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  1. These will be put on public land... so it wobt hurt that bad if they walk.
  2. I just got 2 to try out. they are on sale 119, figured what the hell... Anyone have them?
  3. Man I am jealous! Bones and Albies on light tackle is so much fun! October can't come soon enough!
  4. To be honest, just to be able to hunt and be happy is all I want. If this is the year I get my first buck awesome if not, I'm out in nature and hubting.
  5. No it's because they only make glow with white in the grub and full glow in the mullet... I'm assuming that's why
  6. MZ7Extreme

    Camera check

    After a few months of cameras not working, no time to really scout because of work, I finally got to one of my cameras that sat for a month and actually took pictures. Nothing really big but one of these two will eat carbon if they walk by me. I have a way bigger buck I have seen twice while scouting but never on a camera. A fee pictures of my mineral site as well. It's hard to tell but its 4'x4' and dug down 4 inches with a few 8 inch holes withing. And one scrape....
  7. But I thought you were Jersey Strong?!?!?!
  8. Nothern nj guys and southern NJ guys duh. 😂
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