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  1. Congrats , that’s a good looking buck .
  2. Congrats on 2 great Midwest bucks and more so on doing it on your own property . In my book it’s as good as it gets .
  3. Give him some time . You will know when or if it's time to put him down .
  4. Crossfire model is Vortex low end series .
  5. Agree with Dan. Got some for my son last year and it’s quality stuff at a reasonable price .
  6. I know it’s insane . Just threw it out there in case you were desperate.
  7. I have a pair of the 8x28 and I don’t like them . I just can’t get a clear , crisp focus on them . I’ve played with the eye piece focus but always seem a little blurry . Focus knob fell off after first year also . Customer service was good and they fixed it but wouldn’t buy again .
  8. Sometimes you just have to go for it . As long as your wind is good sounds like you have a good shot . First time in is your best chance . Good luck .
  9. What happened to the good weather you were supposed to have ?
  10. You guys sure didn’t waste any time . Big congrats !
  11. Good luck to all the youths today . Beautiful day to be in the deer woods . Have fun and make memories !
  12. Nice buck . Congrats
  13. Congrats Wil and sweet shot on a good one .
  14. Pics look familiar . Great buck John . Congrats again .
  15. Unless you brush it in real good it’s tough to get away with setting a blind and hunting right away . I tried it a few times and got the same results your getting . I like to give the deer time to get used to it .
  16. This is what they look like . Keep in your license holder for reference. 😂. Have a great trip .
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