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  1. I can find two people but I'd like them to be from NJ Woods & Water
  2. Only need two more guys to get to 10 owners which would be super.
  3. I have the Scent Crusher brand bag. Not sure what experience you all have with it regarding scent elimination but it comes our reaking of ozone smell. Could go in with an odor but I can't tell if the old odor was eliminated or the strength of the smell of the ozone just masks it. The bag is zipper up tight when we do it in the living room but the ozone smell takes over the whole downstairs. Not sure if it's just our Scent Crusher bag or if this brand is any better.
  4. I am not 100% positive but I thought I remember being able to take the test before your 10th b-day but not being able to get your license until you were 10 because the electronic system won't let you. Reach out to the state on this because if you can do this, it would be the way to go.
  5. Get my youngest daughter her first buck. Any size....
  6. I got one for you. This used to get me jacked up to hunt as a kid
  7. Wouldn't be in the afternoon. My butt will be at a BBQ so I would assume then that you would be out, correct?
  8. Problem is Labor Day weekend. Could do one Sunday late night of Labor Day.
  9. I have one set up and it's similar. I will set it up. Want at least 8 and prefer 10/12
  10. PPR - QB,RB,RB,WR.WR.WR.TE,FLEX,K,DEF Regarding date, maybe online Tuesday before season starts in the evening around 730.
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