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  1. Looks like reviews are either all 5 star or all 1 star ratings. Has anyone here used these before?
  2. Still looking for two man stand. Offer above was taken by another before I had the chance to buy.
  3. Hey guys. Looking for ladder stands for myself and a couple of kid/mentor type stands (2 man). I'm a heavier guy myself and we usually hunt from natural blinds but if we bring on a couple of teens we are looking for other options. If anyone has a line on any after season sales at their local Walmarts or are selling something of quality used, please let me know here or shoot me a message. Thanks.
  4. I have personally killed more deer then this year and unfortunately my kids had less time or ambition to get out with me as they have become teenagers although I hope this is a short term problem. Having said that I was able to take out a new hunter and a close friend and guided and recovered his first deer. I was also able to take both girls out and we got moose sized does (legit a couple of the biggest I've ever seen). The first for my youngest was a crossbow hunt that lasted all of 20-30 around noon. My oldest got hers on her youth day gun hunt and completed a run of youth gun day succe
  5. I have to ask if he saw the epic of her with the bloody hands from several years back before they started dating seriously.....
  6. Buckfever1974 Dylan Doe YD3085120E Deer entry 10 Picture credit 6 Total 16 points
  7. DYLAN’S DOE IS DOWN!!! I’m usually one for loooooong stores but cliff notes.....passed on two does this morning hoping for big buck. Saw a buck trail these does in the distance but no shot. Went back in the afternoon with a small bag of Pinch Point just to add a little juice to the spot. Had two does zip passed us at 4 yards and almost run into the blind we built. 4 hikers walked through the woods and through out shooting lane with bait. 4 point came in but we weren’t ready and never came past the hikers trail. Couldn’t reposition for a shot. He walked off. Frustrated and upset at this point,
  8. I've never had a problem. I have been on hold for awhile but the people Ive talked to have been really courtious.
  9. Sports schedules for both kids and a general frame of mind of just wanting to take things easy meant that we hadn't been out at all in those hotter earlier weeks of the season. I am almost always the "guide" on hunts these days as was this case a couple weekends back. We planned on sleeping in and getting out before lunch and sitting the rest of the day in our blind. We got set up just after 1130. There were sandwiches, drinks and snacks in the pack expecting a long afternoon. 20 Minutes after we sat down there was one of those rarely seen "wagon train" small herds of deer th
  10. Turn the meet into a tower shoot somewhere. never done one but this could be a fun thing that we can probably get away with given the current circumstances of 2020.
  11. Gabby got it done a couple of weeks back. 11:40AM after only being in blind for 20 minutes. Who needs to wake up early and sit for hours on end. Lol. Buckfever1974 Gabrielle Doe XD1347820A Deer entry 10 Picture credit 6 Total 16 points
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