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  1. buckfever1974

    WTB - Snowboard for Daughter

    Still looking.
  2. buckfever1974

    AccuTip ballistics - zero

    For what it's worth, it doesn't look like much of a difference between 3" and 2 3/4" either. Not sure of energy levels based on chart.
  3. buckfever1974

    small game/pheasant closed 12/12

    It's been this way for as long as I can remember.
  4. buckfever1974

    Chest Wader Advice

    Have to see what I can afford once I get past Christmas.
  5. buckfever1974

    Chest Wader Advice

    Just fishing Flatbrook and Muskenetcong when my hip boots just aren't enough.
  6. buckfever1974

    WTB - Snowboard for Daughter

    PMs returned.
  7. buckfever1974

    WTB - Snowboard for Daughter

    Yea. To small... thanks though.
  8. buckfever1974

    WTB - Snowboard for Daughter

    She is a taller 12 year old.....I think she wears a size 9 or so boot but I'm not the one normally buying footwear.....lol. Send me the link to the craigslist post.
  9. buckfever1974

    Chest Wader Advice

    I'm a heavier dude. I need chest waders and am looking for recommendations for new neoprene stocking foot type models. I'm hesitant about buying online because of the "fit" factor with someone with a "gut" Any of you out there that are on the heavier side have any recommendations on models or how to go about buying a pair?
  10. buckfever1974

    WTB - Snowboard for Daughter

    Anyone have any kids that used to snowboard that has something that they want to unload? Going to go to a ski shop in the next few days but someone usually has something laying around collecting dust. First time snowboarder.
  11. buckfever1974

    Crossbow Question

    Get a range finder with a compensator for line-of-site versus shooting angle. Better accuracy with better shooting distance estimates.
  12. buckfever1974

    Live Hunt In Morris County

    Good luck man.
  13. buckfever1974

    slug gun success! first deer with a shotgun!

    Thanks for the story. Awesome reading when there is genuine excitement in the words.
  14. buckfever1974


    Got enough stuff for a small apartment
  15. buckfever1974


    Post on this sight only what you are selling and allow people to stop over one weekend to come look at the stuff and pay for what they want. Just an idea.