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  1. My cousin killed a bunch of deer with this model. Good luck with the sale.
  2. It is no longer happening in North Jersey anymore because they have designated a significant amount of areas as "natural brook trout" waterbodies. They won't stock brookies or browns in those streams.
  3. Walmart. 4 1/2 foot ugly stick for like $35. Great rod.
  4. I've had and enjoyed Mesquite, Hickory and Original. Have you enjoyed any of the others that you can recommend?
  5. Sorry Jay. Hang in there bud.
  6. I've been looking hard at the local Walmarts.....they only are offering the cheap doubles for $128 and the singles at $99 which is also the online price.
  7. Looks like reviews are either all 5 star or all 1 star ratings. Has anyone here used these before?
  8. Still looking for two man stand. Offer above was taken by another before I had the chance to buy.
  9. Hey guys. Looking for ladder stands for myself and a couple of kid/mentor type stands (2 man). I'm a heavier guy myself and we usually hunt from natural blinds but if we bring on a couple of teens we are looking for other options. If anyone has a line on any after season sales at their local Walmarts or are selling something of quality used, please let me know here or shoot me a message. Thanks.
  10. I have personally killed more deer then this year and unfortunately my kids had less time or ambition to get out with me as they have become teenagers although I hope this is a short term problem. Having said that I was able to take out a new hunter and a close friend and guided and recovered his first deer. I was also able to take both girls out and we got moose sized does (legit a couple of the biggest I've ever seen). The first for my youngest was a crossbow hunt that lasted all of 20-30 around noon. My oldest got hers on her youth day gun hunt and completed a run of youth gun day success that goes back 6 years. There was a very large range of emotions on this hunt but honestly she is a 16 year old girl so I probably should have expected it. Lastly, I hunted more then I ever have because my great friend and new hunting buddy just started going out. I actually passed on deer that would have gotten knocked out in years passed. I settled for a young deer at last light on one of my last muzzy hunts. It was in the snow at last light and very exciting. At the end of the day, four deer shot, four tracking jobs and all deer recovered while hunting with family each time. A few other pics as well. It was a "different" year for sure but memorable as hell for all sorts of reasons.
  11. I have to ask if he saw the epic of her with the bloody hands from several years back before they started dating seriously.....
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