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  1. I have a guy, Dream Catcher Charters....have done well in the past. Looking at July/August dates. He is out of Rochester.
  2. Started hunting this “natural” blind about 5 years ago. Started out as just some small blow down trees to hide behind but it has grown somewhat with the need for crossbow access and now even more for use by teenagers as opposed to little kids. Had to use grandmas old Christmas tree and some ingenuity to get the cross window set up. It’s set to go for opener of crossbow in September. We will modify it for gun season when we don’t have to worry about the room for crossbow limbs. Nice part is we can bend the Christmas tree branches as needed. Accommodates three of us if necessary. Here are some pics of where it was, where it is now and some deer taken. Btw. Props to Hunterbob for making the suggestions to build blinds with the kids years ago to begin with and for getting the wheels turning in my head. Has saved money and is more fun. 01F1613A-AF91-424B-BB16-9C40241D28F4.MOV 7AC35701-EBDE-49E0-BDB8-1B082E518D36.MOV
  3. Invite 5 people. The wife doesn't need a chute.
  4. I banged out 2-3 lbs of venison jerky. Considering the high waters from the last few years, this is an improvement. Only concern now is that the shallowness will inspire the jack asses to stand across the streams from side to side in order to literally turn it into a "human barrel".
  5. Layton Motel is very good regarding pizza. We will be at the no tell motel on Rt 206.
  6. Took the train from Denville - Morristown line
  7. We saw him in March. I'm not a big concert guy but he was awesome.
  8. I will make a point to come by with my girls and say hi. I still like going to that show. It is better then the Edison show and now we always could use something to do at this time of the year.
  9. Thank you Robin and thanks to all the contributors. Looks like one of the best years for the kids.
  10. Where was Gronk at the time? To much after party at the Gronkowski hot tub.
  11. There are three of us between my two girls and I and all three of us got a deer including my youngest's first ever deer. I honestly could get out in the woods and hunt much more then we do but we enjoy the time we spend out there and try not to stress about not getting out enough. We enjoy small game hunting as well and often end up doing that at times when we could be out during the rut but we have as much fun doing that as well.
  12. I still like this one. No, it may not be what it once was but it's still better then sitting around while the wife nags me.
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