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  1. buckfever1974

    What's wrong with this picture?

    If any of the men or boys out there want to get their "panties" in a bunch and jump into a womens organization to take a hunter's ed class then I'm sure you can start up a legal fight about it but why would you want to? The sport has been dominated by men forever. If an organization or club wants to stay all female then go for it. Introducing more ladies to the sport can only help us. They aren't blocking men from getting into the sport but providing women with an avenue that may allow them to be all the more comfortable taking. This is the crap we are posting about and going to argue over. Dude...if you want to join the girl scouts go for it. The Walkill refuge also has the NWTF sponsored youth and vet hunts there.
  2. Buckfever1974 Gabrielle Rockaway, NJ Age : 12
  3. First off, thank you very much for running the contest. Awesome job and thanks for your time and effort in this. Buckfever1974 Dylan Rockaway, NJ Age : 14
  4. buckfever1974

    Hunting with Little Ones - Help Needed

    Not sure if you typically bait or not but if you can set up your ground blind taking advantage of some thicker foliage on the sides of the shooting lane with the bait, it becomes easier to relax knowing that they can't see you until you see them first if you are paying attention. It's worked for us. Just make sure the little ones are involved in the planning, set-up and hunt itself.
  5. buckfever1974

    Hunting with Little Ones - Help Needed

    Have them come and help you build you own ground blind with as much cover as possible. They will be more into it because they were involved and you will have something less detectable from the human eye and more acceptable by the deer. Let me add that early on, keep the hunts short. Try mid day and worry less about success and scaring game away early on and more about making sure they have a good time with you. If they want to be with you, the hunting enjoyment will come around. Pics need flipping.
  6. buckfever1974

    Early goose guide

    Just like Joeybeets said. Andover Hunt and Fish had some good success with their clients last year. Check them out on Facebook.
  7. buckfever1974

    Free tickets to stock car races!

    Great offer.
  8. buckfever1974

    Mens Softball - Rockaway Twp

    Taking a shot to see if anyone on here is into playing mens high arc softball. The team I try and help out has a game at 845 tonight in Rockaway Twp. They need a couple of players to field a team with vacations and stuff going on. There will be venison chili and BYOB in the parking lot after the game. PM me if interested or know someone who may be. Could use 2-3 guys.
  9. buckfever1974

    Hitch haul fs

    Is it just the hitch and ball or are you talking one of those cargo carrier hitches?
  10. buckfever1974

    Building Some Natural Blinds w/ Kids

    Its nice to be able to just walk in the woods and sit down. With the kids and the tripod, the work now pays off later.
  11. buckfever1974

    Building Some Natural Blinds w/ Kids

    Saturday I had a plan. The ground within the mountain laurel was unbalanced and I wanted to build up the front. I had all the tools and a general plan of what I wanted to do. We actually took dirt from one location and filled in the uneven ground such that we could use the Caldwell field pod and set up a chair without being unbalanced. That went better then expected. The front you can see looks great although I am going to add one piece of burlap to that cheap Walmart netting. I did buy 5ft x 19ft piece of military netting that I am going to use as a wrap around which I will use for background and from the side in spots. The plan s to brush it in with smaller bushes and pine that likewise were blown down as the season gets closer. The leaves are mountain laurel so that stuff will be there all season.
  12. My 12 year old past her shotgun hunter safety last week and softball ended so there was motivation and opportunity to actually get some time in the woods Saturday morning to work on building a ground blind together. There was a spot with many crossing trails about 200 yards away from the ground blind we built a couple of years ago that we hunt regularly. Now that the oldest turned 14 I want to be able to go out with both kids and needed a spot reasonably near by. We also spotted a couple of great bucks on the trail cam in December in the area. We stopped putting out purchased hub blinds and started building this type made 95 % from whatever Mother Nature leaves us. It's a lot of fun, isn't noticed by passer byes and it gets the kids involved. Here is what we put together Saturday - see bottom pics (needs a little more work from the sides and back). Also are a couple of blinds we built in the last years and a couple of the Bucks we had on camera that we never got a shot at....one we did get as well.
  13. I've got to get out in the woods with my girls to work on a few ground blinds. Due to illness I wasn't able to do much in the spring so I am expecting heat and bugs. We are a few months away from the start of the season but Id still like to be a little cautious. The devices that emits the vapor isn't going to work well I think because we are going to be moving and dragging cover to build the blind up so we won't be sitting in the "cloud" of repellent. Am looking for something I can pick up at Walmart rather then something I have to order. Thoughts?
  14. buckfever1974

    Hit the Big Flatbrook with BucksnBows and my son

    I love that hole. Nice job.
  15. buckfever1974

    My Son Is Home For Now.

    Great to see him home. I try to spend as much time as I can with my kids every day.