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My mz hunt, anyone recognize these?


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I had a full day sit today, saw 3 small bucks, a few does, fawns, turkeys and these guys. I had my phone in my hand when they came through. They were on a good clip, the bigger one was growling as it ran under my stand. The big one looks like a mastiff, in the one picture you can see the smaller one about 15 yards behind it. The smaller one looked like a huge muscular pug monster. About 20 minutes after this they came back by me chasing a deer. I know the dogs from the houses that are in the area but never saw these before. Zone 7Washington Township, not far from Brass Castle Road. The big one looks like it's pushing 140 pounds. It actually made me feel very uneasy, both seemed very aggressive animals.




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My main concern is my kids. When we're out there, they're running around playing and not always within a few feet of me. 2 of the people I know close in the area are in PA right now, I left them messages. Hopefully I can find the owner and let him know the dogs are running around on other people's property.

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You gotta love hunt'n Jersey. I've had dogs ruin a handful of hunts. I once was literally drawing on a good buck and heard leaves rustling then barking and poof buck is hauling ass outa there with two Golden retrievers on his ass. I would not be comfortable with those dogs around, Cane Corso is aggressive and powerful.


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Looks like a cane corso.  Large, dominant breed dog off the mastiff line.  Smart, obedient animals.  Potential to seriously hurt someone if they're out of control.  


Maybe knock on some doors and let the neighbors know and see if you can come up with some answers.  They may be big babies or they may attack you.  Hard to tell what a stranger's dogs will do sometimes. 

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