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  1. Ooooooh, I thought she was letting you go where it hurts the most.... nice pooch
  2. 😂😂 Are these serious things you have done or you want me to try them and let you know what works?
  3. Ok so a few times already I have been stuck in my blind surrounded by deer and couldn't get out I even through sticks at them, they'd look and keep just grazing. Hoe do you spook them to get yhem out of there so they dont see or smell you?
  4. 2 shed bucks one of which I think I was after🤬
  5. There are no girls in thongs...
  6. I wanted the Sitka Fanatic bib and jacket but the problem is that they are using blue hues and greys and deer see both. I dont mind spending the money as long as the pattern helps. Yeah I know movement gets you busted second to wind but I want to be blended in as much as possible. I know Sitka has the warmth factor down pat.
  7. I'm leaning towards First Lite because I like their camo pattern better. Anyone here use either of these?
  8. Lethocerus americanus aka big water bug
  9. I'm hoping both of them made it....
  10. With 6 day over the corn tree is about to drop its kernels and see what made it through... Anyone else doing the same?
  11. I'm after what I'm after and as my friend says you will go a long time till you get it done with the one you're after. I'm copying your recipe!
  12. I need to get out into the woods, this work thing really puts a damper on my love of hunting. Plus one 8pt that has skrted me 4 different times during th rut never coming into rage was still alive on the 11th, just 2 more days and I'm praying he gets through.
  13. Good luck to everyone out! I'll be out on Saturday to see what survived on my trail cameras.
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