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  1. The title is a little vague so my apologies. I have available for FREE a youth tree stand safety harness that I would like to give to a parent that is a first responder or in the military (present or former). We truly appreciate those who keep us safe and what our police force is going through. I am trusting that whomever is going to take it is in the "public service" as stated here. It's brand new, never used, because my daughters and I have been knocking them dead from the ground in our blinds. Below is the ad from Bass Pro but the package that I have says it is rated from 50 to 100lbs (not 120 as in the ad). I'd like to see it taken by a parent who is looking to get their kid into the stand to show them the ropes whether they are hunting yet or not. Given that it's rated only to 100lbs you are probably looking at age 6-12 or so. I am located in Rockaway Borough in Morris County. Because I'm working from home, we can work out pick-up pretty easily. Regardless, there are several members on here that have helped my kids and I out with clothing, hunts or ideas and we want to show our appreciation by helping out the next group of kids. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/hunter-safety-system-lil-treestalker-safety-vestharness-for-youth
  3. As of last week Simon Peter was a 2 week wait fo tuning. Andover H & F took almost 6 weeks for the one we had dropped off but I believe they are dealing with changes due to personal loss and ownership. Great people that work in both of those places though. We are lucky up north.
  4. If you are talking about the road to the range area, it’s closed on weekends for shotgun but supposed to be open for bow on weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day. After Labor Day both ranges are open 7 days a week.
  5. Does anyone know if driving schools have opened back up and if you have any recommendations in the Morris County area, please let me know. Thanks.
  6. Honestly as long as its up and they can get their hands around it, as long as it's balances you are in good shape. Because many crossbows are front heavy I had a much longer distance from the point of the tri-pod to the shooter then from the point to the front (front loaded crossbow). I may make changes and test it out this year but we will see what happens. Not sure where you are located but if you ever want to get the girls together to shoot, they would be happy to get together with other girls and they could give her some pointers from when they did their test. Have fun. PM me if you want and I will give you my #. We aren't experts but we just like to get out and have fun.
  7. One piece of advice that worked well for us is to get the "brackets" up higher off the base so that you can get your fingers around the grip a bit. Good luck.
  8. Love it. Front yard and all. Screw what the neighbors think. Looks big but those twi-pods work very well for crossbows. Congrats.
  9. This is a great idea just to get her to try it.
  10. I’ve told her as much and have always believed that myself. Using the 50 grains the bullet was sideways on the paper but just to get her over the stigma of shooting it I could go that route.
  11. I bought my young teenage girls the TC Impact last year and because of the state range shutdown I didn't have the usual opportunities to get them to the range, especially my youngest. I have it shooting Hornady SST 250 grain bullets and a couple of 777 Pyrodex pellets. Not everyone's choice but that combo worked well out of my TC Omegas. It shot decent for my oldest but I want to introduce my youngest daughter to it now that I have more time and with the ranges opening up. She is new to deer hunting calibers and has only done small game with the her 20 gauge. Any powder and bullet recommendations to start her out on? Don't care so much to sight in but just want her to begin to "feel" it and work up. Can I stick with the bullets I have and just start with 50 grains of powder (Personally took one shot with 50 grains of 777 and same bullet and the bullet seemed to impact the paper sideways based on the hole it left and was clearly way off as expected). Appreciate any constructive input. We have a lot of time before the season so I want to take advantage. BTW, I never used loose poweder so any equipment recommendation would be appreciated if you do think loose powder charges at various levels to get the kid to a killable load would be appreciated.
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