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First PA Buck


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Got this 5 pointer yesterday.



He came in from my right about an hr before dark. He was standing at my 4 o'clock and I couldn't twist my body enough while sitting to get a shot. He then decided to bed down. I waited about 15 mins to see if he would step out a little. No dice. Tried a can call, nothing. Tried a grunt, nothing. I use a treewalker climber which has a big platform. Finally, I decided he wasn't going to move before dark. I pushed my seat back...got into a kneeling position and slowly moved me savage 220 over...rested on the rail....Ive never shot a bedded deer...kept trying to figure out where his vitals were. Took my best guess and fired. 40 yard shot....he didn't go anywhere. Mounted with a Mountain Mike's artificial skull



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