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Great Mixed bag


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Took a nice 5 mile hike this morning. Saw some Timbers,Copperheads, Milk snakes and Black racers. No pictures of the milks or racers. They were to shy for the camera. Also found a nice mountain 5pt shed, had a G2 broke. Then took a rideto fish. Caught small striper,smallmouth, rockbass and sunfish. Great day but was long. Left the house at 6:20am and got home at 9pm, drove over 200 miles









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10 hours ago, JHbowhunter said:

wow that's a long day and quite the adventure.  Well done John!

Long day for sure but if I'm running north I like to make the day of it as you know. Was neat to find a shed up there too. That was the last thing I expected. 

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