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Game of Thrones [WARNING SPOILERS]

not on the rug

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Yeah.  Great show.  The books are amazing and far more complex and detailed.  The show does a hell of a good job though.


They started filming season 7 already.  Too bad it will be pushed back to a summer release for season 7.  And we're coming down to the final 13 episodes. 7 for season 7 and 6 for season 8.

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I am strictly books with this one.  If the old fart dies before he finishes I'm gonna be pissed.   

I read something the other day that therewas some sort of error and it's possiboe that his fat stupid ass lost the Winds of Winter manuscript.   I may lose my mind over this one.

I'd betcha $50 that he croaks before he gets A Dream of Spring out.  You might as well start watching tbe show b/c thats the only resolution you're likely to get

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I saw an interview with George Martin.  He said that after he gave HBO the finished story line he changed his mind about the books.  So starting with book 6, HBO and the books will have very different story lines.    

The books and the show have some seriously glaring differences to begin with, so this isn't really that surprising to me at all.  


There's a really neat website called Watchers on the Wall where people in the filming locations  share pics they were able to take at the filming locations and it sort of leads to some spoilers and whatnot.  I saw one the other day that showed Tyrion, Davos and Gendry at what seems to be Dragonstone.  The fact that Tyrion and Davos were together and that Gendry was somehow back in the mix was awesome.  He actually killed a couple of guards with a giant warhammer just like his daddy would have...

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I love this show as well, I dont know what it is about it, but cant wait for the next season to start. 


We actually have a reader in church who is from england, and whenever he reads it's way more interesting than when others do.

Paul M. Ross


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Books only.  Show could never go into the details the books do.  when is the next book coming out?

I read something that the manuscript was lost or misplaced or something stupid like that because he uses antiquated software.  I don't know if that is true or not, but we shall see.  It was suppose to be released in late 2015, then spring 2016, and now sometime in 2017.  The last thing I read was it will be released after season 7 airs on HBO.  So...with a pushed back summer release for Season 7, that means perhaps a fall release for the book. So keep your fingers crossed.  Only another year from now...

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