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  1. buckfever1974

    Shotgun Choice For 6 Day ?

    I still prefer to use my muzzleloader. TC Omega, 50 Cal
  2. buckfever1974

    Bear Group on Twitter

    Isn't there to much $ generated by hunting related activities for them to get much headway on the fight against deer hunting?
  3. buckfever1974


    Very windy in Rockaway but the temps are about right. Will be out for a sit tomorrow.
  4. buckfever1974

    What is it about for you?

    What hunting is about for me......being told by my daughter that I am her hero because I got the deer to stop in the perfect spot for her to shoot. She's mine for reminding me why I hunt.
  5. buckfever1974

    Anyone Going to Jets Sunday?

    A friend of mine and I are going to the Jets game on Sunday. Going to maybe make a pot of venison chili. Anyone going that wants to meet up and tailgate?
  6. buckfever1974

    Blind hunting

    Leave only those windows open that you need to shoot out of and most of the rest closed to avoid light entering the blind and silohetting.
  7. buckfever1974

    Need another recommendation....Chairs

    Personally , in a blind I prefer the simple triangle folding chairs you can get at Dicks when I used to go there or if they are available the square seat folding ones .....without arm rests. The square chairs allow you to swing your legs around and take up a different angle without moving the chair. Triangle is good when looking in a single direction.
  8. buckfever1974

    Brown Is Down - Daughter's First Deer

    I am running into similar trouble trying to get the oldest, now teenager out there.
  9. buckfever1974

    Please keep me in your thoughts

    Good hunting buddies are hard to find. Great ones are priceless. You guys are blessed or cursed depending one what mood you are in as your posts seem to indicate. Have fun and good luck.
  10. buckfever1974

    Brown Is Down - Daughter's First Deer

    Pardon the length... My youngest daughter Gabrielle was able to get her first deer ever this past Sunday morning. Actually, it's her first anything as a hunter. It seems her sister can go out for a few hours every season and get a deer as if they were on order but it took a lot of hunts and hours the last couple of years before Gabby and I saw a deer for her to get a shot at. She isn't the kid who needs instant gratification and enjoys "the hunt" and the process leading up to it as much as the sit but she told me Saturday night that if she got a deer tomorrow, it would be "the best day of my life". On top of it all, she wanted to use her grandfathers crossbow who had recently passed which he had used to get the last deer he had ever shot. She wanted to use it to get her first deer she ever because "it would mean more". We had been out over a half dozen times last year and a few times already this season with little luck but over the spring I had booked a hunt with Garrett over at Andover Hunt and Fish in order to get some private land access. He and his family over there are awesome btw. Garrett couldn't have been more accommodating regarding her comfort zone on ranges, setting up her tri-pod in advance of the hunt and keeping us posted on the action by the spot he had picked out for her. He is also awesome with kids. I can't say enough good things. We got to the blind well before sun up but had some trouble getting in the blind which had apparently shifted which we realized when there was just enough light to see. In an effort to move it back, my daughter informed me that a deer had just taken off. I felt horrible but it had come back just as quickly as it had left. It was out there for another 15 minutes in the dusk and when there was enough light it never gave her a shot coming to within about 8 yards at one point. That will get your heart going. We saw a few more deer between first light and 8 am, all of which never gave her the shot that she wanted. I am very, very proud of her for passing on shots because there was a twig, branch or grass in the way of the vitals on what would have been broadside shots. Just after 8, with her head resting on my shoulder, a doe was walking through the brush just yards from the left side of the blind. It essentially took forever for the doe just to get out in front of us and when it did, there seemed to be no clear shots for about 10 minutes and it would keep passing through her shooting lanes to quickly. At one point she got to within 12 yards or so but had her vitals blocked by a boulder. Gabby didn't know whether to come off the crossbow or keep it aiming. I told her to stay on it and when she comes clear, be ready. Although I hadn't planned on it as I didn't want to scare the kid, I did the "Meeehhhh" kind of grunt as it was striding out from the rock. She shot and the deer took off and so did the arrow with the lit nock. It was so fast, I couldn't honestly say whether the deer was hit but I could say that the bolt took a hard turn and elevated as if it hit something. I have her upset in the blind because she doesn't know if she hit it, the way the arrow flew it looked like it hit a branch maybe. Turns out she hit the deer but we think maybe two blades deployed and it caused the change of path. I went out after 10 minutes and found spotty blood and then a good spat but not until maybe 15 yards from the hit. Garrett came out and took up the trail. We found the bolt covered in blood (which at the time made my daughter happier then most anything because it meant that she had actually hit the deer). The deer took us through some thick brush for about 20 yards which in brush seemed like a quarter mile. We backed out after the trail went cold but not before Gabby spotted a patch of blood underneath a log so we had a starting point for when we came back. BTW....backing out and waiting at a diner when you don't know if you are gonna recover your daughters first deer...I aged 20 years but she was cool as a cucumber saying not to worry, I got her dad. Turns out that she was right. Garrett found her 10 yards from where we had stopped piled up in some more thicket. I honestly think she went less then 50 yards and probably 30 as the crow flies. She says its the best day of her life which makes it absolutely near the top if not the top of my list and is a better feeling then any I have had shooting my own deer. Being able to be there with your kid when they harvest their first is AWESOME. Apparently, I am also on HERO status with her and that I saved the day because I did the "Meeehhhhh" and froze her deer at the perfect spot. I will take that praise with me for the rest of my days. I want to mention Andover Hunt & Fish, Garrett and his family one more time. The whole family takes pride in their business together from Garrett all the way to Grandma (who is awesome to talk to btw) and in doing so, you can't help but feel like you are the most important person and like family. That's how my little girl who is as shy as they come was able to feel. I have been on hunts down in the Carolina's with some snobby, better then you, minimal effort guides and property owners. This hunt was handled first class. I hope to go back again some time soon for turkey or some fishing. Cheers.
  11. Team 3, Gabrielle (Buckfever), Doe First deer ever..."Best day of my life"(Gabrielle)
  12. buckfever1974

    What's wrong with this picture?

    If any of the men or boys out there want to get their "panties" in a bunch and jump into a womens organization to take a hunter's ed class then I'm sure you can start up a legal fight about it but why would you want to? The sport has been dominated by men forever. If an organization or club wants to stay all female then go for it. Introducing more ladies to the sport can only help us. They aren't blocking men from getting into the sport but providing women with an avenue that may allow them to be all the more comfortable taking. This is the crap we are posting about and going to argue over. Dude...if you want to join the girl scouts go for it. The Walkill refuge also has the NWTF sponsored youth and vet hunts there.
  13. Buckfever1974 Gabrielle Rockaway, NJ Age : 12
  14. First off, thank you very much for running the contest. Awesome job and thanks for your time and effort in this. Buckfever1974 Dylan Rockaway, NJ Age : 14