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  1. buckfever1974

    How was your year? - Deer Hunting

    There are three of us between my two girls and I and all three of us got a deer including my youngest's first ever deer. I honestly could get out in the woods and hunt much more then we do but we enjoy the time we spend out there and try not to stress about not getting out enough. We enjoy small game hunting as well and often end up doing that at times when we could be out during the rut but we have as much fun doing that as well.
  2. I still like this one. No, it may not be what it once was but it's still better then sitting around while the wife nags me.
  3. buckfever1974


    The generosity that my girls and I have received from the hunting community here and on face book from fellow sportsmen has me wanting to give back these days now that my kids are into their teens. I have a Cabelas blaze orange hunting coat that includes a liner and hood as well as a pair of Cabelas denim brush pants that I'm looking to donate to a parent/mentor of an aspiring hunter. I do not know the sizes offhand but I would recommend that they be used for someone probably starting out at around ages 9/10/11. Better that the clothing is to big then to small at their ages. I also have a couple of orange hats and a pair of mitten gloves. Everything is high quality, especially the jacket. The kids grow way to fast through the gear we give them that if we don't help each other out, we will go broke trying to keep up. Pictured below are my two girls wearing matching sets of the same jacket and pants. I live in Rockaway/Morris County near the Rockaway Mall but am in Sussex often as well as New Milford in Bergen Cty. Message me if you are interested but post here on this thread first to take a claim on it.
  4. buckfever1974

    Who is always thinking about whitetails?

    My daughter asked me last night when we were going back up the mountain to work on our spots for next year. That got me going.
  5. buckfever1974


    You would never shoot a "doe" again because you would be to worried it would be a button buck or shed buck. I think it would make the harvesting of bucks only worse.
  6. buckfever1974


    I wish I had the time to read all of this and then respond but my 2 cents...... 1) I think many will agree that the idea of "unlimited" doe harvests is a problem. If I was seeing deer every sit in large quantities maybe this would make sense but it's not the case. 2) Buck tags that allow for use across multiple segments of a season regardless of the weapon may encourage the hunter to be more selective and not simply shoot one in order to "tag out" and justify the $$ spent. 3) I wouldn't necessarily encourage antler restrictions because hunting was meant originally to feed ourselves and our families and is still such for the most part. I can't eat antlers so why should I have to worry about whether my deer has 2 or 6. Antler restrictions would actually discourage people from getting licenses and permits or participating including the youths.
  7. buckfever1974

    Woods and Water Ice fishing day?

    I'm in if the ice is thick enough.
  8. Give me my kids, a good dog and "real" pheasant hunting.
  9. buckfever1974

    last day pic

    AM i Looking at a gun with three barrels? Honestly never saw something like this before.
  10. buckfever1974

    Great day

    You honor your dad and the traditions he passed to you very well. This kind of thing is great to see.
  11. The kids and I go as a matter or tradition. It's not what it was but the big deer are awesome.
  12. buckfever1974

    Checking out the woods in FL.

    Have to need a michette.