Yes I knew this, just didn't know where you stood. I do now lol Thanks!
  4. That is a broad brush... What exactly do you think some are denying specifically?
  5. "It would be easier than you might think. Andrew proposes funding UBI by consolidating some welfare programs and implementing a Value-Added Tax (VAT) of 10%. Current welfare and social program beneficiaries would be given a choice between their current benefits or $1,000 cash unconditionally – most would prefer cash with no restriction." When they spend the money on BS then what? Joe Rogan is a Globalist... Yang is an idiot. A VAT (Value Added tax) is another tax. So if a car costs 50k with this it would cost 55K because he would love a 10% VAT. Then you pay sales tax, VAT and this is sound? This is another tax forced onto us by gun point. "
  6. I gotta say I was there Friday and even though I make all my owns stuff, Dante was selling magictail jigs for tog $5 a pack of 3 so I spent some money with him just to have a few as I like the way they sit on the bottom. Checked out the Shimano and Daiwa booth and they both have great stuff but Daiwa has been edging them out in a few areas. But you can't go wrong with either.
  7. Never fished for these before in fresh water. What lures are you using?
  8. First Classic I ever watched and was hooked since then....
  9. What next people suing the spoon because their fat asses couldn't say no to a gallon on ice cream, and while they're at it they will sue the ice cream company too.
  10. I'll be there Friday afternoon after Work....
  11. You may work with them, but you are not with them bud. Trust me when I say this, if the shit goes down, you are an infidel and they will kill you in a second. You really have no concept of how they are raised. Some are good, most are and will join in the the killing of the infidel if you do not convert to the muslim religion. I have been around a lot of muslims, I understand Arabic and a lot of them smile and pretend to be your friend very well. They are a plague and will infect this country and try and convert it in a hot second.
  12. Where there are no seals there are no worms... seals are the ones who cause these worms.
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